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What is a retreat?

A time apart from our normal hectic schedules in which the dominant focus is our relationship with

Retreats may be as short as a morning and as long as 30 days.

In the Christian tradition we have two classically different ways of making a retreat.

A preached retreat, this is where the retreat director decides on a programme of prayer and
reflection and presents this programme to a group.

An individually directed retreat, (sometimes called an individually guided retreat) where the director
meets with an individual and listens attentively to what is happening in their life and then designs a
retreat to suit that persons individual needs.

Both of these different kinds of retreats help the individual to deepen their relationship with God. At
different times people may choose to experience one or the other of these kinds of retreats
depending on their own needs.

In daily life or at a retreat centre?

There are two ways of going on retreat- one may leave ones work and family behind and go away to
a retreat centre for some days of silence, or one may set aside time in the midst of ones normal life
that is for the retreat, but not leave home to do it.

4 Retreats in daily life on offer from the Jesuit Institute

Normally offered within a parish setting. If you are interested in joining a retreat, or want to enquire
about the possibility of having one at your parish please contact Tracy: 011 403 3790 or


A group experience of prayer specifically designed for township parishes. This retreat introduces
people to scriptural prayer and to ways of relating prayer and the rest of their lives. It is a lively
programme run every evening in the parish.

Ha Re Tebeng / Masijuleni

A deepening of the Tsoseletsa retreat experience. This a group retreat run over one week in a parish
in the evenings. Participants are encouraged to deepen heir awareness of finding God in all aspects
of their life.

        Upcoming Ha Re Tebeng / Masijuleni

        August 15 – 22 St Francis Anglican in Moroka Soweto

        October 3 – 10 St Peter Claver Catholic Church in Pimville Soweto
          November 14 – 21 Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church in Emdeni Soweto

  Weeks of Guided Prayer

  The Week of Guided Prayer is a way of being on retreat without going away!

  You carry on living your life as normal, but set aside time each day of the retreat to pray (30 mins)
  and to meet with a prayer guide (30 mins) who will listen to you and give some suggestions for your
  prayer during the week. These retreats are run in the parish settings.

          Upcoming Week of Guided Prayer Retreats:

          August 29 – September 3 Valley Methodist Church in PTA

          August 28 – September 4 St Martin’s Anglican Church in Rosebank JHB

          September 4th-11th St Andrews Anglican Church in Kensington JHB.

          23rd-30th October Bedfordview Methodist in JHB

          13 November – 21 November St Pauls Anglican Chapel in Parkhurst JHB

  Encounter with God Retreats

This is a retreat run over 6 weeks. Participants commit to a weekly meeting with a prayer guide for
between half an hour to three quarters of an hour.

In these sessions they have the opportunity talk about what is going on in their life; their stresses, fears,
and desires; and to explore how these affect and are affected by your relationship with God.

The prayer guide will suggest prayer material for them to work with during the week, based on what they

  19th Annotation Retreat - The full Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola in daily life

  This retreat is for highly committed Christians looking to deepen their relationship with God and to
  re-order their lives more in accordance with God’s will for them. The retreat takes between 6
  months and 1 year to complete. Retreatants commit to meeting their director once a week and to
  praying for approximately 1 ¼ hours every day. The retreat follows the dynamic of Christian

  Residential Retreats on offer from the Jesuit Institute

  Residential retreats take place at retreat centres. It is normal to keep silence for most of the day
  (including at meal times) during a residential retreat.
30 day retreat – The full Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola

This retreat is aimed at committed Christians who are looking to radically deepen their relationship
with God. The retreat is an individually directed retreat offered in a residential setting in which
directees are taken through the full dynamic of Christian conversion. This is a retreat particularly
appropriate to people who are considering making a major life choice.

Other options for retreats:

We are not the only providers of retreats in South Africa, below is a list of retreat centres and their
contact details:

        Mohale Rest and Retreat

                123 Eeufees street PTA Nth.

                Contact Lorraine: 083 288 8478 or email:

        St Benedict’s House

                Rosettenville JHB

                Contact: Sharron 011 435 3662 or e-mail


        Maria Trost Pastoral Centre


                Contact: Sr Marianne Graf

                013 234 6724 / 072 287 8958 or e-mail

        Jacob’s Well

                6 Warwickshire Crescent Botha’s Hill Pinetown KZN

                Contact: Sr Benignus

                031 765 1959 or e-mail

        St Dominic’s House of Prayer
10 Baudry Road Bluff Durban

Contact Sr Carmen: 031467 3721 or e-mail

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