Convert Sony HDR AVCHD video to mac and imovie

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					Sony HDR series Camcorders are High Definition Models, which store video in AVCHD
MTS/MPEG-2. As a kind of popular HD camcorder, Sony HDR series own several hot family
members including Sony HDR-XR150, HDR-XR500V, HDR-CX110, HDR-CX150, HDR-FX7, etc. Sony
HDR series Handycam is lightweight, recording in high definition with good video quality, easy to

Owing to Sony HDR Handycam recording video in AVCHD MTS/MPEG, or miniDV, for Mac users,
you cannot directly import these MTS, MPEG, miniDV video to Mac to edit with iMovie, FCP, etc.

If you want to convert and import Sony HDR video to Mac or imovie, how to do that?

AVCHD Converter for Mac is the best solution to tansfer Sony HDR video like AVCHD MTS,
MPEG2, miniDV, etc to MOV, MP4, M4V, 3GP, H.264 for Mac. With this AVCHD Converter for Mac,
you can easily convert camcorder video such as MTS, M2TS, TOD, MOD, MPEG, etc to MOV, MP4,
AVI, 3GP, FLV, MPEG-4, MP3, etc for Mac, iMovie, Quicktime, iDVD, FCP, FCE, Adobe Premiere Pro,
iPad, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, Youtube, etc. You can read how to convert sony hdr video to mac.
If you want to learn how to convert sony hdr video to imovie'11 plz read bellow:

Here is list of Sony HDR models has problem with iMovie'11, iMovie'09:
Video stabilization limitations:Sony HDR-CX11, Sony HDR-CX12, Sony HDR-CX10, Sony
HDR-CX520,Sony HDR-CX520V,Sony HDR-CX550,Sony HDR-CX550V,Sony HDR-SR1

Sony HDR compatibility problem.
Sony HDR-CX110,Sony HDR-CX120,Sony HDR-CX150,Sony HDR-CX170, Sony HDR-CX300, Sony
HDR-CX350,Sony HDR-CX350V,Sony HDR-CX370V

Requires Mac OS X Leopard v10.5 or later & Video stabilization limitations problem.
Sony HDR-UX1, Sony HDR-UX7,Sony HDR-UX20

Steps of converting sony hdr avchd video to imovie'11:

Step One: Import AVCHD Video to Converter
Firstly, you need to copy your AVCHD to Mac and launch AVCHD Converter for Mac, then click
"Add File" to upload your AVCHD files to the program. Any AVCHD files from AVCHD camcorders
are supported.

Step Two: Set Output Video Format for iMovie.
Go to iMovie-> MOV
Or HD Video-> HD MOV

Step Three: Convert AVCHD to iMovie.
Click "Start" button to convert AVCHD files to iMovie.

Description: Sony HDR Video Converter for Mac can convert Sony HDR series video such as HDR-FX7, HDR-XR150, HDR-XR500V(AVCHD/MPEG-2), HDR-CX110 video, etc to mac and imovie compatible format.