; Revisional eyelid surgery, Best oculoplastic surgeon
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Revisional eyelid surgery, Best oculoplastic surgeon


Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon provides revisional eyelid surgery, reconstructive eyelid surgery, revisional eyelid surgery and facial aesthetics in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles

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									Oculoplastic Surgery - Eye Problems and How You Can Fix Them
According to data collected on the US population over 20 years of age between 1999 and 2004
by the National Eye Institute, a branch of the National Institute of Health, approximately half of
all Americans (a little over 150 million people) are affected by refractive errors that impair the
vision. It was estimated that about 33 % of them were nearsighted (people who are able to see up
close but not from a distance), 36% of them had astigmatism (people who have overall fuzzy
vision), and another 3.6% were farsighted (people who can see from a distance but not from up

                                       These statistics do not include those suffering from eye
                                       conditions such as cataracts (a cloudy development in the
                                       lens of the eye that blocks the passage of light from getting
                                       to the retina) – which affects an estimated 22 million
                                       Americans who are at least 40 years old – and glaucoma
                                       (an eye disease that increases the pressure within the eye,
                                       affecting the optic nerve, eventually leading to blindness) –
                                       which affects an estimated 2.3 million Americans who are
                                       at least 40 years old).

                                       Even though there are many different types of eye
                                       problems, both visual and medical, there have been many
                                       developments in the field of eye health technology to
combat these problems as they occur.

For people with medical eye problems that affect the physical health of the eye, like cataracts
and glaucoma, there are only a few non-surgical options, such as eye drops. For most patients
with these kinds of eye problems, oculoplastic surgery is the only viable option. Oculoplastic
surgery is concerned with correcting a variety of problems that can potentially affect the eye
socket (orbit), tear ducts, eyelids, and eye functions involving the muscles, nerves, and blood
vessels. Repair of droopy eyelids, and removal of tumors and tear duct obstructions are the most
common eye issues that are resolved through oculoplastic surgery. In order to fix problems
involving the eye socket, such as Graves’ disease or injuries sustained from trauma, orbital
surgery is required.

For people with eye problems that result in visual impairment, there are a few different
treatments with which to correct any refractive errors. Most people choose to correct their vision
impairment with glasses, with contact lenses being the second most popular method of correcting
refractive errors. Lasik, the least popular method of all three, has been slowly rising in demand,
with more than 700,000 Lasik procedures being performed each year, and has the potential to
save the average twenty-five-year-old American who wears glasses/contacts over $48,000 in
costs associated with maintaining their vision and prescription through regular visits to the
optometrist and eyewear retailers.

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