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									         Detoxify Yourself From Drug Addiction At Home

Have you become addictive to a particular drug such as as morphine, codeine, heroin etc.? if
your answer is “Yes”, then you might be looking for a detoxification process from drug addiction
that you can do at home before undergoing a rehab. Detoxification is an important part of the
rehabilitation process and help in heroin addiction recovery as well. It is necessary to wash off
the traces or residues of the drug from the body of an addict to prevent him from withdrawal
symptoms and cravings.

For instance, there are certain prescribed addictive drugs such as diazepam, phencyclidine etc
that accumulate and stay in the system for a long span of time, especially in those cases where
the person has been addicted to the drug for a long period. Thus, it is important to detoxify in
order to clean the body systems from residue of drugs or substances. Thomas recipe is one of
the most sorted out and easy procedure of drug detoxification. Let’s understand the procedure
and steps of detoxification in this article.

Things you need for detoxification recipe.

1. Get a Valium or another benzodiazepine medications. These detox benzo are best suitable
for tapering as they are available in the capsule form. Other alternatives for Valium are
Klonopin, Librium, Ativan or Xanax. However, Ativan or Xanax should only be used if no other
drug is available in the stick.

2. Imodium - You can buy it from any regular grocery or convenience store.

3. L-Tyrosine (500 mg caps) - You can buy it from any good drugstore or health food chain.

4. Strong wide-spectrum mineral supplements consisting of Zinc, Phosphorus, Copper and

5. Capsules of Vitamin B6 to overcome the deficiencies from your body.

6. Facility of hot baths or hot showers at your disposal.

How to use the recipe:

The first step to begin the detoxification process by using this recipe is to begin the regular
doses of Valium, high enough to produce sleep. Incase you decide to use other benzo drugs the
take all the necessary precautions and consult your doctor before taking any benzo drug to
make sure if it is suitable to your body and health. Different kind of benzo drugs have different
effects on the body of a person. Keep on reducing your doses of Valium each day. You must
take it only for 4-5 days unless the withdrawal symptoms start.
It is important to hit the hot shower or hot water jacuzzi to relax your muscles during
detoxification. Hot soaks often do wonders to your body muscles and help you relax against the
prevailing symptoms.

Imodium can be used as and when required to stop the runs. If you don’t feel the need to take it,
then you can avoid it.

On the fifth day after waking up take L-Tyrosine along with B6 supplement empty stomach to
help absorption. It gives a surge of physical and mental energy that helps in counteract the
malaise. You can continue using it as long as it is helping you, but try to lower down the dosage
as L-Tyrosine can also cause occasional runs. However, these runs are mild and do not return
after the first hour.

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