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					                    Available RAD Tools for ASP.Net
    The Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach to software projects has
    gained momentum in recent years, thanks to the extreme speed and flexibility it
    offers time-pressed developers. Certain tools can help speed up the process of
    rapid prototyping even more, especially if you're a .NET or ASP.NET developer.
                                  RAD Tutorials for .Net Topics

          - Creating A RAD Web Application
          - Customizing Web Applications Quickly
          - CASE RAD Tools for ASP.Net
          - Using Relational Databases And Custom Queries .NET CASE Tools
    One tool that offers a lot to the .NET and ASP.NET developer working on a
    RAD project is Visual WebGUI. Created by Gizmox, an Israel-based software
    firm, Visual WebGUI is a "cross-platform Web/Cloud/Mobile application
    delivery platform that...provides the best of Client-Server, Web, Ajax RIA and
    enterprise mobile," according to its website. It is designed to let users create a
    Windows Form application targeting the Web, Silverlight RIAs, and/or the
    Windows Azure cloud - all with a minimum of hassle.
    With Visual WebGUI, all of the application logic sits on the server, which is
    more secure than the client. Visual WebGUI can also use third-part ASP.NET
    controls in Azure thanks to a simple wrapper. It can easily simulate an
    ASP.NET environment.
    Iron Speed offers Iron Speed Designer, a tool that lets you build visually
    stunning, feature-rich web-based applications that are easy to customize and
    fast to deploy. Developers can customize applications with a simple layout
    editor, wizards and toolbox. Users can choose between 27 different page
    styles for a uniform look-and-feel across the entire application they're creating.
    Iron Speed Designer supports multi-lingual applications out of the box. You
    can even switch between languages at run-time. You don't need to know any
    HTML to create a web application with this tool. After you've built your
    application, you can switch to Design Mode to customize it. Customization is
    an intuitive, drag-and-drop procedure. For more flexibility, you can customize
    your code with the Quick Layout Spreadsheet.
    Iron Speed offers a subscription to their product for $195 per month, or a
    perpetual license for $1,195 per month.
    *** Editor's note: By downloading and activating your free trial of Iron Speed
    Designer through ASPFree, you will be automatically entered into a contest to
    win one of three (3) perpetual licenses or one of twelve (12) one-month licenses.
    For more contest information, go Here
    Gizmox offers a free trial download of it's rapid prototype and development
    software, Visual WebGUI. It comes in several versions: Pro Studio WinWeb,
    Pro Studio .NETHTML5, and Express Studio flavors of both of the previous
    versions. Express Studio versions are free; Pro Studio WinWeb can be had for
a 30-day free trial, or purchased for anywhere from $339 to $1399, depending
on the exact licensing and subscription you choose.
Telerik offers a collection of tools built around the RAD model and rapid
development. These include RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, RadControls for
Silverlight, RadControls for WinForms, and RadControls for Windows Phone.
RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX offer more than 70 user interface controls to
help developers build high-quality line-of-business web applications quickly
and easily. Controls include a calendar, editor, grid, menu, scheduler,
TreeView, SiteMap, toolbar, and too many more to list. The company offers
excellent online support for their tools, including technical documentation,
step-by-step PDF course ware, forums, videos, and custom consulting.
Telerik offers several add-ons for their AJAX Controls. These include Visual
Style Builder, Visual Studio Extensions, and automated testing for AJAX apps.
The Telerik Visual Style Builder is a web-based CSS customization tool that
lets the user create custom skins, without needing to understand the front-end
HTML and CSS structure of the controls. Visual Studio Extensions provide
increased control of the IDE and a more intuitive environment for new users,
including a set of ready-to-use Visual Studio templates. Telerik Test Studio is
an automated testing tool that lets you quickly test complex actions like
drag-and-drop and even perform logging actions.
Developer licenses for RadControls For ASP.NET AJAX start at $799.
Develop Guidance offers RADvolution Designer, a powerful RAD tool that is
fully integrated in Microsoft Visual Studio. With the tool, you can quickly create
a fully functional professional-looking application complete with views,
search/filter, grids and data entry. A variety of wizards (project, grid, and data
entry form) speed you through the creation process. RADvolution is optimized
for Microsoft SQL Server, including free SQL Server Express editions.
While RADvolution is fully integrated in Microsoft Visual Studio, it's also .NET
language independent, which means you can use it with C#, VB, and other
languages. RADvolution can also be used in combination with the free version
of Crystal Reports for Visual Studio, as well as other professional reporting
tools. RADvolution lets you use your preferred naming convention easily and
automatically. It also lets you create multi-lingual applications with ease.
The latest version, RADvolution Designer 7, starts at $390.
These are just a few of the tools you can find to help you with your Rapid App
Development projects involving .NET or ASP.NET.

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