Marketing With Press Releases - 6 Basic Steps To Getting Effective And Positive Publicity by Derrick252Black


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									Marketing With Press Releases - 6 Basic Steps To Getting
Effective And Positive Publicity
A steady stream of publicity can catapult you, your brand and your business success. However,
securing publicity can be intimidating for many entrepreneurs.
Learning and implementing the following basic publicity steps streamlines and facilitates the process
for most entrepreneurs:
• Get over your fear. The most common reason entrepreneurs do not pursue media coverage is fear.
  Often, this fear stems from two streams of thought:Too Big For Your Britches Thinking - This is
  the fear of what others in their industry will think of them. They don't want to appear as if they are
  bragging or claiming to be the best, the only, or the most important spokesperson for the industry,
  etc. Although, that is not a bad thing to do. 60 Minute Ambush Thinking - This is fear of the media
  and being interviewed. Some of the strongest, most powerful CEOs become spaghetti during
  interviews with reporters - even small town, weekly newspaper reporter. This fear most often reflects
  a lack of knowledge of how the media works, what the media expects during an interview, and what
  the interviewee can offer to the media.
• Create compelling news hooks to capture media attention. Remember to think in terms of what
  readers, watchers and listeners want. Make it timely, interesting and entertaining to maximize media
• Write a one-page press release that is clear, concise and newsworthy. In the media, less is
  truly more.
• Identify media you want to cover your story. For traditional news and feature media it is a good
  idea to begin locally to gain experience before approaching major national media. In the beginning,
  you will make some mistakes. It is always best to practice and learn the ropes with local media
  rather than making the mistakes in front of audiences of millions.
• Submit your press release - online, offline or both.
• Leverage your publicity. Each time you receive media coverage, use it in your marketing efforts to
  secure additional media interest. Then repeat the process over and over.
There is great value in pursuing a steady stream of publicity. So, challenge yourself today, to write
and submit a newsworthy press release.

Press Release Marketing 101

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