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									   All You Need to Know About Night Vision Devices and its Uses

Summary: Like other sectors involving technology, night vision devices keep getting better with added
advanced features and better energy efficiency. They are also becoming more user-friendly and due to
competition between manufacturers, owning night vision devices has also become more affordable.

You could define a night vision device as an optical instrument which allows you to see in levels of light
reaching total darkness. In the past, they were usually used by the military, police or other law
enforcement agencies but now they are even used by normal people as it is readily available in the retail
market now. The term ‘night vision device’ most often refers to a set of units, which includes an image
intensifier tube, a protective and usually water resistant covering and some kind of mounting system.
Many custom made night vision goggles and scopes also include infra red illuminators and telescopic

Night vision goggles can be considered as one of the most practical devices to have been invented in the
past few decades. They fulfill a need that mankind has had since it evolved sight - the need and
necessity to see in the dark. Night vision devices have many other practical applications other than
military or security purposes. The technology used in night vision goggles or scopes has advanced a lot
since they were first invented leading to several “generations” of night vision equipment. Just like
computers, various technologies have evolved over the years and availability has increased but the price
has become lower as well.

Night vision devices were first used by American soldiers during the Second World War but during that
time, it was more bulky and less user friendly and many features still had to be fine tuned. Later, it was
found to be very useful in targeting enemy forces in the dark while fighting the communist regime as it
was a kind of covert war, fought in the thick tropical jungles of Vietnam.

Nowadays, you can find different kinds of night vision devices like night vision scopes, night vision
binoculars and night vision goggles. A night vision scope can enhance the performance of the device and
they can also be converted to hands-free mono-goggles or customized with high power lenses, camera
adapters and rifle mounts. Night vision binoculars are one of the easiest night vision devices to use. If
you have ever used normal binoculars, then you will know how to use the night vision binoculars as the
mechanism is the same. They make great choices for long-range surveillance. The type of night vision
device you require will depend on the purpose you need it for. If you need it for a purpose which
requires your hands to be free, like when you go for hunting at night, then the ideal night vision device
for you would be a night vision goggles. These goggles are the first choice for users employed in law
enforcement and in the military across the world.

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