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					                   York Township Water & Sewer Authority
                             Meeting Minutes
                              March 19, 2007
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Ron Hoover called the regular monthly meeting of the York
Township Water & Sewer Authority to order at 7:00 P.M. with the following in

               Members                       Township Staff
               Ed Dick                       Richard Resh – C.S. Davidson, Inc
               Ron Hoover                    Brooke Say - Stock & Leader
               Karen Atkinson                Bob Miller – York Twp.
               Mark Avakian                  Diane Mitchell – York Twp.
                                             Gary Milbrand – York Twp.

Mr. Hoover welcomed new member Karen Atkinson who is replacing Jeff Sterner on the
Water & Sewer Authority. She is finishing out Mr. Sterners’ term which expires November

Mr. Hoover then accepted nominations for Vice-Chairman of the Water & Sewer
Authority. On motion of Mr. Avakian, seconded by Mrs. Atkinson, Ed Dick was appointed
Vice Chairman of the Water & Sewer Authority. All were in favor. Mr. Hoover then turned
the meeting over to Mr. Dick.


On the motion of Mr. Avakian, seconded by Mr. Hoover the minutes of the February 19,
2007 Water & Sewer Authority meeting were approved. All were in favor.

Visitors and Public Comments:

Stone Hill Sanitary Sewer Adoption Issues – Chad Barshinger of Able Construction was
in attendance to answer questions regarding the two 45 degree bends that were installed to
accommodate the steep grade in manhole run MH MC1817 to MH MC1818. Mr. Resh
reviewed the letter dated February 23, 2007 from Abel Construction which explains some
of the issues in this matter. It was determined that the 45 degree fitting that comes down
the steep grade is a bolted connection and that the ground cover to stabilize the fill is in
place at this time. Mr. Barshinger indicated that the problem was discussed with the on-site
inspector from C.S. Davidson. Mr. Resh reported that the on-site inspector, Steve Lehman
spoke with John Klindenst and Mike Steely of C.S. Davidson about the problem.(Mr. Resh
was on vacation that week) There was no mention of the problem or using the two fittings
in any of the inspectors inspection reports. The Sewer Authority’s concern is that the
Township staff knew nothing about the situation until the line was televised and will the
line be a problem for the township because of these changes from the original design.
There was a breach in procedure by the contractor and inspector. Mr. Barshinger stated that
the developer, Old Dutch Lane LLC is agreeable to the 5 year bond for this particular run.
The Authority questioned the Township staff if they had any concerns with this matter and
a short discussion was held. On the motion of Mr. Hoover, seconded by Mr. Dick the
Water & Sewer Authority agreed to accept MH MC1817 to MH MC1818 of the Stone Hill
Sewer System with the 5 year bond. All were in favor.
Public Meeting – Leader Heights Area Sewers – At 7:30pm there was a public meeting
for the Leader Heights Sewer Project area residents. All written comments and those verbal
comments received at tonight’s public meeting must be addressed in writing and be
incorporated into the public participation section of the planning modules. Richard Resh of
C. S. Davidson reviewed the plans, discussed sewer bills and tapping fees. The attending
residents were encouraged to ask questions about the project and express their concerns.
Eight people had questions which were answered by Mr. Resh. The public meeting was
closed at 8:20pm. See Stenographer’s minutes for details.

Solicitor’s Report:

Sage Hill Sewer Adoption - Brooke Say of Stock & Leader reported that they are still
waiting for documentation from Mr. Runge. The developer is aware that the hold up is not
on the part of York Township.

Intermunicipal Agreement with Windsor Township - Ms Say reported that Steve Hovis
and Gary Milbrand of York Township are still working on finalizing the agreement with
Windsor Township.

1973 Intermunicipal Transportation Agreement with Mill Creek Users - Gary
Milbrand of York Township reported that there was a 1981 agreement and a 2003
agreement that supercedes the 1973 agreement. This agreement includes all users upstream
of York Township and only references Spring Garden Township. The 2003 agreement
needs reviewed.

Public Works Report:

Sewer System Modeling – Gary Milbrand reported that he has about 200 more accounts
to link up to the system.

Sanitary Sewer Index Maps – Gary Milbrand gave a presentation on the history of the
sewer system in York Township. He showed maps on the overhead projector starting with
the first sewer installed in the Township in 1965 and ending with the last project in 1997.

Solicitation for Resident Project Representation(RPR) Services – Mr. Resh reported
that a letter was sent on March 8, 2007 to Scott DePoe, of York Township regarding the
clarification of services during the construction phase of the Leader Heights Project. Mr.
DePoe is working on developing a scope of services for a request for proposal (RFP)for the

 Southwood – WQM Permit Application - The Southwood Pump Station is a submersible
pump, pump station being built to service a 30 dwelling land development on the corner of
S. Queen St. and Locust Hill Rd. This pump station is sized to accommodate the Queen
Street corridor that is not on sewer. On the motion of Mr. Hoover, seconded by Mrs.
Atkinson, the Water & Sewer Authority authorized Ed Dick, Vice-Chairman to sign the
WQM application. All were in favor.

Public Sewer Adoptions - * See Tracking Sheet on Back of Agenda

Rosenmiller Woods - Private Sewer Adoptions - Waiting until the Water & Sewer
Authority is fully staffed.
Engineer’s Report:

Leader Heights Phases 2 & 3 - Richard Resh of C.S. Davidson, Inc. reported on Status
Report No. 26 for the Leader Heights Area Sanitary Sewers- Phases 2 & 3 project. On
February 27, 2007 planning modules were prepared for distribution to York Township,
York Township Planning Commission, and the York County Planning Commission.
Copies of the planning modules and a full size set of drawings were delivered to the York
Township office for public display on February 27,2007. Phase 2 of the project includes
Leader Heights Rd., Skylark Dr., Wren Terrace, S. George St., Oak Knoll Lane, and
Woodland Rd. Phase 3 of the project includes Reynolds Mill Rd, Lentzlyn Dr., Kresta Dr.,
Amad Dr., Overlook Dr., and Woodmyers Dr. Phases 2 and 3 will be done under the same

Camp Betty Washington Road/Springwood Road Construction Status – Bob Miller of
York Township reported that the fence on the Zeigler property has been moved per the
agreement signed on 2/8/2007. The site was staked out and preliminary talks with the
contractor have taken place. When the weather breaks and the contractor can schedule the
job the project will move forward.

Requisitions and Checks

On the motion of Mr. Hoover, seconded by Mrs. Atkinson check # 877 and 878 and
Authorization # 47 through 49 were authorized for payment. All were in favor.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:20pm.

                                                          Diane Mitchell

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