Silken Skin with Exfoliating Mask by Celebrity Skincare Guru Joanna Vargas

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					    Silken Skin with Exfoliating Mask by Celebrity Skincare Guru Joanna Vargas


With Detoxifying Kaolin Clay Clears Pores for an Even Flawless Complexion. Larch Tree Extract
Draws Moisture to Reduce Wrinkles

Exfoliating the dead cells and surface dirt twice a week is really such a simple yet effective way to
achieve great looking skin in a matter of minutes.Joanna Vargas

NEW YORK, NY, July 22, 2012 Joanna Vargas, the celebrity skin care guru in high demand, is
the creative mastermind behind the luxurious Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary a day
spa nestled on Manhattans Fifth Avenue. She now offers her exclusive Exfoliating Mask that has
been touted by celebrity clients worldwide as the best facial scrub. This hydrating exfoliant
polishes the face for an ultimately refined smooth appearance that feels soft to the touch. With an
eye for extreme quality Joanna Vargas selected only the finest botanical and naturally derived
ingredients to create this holistic anti-aging product, that is perfect for all skin types.

Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask has the subtle tropical scent of guava with hints of grapefruit and
chamomile rose. Along with nourishing Larch Tree Extract, the mask also boasts purifying Kaolin
Clay, with rich mineral content (calcium, magnesium and zinc) that draws out impurities but retains
natural epidermal oils making it well-suited to all skin types. Lactic acid, another active ingredient,
is a natural substance found in a variety of milk sources. It helps gently release the bonds of old
epidermal tissue during the exfoliating process for a soft silken complexion. Cleopatras unrivaled
beauty was due in part to regular milk baths (lactic acid), documented as one of her skincare
secrets, as it enhances moisture retention.

This is one of four products that make up this skin care line and all are design to work well
together and enhance each others performance. This facial scrub can also work like an enzyme
mask as it contain a few gentle fruit acids that can renew and speed up cell turn over for reduce
lines, wrinkles and a softer and gentler appearance over time. Your skin will be radiant from
regular use, guarantees Ms. Vargas.

Other Key Ingredients:

Bilberry extract, Volcanic Rock, Lemon extract, Orange extract and Pineapple Enzyme are
featured in this enriching and exfoliating face care. The mask contains kojic acid, a natural
lightening agent that specifically treats pigmentation issues such as blemishes, age spots and
other skin discoloration. Vitamin C provides antioxidant potency that strengthens and protects the
skin from the ravages of UV light due to sun exposure. The galactoarabinan (GA) content from
Larch Tree resin is scientifically proven to decrease wrinkles as it prevents moisture loss. It
stimulates cell turnover essential for luminous skin. Intensified ATP production increases cell
metabolism for a firm, toned and glowing visage.

Dead skin cells accumulate trapping surface grime, causing dull skin,clogging pores and
aggravating breakouts. Regular exfoliation clearsand brightens your skin, leaving it silky smooth.

Dramatically Noticeable Benefits:

Brightens Skin
Promotes Even Tone
Reduces Pore Size
Softens Ski

The Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask is currently available for purchase in New York City at the
Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary, 501 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2011, New York, NY 10017,
212.949.2350 or online at

Exfoliating Mask 2oz - $75
For all skin types

About Joanna Vargas, Celebrity Esthetician, Entrepreneur and Innovator. Joanna Vargas hasbeen
a New York State Licensed Esthetician for 15 years and hasclients from all over the globe...
Mumbai, Dubai, Rome, Tel Aviv, Paris, London and Los Angeles are all ports of call
forher.Certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage from the renowned Dr. Vodder School International,
she also holdsa BA from the University of Chicago. In November 2006, she officially opened the
doors to her namesake salon on Manhattans Fifth Avenue and never looked back. In the past year
alone, she has introduced the worlds first LED Light Therapy BED (patent-pending) and her own
organic skincare product line.

Media Contact: Samuella Becker, 917-734-5172

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