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Because of the bad economy, it is slowly getting difficult to obtain mortgages. For those who have
bad credit, the problem is worse. However, the dream of owning a house is still alive for many
regardless of whether they have poor credit or not. Since you have a bad credit, it is easy for you to
get lured into scam mortgage because of your desperation to attain. It may be difficult for you but it
is not impossible. Thanks to the Colorado FHA loans, even if you have bad credit, you will be
able to buy a house through numerous programs.

FHA or the Federal Housing Administration was formed in 1934 in a bid to get rid of unemployment
and also in an attempt to offer affordable loans to people so that they could buy a house. Since then,
FHA has helped homebuyers of USA by providing insurance on loans. You should be clear that you
can’t get Colorado VA loans from the FHA. Thus if you want to buy a house, you should not
apply to FHA directly. You should apply through a bank or any other FHA approved lender. The FHA
works to insure your mortgage but you should make sure you abide by all the regulations laid by the
FHA too. This is a safety net for the lender because in case you fail to pay, the FHA will do it for you.
This makes it easier for the lender to give you a loan despite your bad credit.

In order to obtain the loan, here is what you should do:

Apply to a bank or any company that is FHA approved.

Learn the rules laid down by FHA and make sure you meet them at all costs.

Your finances will be investigated and only if the FHA approves of insurance, will you are able to get

Once you are approved, you will have to pay the premium based on balance that you owe. It is
usually one percent.

These loans are actually very attractive because you, the borrower, will receive a few benefits too.
The interest rate will be lower when you have FHA mortgage insurance. The FHA inspector will give
you a home appraisal. You will also enjoy limits on fees that lenders usually charge and you can also
consolidate the premium of the mortgage insurance into the mortgage.


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