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How to Convert Sony DCR Series video to Mac for editing with fcp imovie by magichhy


Sony DCR Video Converter for Mac, can convert Sony DCR-SX video, Sony DCR-SR MPEG-2, Sony DCR-HC video, Sony-DCR-DVD to Mac, iMovie, iTunes, FCP, FCE, etc.

More Info
									.mts is High-definition MPEG Transport Stream video format, commonly called "AVCHD;" used by
Sony, Panasonic, and other HD camcorders; based on the MPEG-2 transport stream and supports
720p and 1080i HD video formats.

AVCHD stands for "Advanced Video Codec High Definition." The format was jointly established by
both Panasonic and Sony in 2006. MTS files can typically be opened and edited using the
software included with Sony and Panasonic HD camcorders.

Sony DCR camcorders generally save their videos in .mts format, and compressed with MPEG-2.
The DCR is a big family. Most of time Sony DCR video cannot be directly imported to iMovie,
Quicktime, iTunes, FCP, Adobe Premiere Pro and some other popular devices, if you want to
import your Sony DCR Handycam SD video to Mac for enjoying or further editing with iMovie, FCP,
FCE, etc, the first step for you to do is to convert these Sony SD video to MOV, MP4 for Mac, then
you can import converted Sony DCR video to iMovie, Quicktime, iTunes, FCP on Mac for enjoying
or editing.

To convert Sony DCR series video to Mac, Sony DCR Video Converter for Mac is the best software
to transfer these Sony DCR SD MPEG-2 video, Sony AVCHD MTS, M2TS files, and some other
camcorder videos to MOV, MP4, MPEG, 3GP, M4V, etc on Mac. Besides, you can also convert and
import Sony DCR SD video to iPad, iPod, iPhones (including iPhone4), PSP, Blackberry, and other
mobile players.

How to Convert Sony DCR video to Mac OS for further editing with iMovie, FCP, etc?
Step1: Add Sony DCR Video on Mac
Click "Add File" to upload your chosen Sony DCR video to Mac AVCHD Converter after you
launched it.

Step2: Set Output Video Format for Mac
Click "Profile" to open the Profile drop-up list to select MOV, or MP4 as output video format for
Mac OS, Quicktime, iMovie, FCP, FCE, etc.

Step3: Convert Sony DCR Video to Mac OS
Press the "Start" button to convert Sony DCR SD video or AVCHD MTS/M2TS files to Mac. After
conversion finished, you can enjoy converted Sony DCR video on Mac or edit these videos with
iMovie, FCP, FCE, iDVD, etc.

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