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									Submission Guidelines for Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Naming of banners:
• Use only lower-case letters instead of capitals
• Do not include capital letters and spaces in the banner title name. If
you need to, use
underscore ( _ ) and not hyphen ( - )
• Flash banners must have the same title names as GIF/JPEG banners.
• Backup GIF/JPEG must be provided for all Flash banners
• Ads must contain a border surrounding the entire ad unit.
• Banner names should be unique and should not be repeated (for
yahoo_728x90_19june04.swf or yahoo_728x90_19june04.gif)
• If the Flash file is a DHTML file, please include "dhtml" in the file name
(for example,

Submission of creatives:
• Deadline for creative materials for SG and Southeast Asia:
- 3 business days for GIF/JPG and FLASH
- 5 business days for Rich Media ads
• Please submit creatives before 4pm daily. Those received after 4pm
will be
processed on the next business day.
• Please ensure that the creatives do not contain elements that mimic
Windows interface objects such as fake mouse pointers, Windows
interface colours, simulated mouse pointer actions, etc. Yahoo! holds the
right to request for revisions with respect to this creative specification.

Creative changes are allowed depending on Client Services Tier
• Client Services Tier 1 - No limit to changes in creatives over duration of
the campaign
• Client Services Tier 2 - A maximum of 3 creative changes per month
during the campaign
• Client Services Tier 3 - A maximum of 1 creative change per month
during the campaign
Kindly check with your sales manager regarding the client services tier
your campaign falls under.
Creative submissions should include the following:
• Yahoo! Insertion Order number (IO#) in the subject line
• Creative files
• All images should be zipped. Attach zip file with all images according to
the above guidelines.
• Linking URL must be domain name-based and cannot be an IP
address (for example, http://207.123.456.78 )
• Third-party tags (if applicable), which must be live at the time of
submission to enable thorough testing before launch.
Kindly check for approved third-party vendors with your sales manager.

Common Creative Error:
• Click TAG is wrong
•.File size exceeds limit
•.Animation time is longer than 15 seconds
•.Replay/close button doesnʼt work
• No border
•.Replay” text on backup gif

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