Veterinary Clinics in California

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					Veterinary Clinics in California
        Introduction of Work
We are offering advance medical and surgical
care for all breeds of Pets in California. Our
Veterinary Clinic in California also commit to
provide high quality Veterinary care at low
cost specially for dogs and cats. Pets diseases
are examined and tested by professional
Doctors and experienced staff members.
Custom services Spay and Neuter are done at
very low price.
     Wellness Services for pets
• Special type of Vaccination Services at low
  price for dogs and cats diseases.
• Heartworm Test, Microchip, Tapeworm
  injection, Fecal, Puppy deworming etc. all
  tests are performed in our California office.
     Wellness Services for pets
• Provide medications for parasite control
  better prices than online.
• Complete protection for pets against ticks,
  sand flies, lice, ear mites, hookworm etc.
• Healthy food and other grooming products for
  Pets are also available at our clinic.
  Counseling Sessions of
Veterinary Clinic in California
  Counseling held for owners of pets on the
  General healthcare checkups and dietary
  requirements of pets. Basic topics of
  discussion are :-
• How does prevent your pet from tapeworms
  and fleas?
• What type of vaccination does your pet need?
• And How does Microchipping works to save
  life of any breed pet?
  Contact us for more details about
          Veterinary Care
Address:- 2407 E. Orangethrope Ave.
           Fullerton, CA 92831
Contact no:- 714-738-3492


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