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									                  Why a Vehicle Tracking Device is a sound investment

 Vehicle Tracking Solutions are designed to enable you to keep tabs on the exact location of your
vehicle or fleet of vehicles. When you sit back and think about the different things that you could
actually use your tracking device for you start to realise that rather than being a cost, these
devices can actually be seen as a very sound investment.

For example, thinking about the day to day uses of the device. Say you park your car in a large,
unfamiliar city and walk into town, perhaps to do a spot of shopping. After a few hours of walking
around you realise that you have lost your bearings and not sure which is the right way back to the
car. If you have a smart phone with Internet access you could very quickly find out where the last
recorded GPS points were and easily make your way back to the car - no fuss, no stress - as easy
as that!

The biggest reason that people invest in GPS tracking devices is for reasons of theft. With a
discrete GPS Tracking device fitted to the car, even if your pride and joy is stolen you will be able
to keep track of its current location, and with the right software even its current estimated speed.
GPS Tracking devices in vehicles are a great help to the police and enable them to recover your
vehicle quickly before its too late. Having a GPS Tracking device installed in the car may even
reduce your insurance costs, which automatically offsets the cost of the equipment in the first

Of course, tracking devices aren't just designed for single car solutions. If you run a large business
or corporation you may have a large fleet of cars, vehicles or vans. GPS can play a huge part in
maintaining the wear and tear cost of your fleet whilst also assisting with the health and safety
aspect of your drivers, by making sure they are not driving during 'down time'. Whilst some
employees might frown at the idea of being 'tracked' whilst on the road it is also a great way of
providing evidence that speed limits were being adhered to and that employees were where they
said they were should an incident happen.

In terms of managing fuel costs GPS tracking can also help. With the device fitted your employees
are less likely to be using company vehicles for social purposes which would not only cost in terms
of fuel but also the wear and tear of the vehicle itself.

So in summary, for a relatively small investment, a Vehicle Tracking device could actually save
you money in the long term either through insurance costs or misuse of company vehicles.
Track 24 provide Global Tracking solutions including their latest Track 24 Solo Vehicle Tracking
product which is now available to buy online.
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