Latest Track Element Update in HTML5 Adding Wings to Multimedia

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					 Latest Track Element Update in HTML5 Adding Wings to Multimedia

Multimedia has been always an important element on the Internet to convey the message in a better way.
Especially with an introduction of HTML5 Web development, the websites have an all new feel to offer to the
surfer. Video and audio have impeccable effects on the Internet surfers as they speak louder than words. Anything
that contains video and audio soon becomes popular and that is why, the HTML developers are in constant efforts
to add newer things to it.

HTML5 track element is all about adding wings to multimedia. Having this said, this is something that the HTML
developers can use to adorn their videos and improve their functionalities.

What is HTML5 Track Element?
The track element in HTML5 is a tool that provides a standard yet simple way to add subtitles and captions. In
addition, HTML5 Track element also provides screen reader description and you can add chapters to audio and
video files as well.

If you have some other sort of timed metadata, you can use HTML5 Track Element to make it better. Every track
element has a source data written in a text file that is composed of a list of timed cues. These cues may include
CSV or JSON format.

Use of HTML5 Track Element
It’s powerful! This wonderful feature enables the webmaster to have deep links and multimedia navigation
through text search. In addition, manipulating DOM and other behavior can be sync on media playback.
Attributes in HTML5 Track Element
Each of track elements has its own attribute for ‘kind’. This is used for subtitle, description, chapter or metadata
and caption. Another track element attribute called ‘src’ that points to a text file houses the data for timed track

Where HTML5 Track Element is Available?
It’s available currently in Internet Explorer 10 and Chrome 18. Firefox is not yet supporting it. In Google Chrome,
you must enable the track element support from the chrome://flags page.

Track Element in HTML5 –its benefits
The best part of this element in HTML5 web development is the user is given a choice of subtitle language. Having
this said, the element can house subtitles in a few different languages for different people. Nevertheless, the
HTML5 web developers must understand that this element cannot be used from a file:// URL but to see them in
action, the files should be on the web server.

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