Folding concept bike by anjolly1


									A3 Folding Bicycle

Compare with the folding bikes in current market, which have low usage efficiency and are not so
convenient and easy as it should be, A3 folding bikes are good looking and easy carrying. The design
concept is making all the parts folded and putting them into a box whose individual is only as big as
A3 paper size. Users can put it on back or take it by hand, and can open it easily by taking very few

A3 Bicycle concept folds neatly into a compact box

Eco Factor: Concept folding bicycle eases carriage.

We have regularly reported about folding bicycles that aim to increase the popularity and usefulness of this
zero-emission form of transport. However, many of these folding bikes and concepts have low usage
efficiency as they take a lot of time to fold and unfold. The A3 Folding Bicycle concept by designer
Vincent Tan is different as it has been designed to be highly efficient and easy to operate.

The neatly designed folding bicycle can be folded into a box that is only as big as an A3 paper size. Users
can carry the box as a backpack or carry it by hand. Whenever they need a ride, all they have to do is to
unfold the bike in a few seconds and ride it back home.

Thanks: [Vincent Tan]

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