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Stop Making Mistakes With Controlling Your Personal Finances. Use These Tips!


									Stop Making Mistakes With
Controlling Your Personal Finances.
Use These Tips!

                                     So, you've made the decision. You're ready to better your
                                     personal finances right? Well, now is the perfect time. You
                                     probably have a lot of inquiries on how to start and what to
                                     do, but don't worry, this article can help you. Listed below
                                     are some tips that will help you get started with your
                                     financial aspirations.

                                     Check up on your checking account. New regulations
                                     enacted by Congress have spurred banks to change the
                                     terms of their checking accounts. Examples of this include
                                     abolishing free checking and raising the required balanced
                                     to avoid service fees. Look into a credit union if you are
                                     paying higher fees due to these changes.

You and your children should consider public schools for college over private universities. There
are many highly prestigious state schools that will cost you a fraction of what you would pay at a
private school. Also consider attending community college for your AA degree for a more
affordable education.

Breeding birds can yield one great amounts of money to increase that persons personal finances.
Birds that are especially valuable or rare in the pet trade can be especially lucrative for an
individual to breed. Different breeds of Macaws, African Greys, and many parrots can all produce
baby birds worth over a hundred dollars each.

Collect discarded popcorn tins. They make great rodent proof storage containers for staples that
you buy in bulk. There is nothing more disappointing to think you have stocked your pantry with
staples for the year and then to find that the flour, meal and other stables have been ruined by
mice. Throwing out food costs money!

To really save yourself some money, pay for everything in cash. Cash does not bounce, and
when it is in your wallet, you always know how much money you have. Save yourself trips to the
ATM though, as fees can eat up your money. Instead, get cash back at stores.

Shop the dollar stores. You can often buy the same products in dollar stores for a fraction of the
price you would pay in bigger department stores. Whether you are buying toothbrushes, over-the-
counter medicines, cosmetics or any one of hundreds of other products there are big savings to
be had in dollar stores.
Improve your finances by learning how to give yourself haircuts. This tip is not for everyone, but
electric clippers are a simple way for men to cut their hair. There are many books available that
provide instruction for women on layered and other types of haircuts that can be done at home.

Try to pay more than the minimum payments on your credit cards. When you only pay the
minimum amount off your credit card each month it can end up taking years or even decades to
clear the balance. Items that you bought using the credit card can also end up costing you over
twice the purchase price.

Change your cell phone plan. When you sign up to an expensive monthly cell phone plan you
can end up paying for talk minutes that don't use. So, the next time your cell phone contract is
due for renewal consider switching to a cheaper plan and you could save $20 a month or more.

When using an ATM while traveling, make sure the bank itself is open. ATMs have an annoying
tendency to eat cards. If your card is eaten at a bank that is hundreds of miles from home, this can
be a major inconvenience. If the bank is open, you will more likely be able to retrieve your card.

To help you to save money, set up an automatic transfer to your savings account every pay
period. Making the transfer automatically helps you to get used to the idea of saving. It also
prevents frivolous spending before the money can be saved. You won't miss what you don't see,
so automate your savings process today.

If you are from another country, and you plan on staying in the United States to live, do not invest
any money into homes in the country you are from. This is not a good idea because you would
have stayed in that particularly place if it was that suitable.

You know that personal finances can be a hard thing to really grasp. Use this article to build your
understanding of the best ways to spend and save your money. Think of this as a jump start, and
plan to do more research when you have time to figure out which tips really work for you.

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