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					                                                             Certificate of Study
                                                                            in Area Studies
                                             East Asia • Latin America • Middle East • Slavic and Eastern Europe • Western Europe

     A Certificate of Study indicates that a student not majoring in International Studies has
    nonetheless a substantial area studies component to her/his degree. The Undergraduate Area
    Studies Certificates are awarded by International Studies, and are available in the following areas:
    East Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, Middle East Studies, Slavic and East European
    Studies, and West European Studies. Certificates are designed to offer undergraduate and post-
    baccalaureate students an opportunity to study major regions of the world from a multi-
    disciplinary perspective. International Studies certificates are ideal for students who want more
    than just a minor, but who do not have the time to complete a second degree or double major. It
    is also an attractive option for post-baccalaureate students who want to enhance their job
    credentials or prepare for further professional training or graduate study without having to
    complete additional general education requirements.
         Undergraduate students receive their Certificate of Study along with their degree. Post-
    baccalaureate students enroll in the program though the Office of Continuing Education, and the
    certificate will appear on their transcript upon completion of coursework. All certificates are
    awarded by the Colleges of the Arts and Sciences.

    All certificates require 50 credit hours including 20 credit hours in a foreign language appropriate
    to the chosen area (example: Spanish 101-104). These courses may also be used for General
    Education Curriculum (GEC) requirements. Students choose an additional 30 credit hours of
    area-specific courses in consultation with an International Studies advisor. Of the 30 hours, 5
    credits may overlap with GEC requirements, and 5 hours may overlap with the student’s
    major. The interdisciplinary coursework in related studies must include courses from at least
    three different disciplines. At least 15 hours of this coursework must be at the 500 level or above.
    Examples of coursework packages associated with each certificate are given on the back of this

International Studies • The Ohio State University • 3086 Derby Hall • 154 N. Oval Mall • Columbus, OH • 43210-1347 • USA • phone: (614) 292-9657
         EXAMPLE:              Certificate: East Asian Studies                                       EXAMPLE:                 Certificate: Latin American Studies

Related Studies: 30 hours                                                            Related Studies: 30 hours
International Studies 235      Introduction to China & Japan                    5    International Studies           240      Introduction to Latin America                     5
International Studies 525      Contemporary Religious Movements                 5    International Studies           438      Economic Development of Latin America             5
History               548.01   History of Japan Before 1800                     5    History                         533.01   Colonial Latin America                            5
EALL                  341      Thought in China & Japan                         5    Political Science               540      Government & Politics of Latin America            5
Korean                231      Elements of Korean Culture                       5    Portuguese                      330      Introduction to Brazilian Culture                 5
Chinese               503      Modern Chinese Literature in Translation         5    Spanish                         506      Latin American Culture in Business Context        5

Language: 20 hours                                                                   Language: 20 hours
Chinese                101     First Year Chinese I                             5    Spanish                         101      Elementary Spanish I                              5
Chinese                103     First Year Chinese II                            5    Spanish                         102      Elementary Spanish II                             5
Chinese                103     First Year Chinese III                           5    Spanish                         103      Intermediate Spanish I                            5
Chinese                104     Second Year Chinese I                            5    Spanish                         104      Intermediate Spanish II                           5

                                                                      Total: 50                                                                                         Total: 50

         EXAMPLE:              Certificate: Middle East Studies                                       EXAMPLE:                Certificate: Slavic & East European Studies

Related Studies: 30 hours                                                            Related Studies: 30 hours
International Studies 245      Introduction to the Middle East                  5    International Studies           231      Eastern Europe Since World War II                 5
International Studies 437      Middle Eastern Economic Development              5    International Studies           501      Nationalism, Past, Present & Future               5
International Studies 645      Contemporary Issues in the Middle East           5    Economics                       508      Comparative Economic Systems                      5
Arabic                241      Culture of the Contemporary Arab World           5    Geography                       511      Geography of Eastern Europe                       5
NELC                  642      The Middle East in Film                          5    Political Science               530      Politics of Post-Communist Eastern Europe         5
Political Science     546      Middle East Politics                             5    Slavic                          245      Introduction to Slavic Literature & Culture       5

Language: 20 hours                                                                   Language: 20 hours
Arabic                 101     Elementary Modern Arabic I                       5    Russian                         101      Elementary Russian I                              5
Arabic                 102     Elementary Modern Arabic II                      5    Russian                         102      Elementary Russian II                             5
Arabic                 103     Elementary Modern Arabic III                     5    Russian                         103      Intermediate Russian I                            5
Arabic                 104     Intermediate Modern Arabic I                     5    Russian                         104      Intermediate Russian II                           5

                                                                      Total: 50                                                                                        Total: 50

         EXAMPLE:              Certificate: West European Studies

Related Studies: 30 hours
International Studies 210      Introduction to Western Europe
International Studies 531      The City & Culture                               5
Geography             510      Geography of Western Europe                      5
History of Art        520      19th & 20th Century European Art                 5
Political Science     535      Politics of Modern Democracies                   5
Political Science     628      Political Integration of Western Europe          5

Language: 20 hours
French                 101     Elementary French I                              5
French                 102     Elementary French II                             5
French                 103     Intermediate French I                            5
French                 104     Intermediate French II                           5

                                                                      Total: 50

       International Studies • The Ohio State University • 3086 Derby Hall • 154 N. Oval Mall • Columbus, OH • 43210-1347 • USA • phone: (614) 292-9657 • fax: (614) 688-3020

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