How to NOT Fail in Network Marketing

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					      How to NOT Fail in Network Marketing

Which method do you think is more successful when building a business – to promote the product you
are trying to sell, or to promote the benefits of the product and what a person will achieve by
purchasing it?

If you chose the second option, you are correct. Nobody buys a cleaning product because they like the
name or the packaging. They like the cleaning product because of the results it gives. Example: An eco-
friendly dishwashing detergent. People don't buy it for the name, or the packaging. They will buy this
product because it cleans the dirty plates in their dishwasher, it doesn't leave spots on their glasses or
flatware, and it doesn't fill the air in their home with harmful chemicals. Now THOSE are reasons to buy
that product.

So, how do you apply this principle in your network marketing business? Well, first you have to realize
that what you're selling is not the product, the business opportunity or the compensation plan.

I bet you are baffled by that last statement. I can almost hear the thoughts in your head – what else is
there to sell? That's what network marketing is!


EVERYONE in network marketing is trying to sell the EXACT same thing – a fantastic product, the
business opportunity of a lifetime, a compensation plan that is the best in the business. So, how do you
separate yourself from the masses, stand out from the crowd, and position yourself as a leader in the
network marketing industry?

You sell YOURSELF.

"Come again, Denise?" You think to yourself.
That's right. YOU SELL YOURSELF.

What does everyone really want in this business? Well, think about why you joined. Did you love the
product? No, I bet it was more like you wanted to make money. You wanted to work from home. You
wanted to be your own boss. You wanted to set your own hours.

So, how do you help someone achieve those goals? By helping someone solve a problem (make more
money) or reach a goal (become self-employed). By letting them know you know how to do that for
them. By letting them know how to build this business, and that you will help them every step of the
way. You do NOT talk about your own network marketing business. You talk about network marketing
in general and what it REALLY takes to succeed.

For the people who have never joined network marketing before, this is extremely important. You
cannot sign people up under you in your business and then leave them on their own to figure out how
to be successful. You must train and mentor them. These people, who have been left to fend for
themselves in this business, are the reason the failure rate is so high in network marketing and also why
the reputation of the business has been so sullied.

For the people who are already in network marketing and are failing because nobody is training and
mentoring them, you must become that expert for them. Teach them what YOU know about how to be
successful. Let them apply it to their own business. The added benefit of this is, once your new
protégés realize you know what you are doing, the transition for them to join you in your business is
much easier.

How do you become the expert and a leader? Hopefully what I am teaching you with my articles and
blog posts are helping. Look for and learn from other teachings on promoting network marketing
properly and in a respectable business manner in addition to my own material. Also, you must know
your own network marketing company's policies and systems inside out.

Once you realize that you are selling yourself and your expertise in network marketing, you cannot

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