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June 2012 What is the Proper Way to Rate Your Hearing Aids


									     What Is the Proper Way to Rate Your Hearing Aids?

                                 It used to be that rating your hearing aids
                                 was relatively simple because there were
                                 only a couple of choices. In today's day and
                                 age, there are literally hundreds of styles to
                                 choose from and finding the perfect solution
                                 can pose quite a challenge. Ratings can be
                                 based upon technology, pricing, available
                                 features and your individual lifestyle. If you
                                 take the time to prepare yourself ahead of
time, the decision will be that much easier in the end.

Begin your search by rating how advanced their technology is. The more
advanced technology will be able to provide you with a much clearer level of
sound, not to mention they are a lot more comfortable for the user to wear.
One of the biggest issues is that they have trouble hearing speech over the
noise in the background. Due to the recent technology advancements, users
will have an improved level of hearing and be able to differentiate between
the noise in the background and what the person is saying.

In the end, rating the technology all boils down to how much technicality
there is in the hearing aid, how many features are available on the unit and
how well will the unit be able to control different listening situations. Most of
the hearing aid companies are able to make a hearing aid that compares to
their competitors in terms of technology. Some of the highly advanced units
will be able to offer you Bluetooth technology, artificial intelligence,
recognition for various sounds and wireless features to name a few. When
you start looking into the top models you can expect to spend upwards of
$7,000 per pair, which can prove extremely beneficial if you are using all of
the features that they have to offer.

Take a moment to consider what type of lifestyle you are currently living
when it comes to choosing your hearing aid. This will help you determine
exactly what features you are going to need and which ones you can live
without. If you live a relatively quiet life with limited social gatherings, you
will probably never end up using all of the features that the highly advanced
units have to offer you. Before making the decision on which unit to
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purchase, decide how active your current lifestyle is. You can plan on
replacing your hearing aid every five years or so. With that being said, take
into consideration how active you think you are going to be over the next
five years.

Hearing aid technology tends to be presented at various tiers: high, middle
and low end. Depending on what features are available in each tier, you may
notice a difference in how well you are able to hear in different situations. If
you are someone who spends a lot of time at home, lower level technology
may be the perfect solution for you. However, if you are the type of person
who spends a lot of their time in an environment that is extremely noisy,
you may want to consider one of the higher level devices. Sometimes you
may be right in the middle, which is when you can take advantage of the
middle level hearing aids. It doesn't matter where you fall in because there
is something for everyone when it comes to hearing aids.

Don't just rate your device by the size or what it looks like. It's what you
find on the inside of the hearing aid that matters the most. You can get the
technology you need in any size or shape, so make sure that the technology
is at the forefront of your mind before making the final decision. Make sure
that you discuss your likes and dislikes with the specialist. This will allow
them to help you find the perfect hearing aid to meet your needs. Once they
know what they are looking for, they can help determine which style is going
to work for your degree of hearing loss and your anatomy.

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