Cost Per Action Marketing for Your Blog

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					     Cost Per Action Marketing for Your Blog

Looking for a way to earn income with your blog? Cost per action could be the solution to your
problem. Many people will first turn to adsense to make money with a blog. It is easy to setup and you
do it once and you can turn your attention to other things. Cost per action offers can be a good
alternative. People don't even have to buy anything and you can still generate income.

The process for getting involved with cost per action networks is a little more involved than other kinds
of affiliate programs. You have to fill out an application and you might even have to complete a phone
interview. Even after going through all of that, you still might not get approved.

Getting approved with a cpa network is just the start. Cost per action offers are more detailed and they
have many more restrictions than other kinds of programs. CPA offers are not as hands off as adsense.

CPA offers can change quickly, so you have to monitor your emails and affiliate networks. Offers can get
pulled quickly and you might need to change links that you have on your site. This is all a part of using
cpa on your blog.

There are many different kinds of cpa offers. Email and zip code submit offers are popular. They don't
pay a lot of money, but the web user doesn't have to do much to earn you some money. Email and zip
code submit cpa offers are usually in the range of 1 to 2 dollars. If you have a lot of internet traffic, it
could turn into some real money.

It is a good idea to join more than one cpa network. You will notice that the same kind of offer might
have different payouts at different networks. Just by making a change to the link, could earn you more

Cost per action offers will look just like regular banner ads on your blog. The end user will not be able to
tell the difference. CPA offers require more of a hands on approach but you have potential to get more
income. It is a good tradeoff.

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