Robert CJ ennetten Bio DPHA 1 by hR2mHk


									Robert C. Jennetten
Address: 2303 W. Chase Dr.
Phone: 243-2024
Employer: OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

Philosophy: To work with the Board, and residents of Dover Pointe, on promoting a strong
sense of community and maintaining the aesthetic qualities of the neighborhood.

I would like to see the board continue to work on the following areas over the next year:

       Improve communication between the Board and our neighbors. Some ideas include
        branding official Board communications with Dover Pointe Board of Directors
        letterhead to avoid confusion, utilizing social media, and exploring ways to engage our
        neighbors outside of Board meetings.

       Continue to grow the social events within the neighborhood. These are an important
        part of a family friendly neighborhood. Also, as we heard at the recent realtor
        meeting, they make Dover Pointe more attractive to potential buyers.

       Bring a greater sense of civility to Board proceedings

       Engage local politicians. I would like to see the Board host town hall meetings or other
        means of communicating with those who represent us.

       Resolve any outstanding financial issues the Board (and the neighborhood) may be

I appreciate your consideration for the Board and look forward to the opportunity to serve.

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