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Senior PHP Web Developer

8 years of experience as a software developer with significant SDLC responsibility, and with good
demonstrating experience in low and high level design, development of presentation logic implementation
and client-server applications under MVC architecture. Solid hands on experience with design, development
and deployment of Web and Enterprise products in various domains like Telecommunication, Financial,
e-Commerce, ERP. Well experienced in understanding design, code maturity features and makes
suggestions to the client team.


      8 years of extensive experience as a Web Developer with solid understanding of object oriented
       programming (OOP), database designing, development and installation of the different modules.
      Hands on experience in software development under Agile-Scrum and Waterfall methodology.
      8 years, of experience on Web Technologies using PHP, HTML, DHTML, Ajax, Web Services,
       JSON, JavaScript/JQUERY, CSS2 and XML on Windows and LINUX based operating
      Development of Client/Server and Object Oriented Applications (OOPS) using LAMP, Zend,
       XML and Relational Databases.
      PHP: Configuration, security, object-oriented programming, creating web services, custom
       frameworks, major version migrations.
      MySQL/PgSQL/MSSQL: Configuration, query optimization, full-text search indexing, de-
      AJAX: Amazon AWS, Yahoo Search, Google Maps, Flicker and Twitter.
      Experience in developing PHP applications under Zend framework 1.10, PHPCake framework.
      Experience in developing frontend application using JQuery, prototype javascript frame works.
      Well experienced in complete Software analysis, design and development cycle that includes
       Requirements analysis with Use Cases, Domain Modeling, and applying UML design Patterns
       (Microsoft Visio/Visual-Paradigm), Unit Testing (PHPUnit), and Implementation & Maintenance.
      Extensively involved in development of PHP5/4, MYSQL, OpenSSL, JSON, WSDL, SOAP,
       OpenLDAP, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Python, Java, Perl, UNIX scripting, HTML, WML, XML,
       DHTML, CSS and Ajax.
      Experience includes Database designing, query optimization and normalization.
      Good working knowledge with Application Servers like Apache2.0 & IIS.
      Extensive experience with integration tools like Smarty, Drupal 5/6, OS-Commerce, X-cart,
       Sugar CRM, Joomla, OpenCart, Expression Engine CMS.
      Extensive experience in third party API tools like Paypal, Authorize-net, Verisign, GreenDot and
       Checkout integration.
      Knowledge in PHP memory caching technique memcache.
      Experience in Test Management tools like bugzilla, firebugs.
      Good working knowledge with WHM/CPanel, SSH, PuTTY, Version Control System (CVS,
       Subversion) and .htaccess mod-rewrite techniques (SEO friendly URLs).
      Provided consultancy for selection of web technologies and customization of content management
       systems (CMS’s) for small medium enterprises - SME’s based on PHP/MySQL.
      Good understanding of SNMP, TCP, IP, DNS, UDP.
      Planned, directed, and managed designated projects well on-time and with-in budget.
      Ensured that objectives were accomplished in accordance with outlined priorities.
      Analyzed results of operations to discover more efficient ways to utilize resources.
      Coordinated the successful simultaneous development of several projects.
      Delegated responsibilities and designed time schedules.
      Negotiated contracts that ensured quality.
      Reviewed project status reports during each operational phase.
      Prepared weekly project status reports for management.
      Prepared and reviewed various Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Terms of Reference (ToRs), and
       documents for various projects including project management tools like SDD, CRC, Release note.

Technical Skills:

Database                                 MYSQL, MSSQL -2008, PostgreSQL
Programming Languages:                   PHP, JAVA, ASP, PERL, Python
Web Technologies                         Javascript, JSON, Web Services, VB Script, CSS,
                                         XHTML, DHTML, AJAX, Web2.0, CSS Layout,
Frameworks and Specification             Zend Framework 1.10, CakePHP, prototype, PEAR,
                                         PHPUnit and SMARTY
Third Party Tools                        OS-Commerce, X-cart, Mambo/Joomla CMS, SugarCRM,
                                         WordPress, Drupal.
IDE’s & Tools                            Zend Studio, Macromedia Dream weaver, PHP-Eclipse
                                         (PDT), SQLyog, pgAdmin, SQL Plus, CVS, SVN
Protocols:                               TCP/IP, SOAP, SMTP, POP3, HTTP, HTTPS, LDAP
                                         and FTP
WEB Server                               Apache2.0, IIS

   MS Degree in e-commerce Application, Manipal Institute of Higher Education, India.
   Bachelor of Computer Applications, MG University, India.

    Brain-bench certification in PHP5 & PHP4
    IBM Certified e-Business professional.
    Oracle9i Certification in SQL.

Professional Experience:

MRIS, MD                                                                    Aug2010- Oct 2010
Senior PHP Programmer
MRIS ((Metropolitan Regional Information Systems) is having a large CMS system which is managed my
expression engine CMS application. MRIS is looking for revamp the entire CMS system to Zend

Environment: PHP5.2.11, Apache2.0, Zend Studio/Framework 1.10, MYSQL5, Expression Engine, SOAP,
PHPUnit, jQuery, CSS, Ajax, DHTML, XML.

    Source control, development (Zend Studio), management and deployment of existing CMS
      application which is written in Expression Engine CMS.
    Participate in all activities accordingly to ensure on time deliverables are met including day-to-day
      planning and coordination with testers, developers, project managers, and business representatives
    Develop high quality PHP5 code that should have compactable with Expression Engine application.
    Support monthly release including short project modification, bug fix.
    Understand the complexity of converting the existing application to Zend framework.
    Performed an entire system study to

Cricket Communications, Denver, CO                                                    March 2009- July 2010
Senior PHP Programmer
Cricket Communications a wireless service provider which having a very strong frontend web site
developed in LAMP with ZEND framework 1.9 and Agile/Scrum. The website including dynamic frond
pages where customers can do shopping and a back office system there business people can track the orders
and perform other admin applications.

Environment: PHP5.2.11, Apache2.0, Zend Studio/Framework 1.10, MSSQL 2008, PostgreSQL, SOAP,
PHPUnit, jQuery, WSDL2PHP, CSS, Ajax, DHTML, XML.

    Source control, development (Zend Studio), management and deployment of objects that are
      developed for e-commerce applications in test driven environment (PHPUnit).
    PHP5/AJAX/SOAP/XML/ZendFramework1.10 developments to enhance the retail website,
      admin tools and develop new functionality with test first development environment.
    Participate in all activities accordingly to ensure on time deliverables are met including day-to-day
      planning and coordination with testers, developers, project managers, and business representatives
    Add more interactive web pages using complete XHTML/AJAX technologies
    Convert the database from postgreSQL8.2 to MicrosoftSQL 2008
    Develop high quality PHP5 code that should have complete PHPUnit Test coverage.
    Support monthly release including short project modification, bug fix.
    Modified python script written for email applications.

Clearwire (IntraISP), St Louis, MO                                                     April 2008 – Jan2009
Senior PHP Programmer

Back Office Support System (BOSS)
Clearwire a WiMAX telecommunication service provider which having a very strong back office product called
BOSS developed in LAMP (MVC). This boss application includes features like product management, device
management, and billing. Also we are providing various PHP API services such as registration, provisioning,
equipment assigning, re-pricing, etc. Managed four members team who involved in the development.
Environment: PHP5.2.6, Apache2.0, MYSQL5, JAVA, Shell Script, SOAP, PHPUnit, jQuery, WSDL2PHP,
CSS, Ajax, DHTML, XML, PHPEclipse.

    Extensively involved in the Object Oriented System design (SDD), providing billing solution for
      WiMAX service using PHP5, MySQL, XML.
    Created reusable PHP API Services that helps ‘Clearwire’ to access the required information from
    Created PHP classes, interfaces to support new usage rating management.
    Implemented memcache that improves the system performance (test face)
    Created some automation scripts (automate bill email, bulk replacing, account re-pricing) using
      Shell script.
    Created interactive client report pages using jQuery, DHTML, CSS and Ajax and PDF download.
    Modified the wsdl2php to accomplish IISP coding architecture which concert wsdl files to PHP.
    Experience in code-reviews using review-board application (
    Created unit testing and performance testing using PHPUnit (eclipse), firebug.
    Created various documents for system design (SDD), CRC (Code review checklist), and Release
    Worked in test management tool called bugzilla.

Logitech, Fremont, CA                                                  Feb 2008 - April 2008
Senior PHP Developer

Back office web portal: Created a common web portal that helps the Logitech to manage all their internal
application from a single port of entry.
Environment: PHP5.2, Apache2.0, ADODB-MYSQL5, CakePHP, Perl, SOAP, CVS, XHTML, WML, XML,
CSS, jQuery, XML, JSON, PHPeclipse.

    Extensively involved in the development of Video Processing portal which help them to manage all
      the application from a single portal.
    Developed a common LDAP authentication system that helps us to login from different modules.
    The application is developed using CakePHP/jQuery architecture (MVC) in LAMP Platform.
    Developed email process and authentication system using Python script.

iKobo Inc., Atlanta, GA                                                  Feb 2007 - Feb 2008
Senior PHP Developer

Online Money Transfer System: iKobo is one of the leading money transfer firm that allow transfer
money throughout the world using their secure web site. I revamped the entire site with new web2.0
technologies and also provided technical support to their various affiliate marketing.
Environment: Linux, PHP5.0, CakePHP, Prototype, C++, Apache2.0, PostgreSQL8.2, SOAP, CVS, XHTML,
WML, XML, CSS, Ajax, XML, eclipse.

    Extensively involved in analyzing the current running application, system understanding, and
      various associated models, features for the current existing model.
      Developed a money convertor calculator that will interact with visa and fetch the later money
       transfer rates and calculate the total money.
      Implemented the new modules likes Send Money Now, META Bank, new credit card verification
       (VISA) and new UK fraud checking system using SOAP Services (, payment gateway
       integration such as GreenDot, authorize-net, checkout.
      Created some automation scripts (newsletter, conformation mail, shipping status mail) using UNIX
       shell script.
      Developed user-friendly client side money transfer pages using Prototype, DHTML, CSS and
      Involved in Database changes including create tables, views in PostgreSQL8.2.
      Developed mobile version (WML) of iKobo sends money application.
      Created various .htaccess mod-rewrite techniques (SEO friendly URLs).

Calpinetech, CA                                                                      July 2004 - Feb 2007
System Analyst/ Senior PHP Developer

Project: SeatDog (
SeatDog is one of the largest information of tickets that are available online. It searches majority of the
most popular sites on the web to get these ticket information. Along with that, the site has option for users
to book airline tickets online and reserves them. The site is completely brewed up using the PHP5 and
MySQL as the backend database. Along with this application, there are API’s written in PHP that are
integrated to the system done using PHP.
Environment: PHP5, MySQL, JQuery, Linux Apache, Zend Studio, Linux Apache 2.0.

    Responsible for code maintenance.
    Responsible for fixing the bugs as per the client.
    Development of new features on the site using PHP5 object oriented concept.
    Management of MySQL database for data backup.
    Optimization of MySQL for easy retrieval of data from the database.
    Involved in changing creating tables, views.
    Extensively involved in code review and refractor process.
    Implemented Client side and server side validation.
    Responsible for adding new modules.
    Code walk through, bug tracking and debugging.
Duration: 4 month

Project: Jewish Poker (
Jewish Poker is a portal where the users can play and shop of items. This has been completely developed
by customizing open source tool name Drupal. A new theme has been integrated to the site for better look
and feel. As well as all the URL’s of the site has been managed to be user friendly.
Environment: PHP4, MYSQL 4.1, Drupal 5, Linux Apache, Zend Studio.

    Responsible for the requirement analysis and system study.
    Customization of Drupal and theme integration.
    Adding new features to the site like blog and article posting.
    Responsible for the coding and server management.
Project: Calpinetech
Calpinetech is the official website of Calpine technologies company. This website has been created using
the open source tool named Drupal. The task include creation of new pages to the site, integration of theme
as well as adding new payment gateway for the clients of Calpine technologies to pay for their projects. Te
site is brewed up using PHP and MySQL platform and runs on Linux server.
Environment: PHP4, Drupal 5, DHTML, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL, Apache, Linux, Zend studio

     Responsible for design and requirement gathering
     Responsible for user registration section and payment.
     Adding new forms and fields using CCK module taken from Drupal contribution.
     Integration of the theme to the website based on Drupal standards.
     Maintenance of the website and adding new pages and content.
     Creation of drop down menu and user friendly pages using DHTML and Javascript.

Project: CASINO WORLD NEWS ( is e-wire website intended for publishing the press releases. The user can register
with the website and submit the press release. The other features of the website are the Blog, article and
newsletter management.
Environment: PHP4, MYSQL 4.1, Linux Apache, Zend Studio.

    Responsible for the requirement analysis and system study.
    Responsible for the coding and server management.
    Responsible for integrating some AJAX front-end.

Duration: 4 Months

Project: AWARDS ERP System
AWARDS (Affordable Wide Area Relational Database System) is an ERP product from foothold
technology (Logistics environment). The AWARDS application is comprised of three main components
used for the data management: General Information, Chart Records, and Administration. Each component
contains several related modules that are used to perform various executive, fiscal, operational, and/or
program services tasks.
Environment: PHP5.0, PostgreSQL, PERL, MVC, APACHE, Zend Studio, Zend framework.


      Responsible for PHP5 code maintenance.
      Convert booking, email modules from JSP to PHP.
      Responsible for fixing the PHP code bugs as per the clients ticket/query.
      Involved in PostgreSQL database design for incorporating new changes including create tables,
       views, etc.
      Extensively involved in code review and refractor process.
      Implemented Client side and server side validation.
      Integrated GoogleMAP API.
      Modified existing PERL email subscription system that helps them to accomplish new changes.
      Responsible for adding new modules.
      Code walk through, bug tracking and debugging.
Duration: 12 month

Project: SMS2BOOK
SMS2BOOK is a centralized booking system that helps the users to book a hotels, restaurants, games etc.
The user can manage the booking through SMS. The API used for managing SMS is from http://www.m-
Environment: PHP5.0, MYSQL, Ajax, PEAR and Smarty, Linux Apache.

    Worked on the MYSQL database design, PHP coding and PHP template integration using
    Responsible for created interactive client pages using PHP/AJAX.
    Developed a secure administration (Back Office) module for managing the entire site.
    Responsible for integrating the third party PHP SMS tool
    Responsible for the Paypal, Authoriz-net, checkout integration to the system.
    Responsible for remote server management (C-Panel) and uploading (FTP).

Duration: 5 months

A Joomla based content management system that helps users to purchase license plates online.
Environment: LAMP, Joomla, virtueMart.

    Responsible for the requirement analysis and system study.
    Responsible for the design and Joomla-virtueMart integration.
    Responsible for the coding and server management (Linux).

Project: OFFICE GULF (
Completely developed an online shopping cart, maintained with osCommerce shopping cart as the base of
cart. The tool is customized to meet the client’s requirement of product managing and order managing.
Environment: : LAMP, osCommerce.
Project: PHP CART

This product is a standalone shopping cart product with features such as n-level category, back ordering,
discount coupon, product news letters, online payment, multi-language support. . During this period I was
Involved in the design, development, implementation and support of the Shopping Cart.
Environment: PHP4, MYSQL 4.1, PEAR and Smarty, Linux Apache.

    Responsible for the requirement analysis and System study
    Responsible for the Database MYSQL design and PHP coding
    Developed the secure back office system to manage the cart.
    Involved in the coding for multi-language support using PHP and MYSQL.
    Integrated the online payment tools such as Paypal, Authoriz-net, checkout.
    Responsible for remote server management (C-Panel) and upload.
Duration: 12Months

Onet Computer Corp. , India                                                Sept 2002 - Jun 2004
Developer / Programmer.

Project: Online Order Processing System.
This Application was developed for automating and standardizing the operations of a manufacturing
Organization using Intranet. The Main features of this system are once the Order processing plan is
finalized, it automatically generates Production and dispatch schedules on Batch Basis. This system
considers all the available resources such as Material stock at store level and Vendor level, Equipment
Requirement, Operations Duration etc. Based on Reorder level this system raises appropriate messages to
the operator.

          Created various HTML Pages using HTML that validate and record the Order Processing
          Developed PHP Classes at server side for handling requests and responses from the web page that
           were developed using PHP, HTML
          Implemented Database Oracle9i as backend.
          Responsible for Oracle database design and creating database tables.
          Used IIS web servers to deploy this application online.
Environment: PHP4.0.2, Java Script, Oracle 9i, UML, Dream viewer IDE.

Indian Telecom Industry , India                                         Sept 2001 - Sept 2002
Project: HR Management System
Jr. Developer / Programmer.

A web enabled tool for managing Human Resources. It is a tool, which enables to utilize the Human
Resources of an organization effectively to optimize their performance. It facilitates managing and tracking
of the activities of recruitment, sales, timesheets, expenses, projects and schedules of employees. The tool
can be used at different levels in the organization to manage the entire gamut of Human Resource
Management. It aids the HR Managers as well as the employees of the organization in their functions.
          Created various client side pages using HTML, CSS.
          Added some featured in the existing Pascal billing module.
          Developed PHP pages at server side for handling requests and responses from the web page that were
           developed using PHP, HTML
          Implemented Database access through PHP with Oracle as backend.
          Responsible for Database design and creating database tables.
Environment: PHP, Apache, Oracle 8i, Rational Rose, UML.

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