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									                                                              Themes - The House on Mango Street

                             The House on Mango Street
Theme (central idea)   Chapter(s) that support theme

Friendship             “Sally”
                       “Red Clown” – shows what friends are not – betrayal
                       “Cathy Queen of Cats” – not true friend; prejudiced
                       “Our Good Day” – first day with new, true friends-Rachel/Lucy
                       “Linoleum Roses” – end of friendship with Sally
                       “Marin” – role model
                       “And Some More” – silly fight among friends
                       “Boys and Girls” – Esperanza expresses her desire for a friend

Discrimination         “Red Clowns” – boy calls Esperanza “Spanish girl”
                       “Beautiful and Cruel” – beauty is powerful
                       “Geraldo No Last Name” – Geraldo is not treated because he is Hispanic
                       “Those Who Don’t” – people roll up their windows when they drive through
                       Esperanza’s neighborhood – they are afraid
                       “There Was An Old Woman…” –
                       “A Rice Sandwich” – nun thinks poorly about Esperanza’s home
                       “Bums in the Attic” – people living on hills don’t think of others

Family                 “The House on Mango Street” – family keeps growing
                       “Three Sisters” –

Poverty                “Geraldo No Last Name” – no money  no treatment; Geraldo is fighting
                       against poverty  sending $ home
                       “Gil’s Furniture” – Nenny doesn’t have money to buy
                       “Rice Sandwich” – nun points to rundown house, negatively
                       “Cathy Queen of Cats” – family moves out because neighborhood is poor
                       “House on Mango Street” – addresses all houses Esperanza lived in
                       “The First Job” – Esperanza works to help pay for her education
                       “Bums in the Attic” – Esperanza’s family dreams of what they could have
                       “The Monkey Garden” – turned into car graveyard/junkyard

Death                  “Papa Wakes Up” – Esperanza’s grandfather dies; father cries
                       “Geraldo” – senseless death – wasn’t helped at hospital
                       “There Was an Old Woman” – one of children dies
                       “Born Bad” – Aunt Lupe dies  Esperanza feels guilty because of game
                       “Three Sisters” – come when Rachel and Lucy’s baby sister dies

Love                   “Sire” – Esperanza realizes she is attracted to Sire
                       “Bums in the Attic” – Esperanza will let bums sleep in the attic of her home
                       “Red Clowns” – Esperanza thinks love is like what she has read in books – it

                                                                 Themes - The House on Mango Street

Theme (central idea)     Chapter(s) that support theme

Acceptance               “Three Sisters” – Esperanza must accept being part of Mango Street
                         “Rice Sandwich” – Esperanza wants to be part of lunchroom group
                         “Cathy Queen of Cats” – Cathy’s family doesn’t accept immigrants
                         “Our Good Day” – Rachel and Lucy accept Esperanza for who she is

Freedom/Escape/Trapped   “House of My Own” – Esperanza wants to escape her neighborhood
                         “Linoleum Roses” – Sally escapes by marrying early – still trapped
                         “Rafaela” – Her husband doesn’t let her leave apartment – she is pretty

Courage                  “Chanclas” – dances, even when she is afraid
                         “Sire” – not afraid
                         “Red Clowns” – brave for her to talk about rape
                         “Monkey Garden” – Esperanza tries to rescue her friend
                         “Rice Sandwich”

Keeping Dreams Present   Entire story – desire for something better – education; unselfish – wants to
                         improve all of Mango Street
                         Wants to be proud of what she has accomplished
                         When she has a house, she will let the bums live there

Trust                    “Red Clowns” – Esperanza trusts her friend; trust is broken
                         “First Job” – Esperanza trusts the people at her job; man kisses her
                         “Monkey Garden” – she trusts what Sally says – Sally is teasing
                         Esperanza trusts her family
                         Lucy and Rachel are trustworthy

Learning Through         Esperanza learns through hers and others’ experiences

Abuse (physical,         “Red Clowns” – Esperanza is raped
emotional, mental)       “First Job” – Esperanza is kissed by co-worker at the photo shop
                         “Sally” – all the chapters that have to do with Sally
                         “Rice Sandwich” – nun is cruel – emotional abuse

Creativity               Esperanza is creative – writes poetry
                         By watching people, Esperanza knows what they are like


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