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					                        THE PERFECT PITCH
    You Started………….

I am calling from a solicitor firm called UK Claims.
I was informed that someone from your address sustained a car accident in the
last three years, is this correct?
I understand that in the last three years some one from your address had a car
accident, is that true?
I have been reported off a car accident from your address in the last three years is
it correct?


The way you probe……………

Ok, is this (confirm the address)? But the report says that there is an accident for
which there is compensation amount pending for that person. Don’t you recall
any accident or injury sustained by anyone from this address in the past three
That’s really strange!
So you are sure that you never reported any accident to your insurance in the
past three years.
Ahan! Because the information I have got is little bit sketchy so is there any
injury sustained at your workplace?
From your statement I see that you are never involved in any car accident and I
have also got this information from a very valid source so is there any accident or
injury sustained while working?
That’s very unusual!
Ok then I has to check the information from the relevant department and if I find
any thing different I will definitely get back to you.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.


Client Statements:

Yes I had an accident!

I am really sorry to hear about that. How are you feeling now?
Actually we are calling you on behalf of Road Traffic Accident Management and
they reported us that you were not compensated for the personal injuries, is that

It was just a minor one. I never sustained any injuries.
Yes I know it was a minor one and God forbid that’s really good you never
sustained any visible physical injuries but I am talking about the pain/whiplash
you sustained at the time of accident and still feel it. Even if you don’t feel it still
you are injured, I can tell you how?

It was my own fault.
(Additions are always welcomed!)
So it was your own fault, we cannot get the compensation for you and I am really
sorry for that. I know you felt the pain at that time and you deserve to be
compensated but there is a way you can get compensation, the passengers can
claim and you can be compensated in that way because the compensation cheque
will come on your name.

    There is no pain.

It is you saying that there is no pain but the medical inspectors says that the
impact was so high that you have sustained Grade A whiplash at that time and
you need to be compensated with minimum 2000 pounds.
As you know there is a jerk involved in every accident due to which the soft
tissues and muscles of your back get damaged. Most of the times you don’t feel a
pain but yes YOU ARE INJURED!!!
(Be relaxed!!!)
Ok apart from claims let me tell you the reason of my call. Mr.……….. The
accident you sustained is categorized in Low Velocity Impact. A whiplash injury
is the most common injury sustained following a car accident. It occurs when the
soft tissue in the neck is damaged by the impact of the collision forces the head
backwards and forwards very rapidly. This is known as extension and flexion
and the whole movement is usually completed in under a second.


Low Velocity Impacts (LVIs) are a class of car accidents that occur at very low
speeds and that sometimes do not result in any damage to either vehicle.
However, many people who have been in a t car accidents that has happened at
even just 5 mph report whiplash injury symptoms.
  So actually you are not paying attention to that pain but the pain is still there.
Ok let me tell you some symptoms of whiplash that you are suffering with.
(Work more in this area)
Your whole body is connected through your spinal cord/back bone. When your
spinal nerves are injured your whole body is affected.
When you sit back for long, you feel pain in your back
When you lift something up, heavy, you will feel pain in your shoulders or when
you get up from bed you might be feeling stiffness in your neck

Apart from this time to time headache, dizziness and tiredness are common
symptoms of Grade A whiplash and at that time if you are going to take it lightly
I am telling you that will be really dangerous for you because your health is most
important for you AND the reason to compensate you is that you should get a
medical examination from time to time and buy massage gel to avoid the pain to
come back in future.
To be very honest I am in this industry for the last five years and I have seen
people coming to us after 15-18 months reporting severe back pain and most of
the time the claim period is over. So now Road Traffic Accident Management has
taken some solicitors firms on their panel and assigned them the duty to arrange
that amount for you so you should be compensated with the right amount at the
right time.
As you have been paid for the car damages so the third party is liable to pay for
your personal injuries as well. Let me tell you that when an accident happens
two types of compensations come out from the third party, one is for the car
damages and other is for personal injuries you have been paid for one and the
other is left and if you don’t take it that will be returned to third party after three
In this regard Mr.………….. We need some cooperation from your side so we
will be able to pursue with the case.

There were minors in car and accident was before three years…
If the accident was sustained before three years and there were minors in the car
so you can claim for them. At the time of accident the soft tissues of children get
damaged and they suffer an emotional whiplash. This type of jerk and damage of
tissues can cause severe pain in future can also cause back bone disorders after
18 years.


(Get emotional)
Now if you take it lightly and god forbids your children come up with some
disability then you are responsible for them. So that is the reason we say to get
them compensated so you can get them medical examination and proper

 Is there any hassle or charges?
(Don’t worry while handling objections)
As I said that we are on the panel of a govt. department so there is no hassle as if
you go with a local solicitor. Your case is processed quickly and you are
compensated within 12-14 weeks at your doorstep. As there is conditional fee
agreement between you and us once you sign papers then we cannot charge you
even a single penny in any way. It is not going to affect you in either way, not
your insurance not your pocket. There is only one thing we need from your side
and that is “cooperation”.

Why do you need information on phone?
We actually don’t deal on the phone but we just need some general information
so I will be able to get the exact details from my department and send you the
paper work.
And we are working under data protection act so don’t worry your information
is in safe hands otherwise it will effect my job.
Sir your call is being recorded as we are working under data protection act so I
need to give this recording to my department in order to tell him that I was
speaking to the right person and he is willing to get the compensation.

Why is it important to pursue a claim now???
That's because the clearer things are in people's minds, especially witnesses to
the accident, the easier it can be for our panel of personal injury solicitors to
pursue your case. With lives often so busy and hectic, people tend to forget
things very quickly. It can sometimes be the small things, the things soon
forgotten, that make the difference between winning your compensation claim
and losing it. That's why we contact you as soon as is practically possible after
being involved in an accident.


Taking details.
(Go professionally)
So when did your accident happened?
Can you tell me briefly how did the accident happen?
Ok I understand. So definitely it was not your fault so do you remember what
the location of accident was? And what was the time when that accident
Did the police arrive at the scene?
(If yes)
What is the name of police station? And do you have the police reference
That is really good.
What was make or model of your car? Or what was make of your car involved in
the accident?
And what was the registration number of your car at the time of accident
Do you have the same car with you?
Ok what was the insurance of your car at that time?
They must have provided/you with a policy number, what that?
Or if you have the claim reference number that’s also fine?
 And are you the policy holder?
Ok what is your full name, and what is your date of birth as you are the policy
Did you visit any GP after the accident?
As I told you that this pain is dangerous and come back any time so you should
get a medical examination for yourself as soon as possible, can you take an
appointment from your GP on weekend or when you are free because your
health is most important.
What is the name of your family GP?
Do you remember the name of surgery?
Have you got any third party details with you?
(If yes the take car reg. and insurance details)
Do you remember that what was the make and colour of other party car?
Ok now I will send this information to my paper department they will get them
verify from your insurance company and you will receive paperwork within 6-7
working days. My legal advisor will also call you in this regard and I need
cooperation from your side and that’s all, when he will call you tell him that you
sustained pain at that time and still suffering. More you will excuse more
compensation you will get because he has to tell the solicitor about this.
Is there any thing you want to ask me regarding claims?


Ok have you got any mobile so we can contact you……………………
And what is the good time to speak to you?
Thank you very much for your cooperation I will get one of my best solicitors to
deal with your case and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Take good
care, bye.
Note: you can give a reference number to client to lock the case like I give in this
format “Alias Initials RTA month of accident year of accident/initials of client name
number of cases” and it is called CRN (client reference number)
  For example: Adam Harris sustained an accident in January 2009 and there were
two people in car, then reference number would be, “JBRTA0109/AH02”.




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