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    An Independent Project Management Company providing Construction Management

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Project Management Construction

          Completing a robust design preparation and builder engagement
               process, we are now well placed to start construction.
           There may be issues requiring our diligent attention during the
         construction phase, but the risk of significant issues effecting time,
        cost, quality and safety is greatly reduced by the initiatives outlined
                   in the previous phases of the projects life cycle.

        During this phase MJ Wood Management will provide the following
                     project management construction services:

                              • Weekly site inspection
           • Weekly meeting with the builder and design consultants (on
          request)Monitor and update the Master Programme, identifying
                 potential solutions to recover time if delays occur
        • Review and assess progress claims and variations submitted by the
                          design consultants and builder
      Owner Builders

MJ Wood Management has successfully assisted many owner builders in
meeting their objectives.

MJ Wood Management provide the following packages to Owner Builders:
Home Project Management - high level management and advisory service
to assist owner builders with some previous building experience
Home Building Management – comprehensive range of construction
management services, for owner builders who do not have the experience
and time to manage the project themselves
Let us assess the suitability of your project for either home project
management or home building management services today!

Call us on 9997 3426 for your complementary Project Assessment
Construction Management

The fundamental difference between the two delivery models, is that under
a Construction Management arrangement, individual fixed lump sum
contracts are let directly to the trades during the course of the project in lieu
of a one fixed lump with a builder .

The final fixed lump sum cost of the project being determined by the
summation of the individual trade contract amounts.

The advantage of this model is a potential reduction in cost and time for the
property owner.

However on the flip side, the property owner is exposed to fluctuations in
market conditions during the course of the project, as well as unfavourable
variances between actual trade costs and the approved budget estimate.
MJ Wood Management have successfully delivered a number of residential
and commercial projects under a construction management arrangement.
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