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Everyone’s favorite pastime
Catching some zzzzzzs
   Are you aware that you spend one
        third of your life asleep?

          Why do we sleep?

          Why do we dream?

   Why do some of us have trouble
    getting to sleep or experience
The Stages of Sleep
Sleep researchers have discovered that
          we sleep in stages.

     There are 4 stages of sleep
          Stage 1

Stage 1 is the stage of lightest
Stage 1

In stage 1 your pulse slows A BIT, And your
  muscles relax, but your breathing
  becomes uneven and your brainwaves
  grow irregular.
If you were to awake you would think you
  were just drifting.
This phase lasts for about ten minutes.
Stage 2
Stage 2

During stage 2 sleep, brain wave activities
 begin to get irregular.

We’re soundly asleep at this stage, but we
 may not think were actually sleeping.

My wife wakes me up while I’m sleeping in
 front of the television all the time to tell
 me that I’m snoring, but I always tell her
 that I wasn’t sleeping. I must have been
 snoring while awake.
Stage 3
Stage 3

Your eyes roll slowly from side to side. You
 fall into an even deeper sleep.
We spend about an hour and a half in stage
Stage 4
Stage 4

During stage 4 , our eyes begin to move
 back and forth very rapidly, which is called
 rapid eye movement.

Now were in REM sleep, the sub-stage in
 which the brain is active, but were asleep.
We Dream in REM Sleep. After we reach
 REM sleep, about an hour and a half into
 the whole sleep process, the rest of the
 night is characterized by alternating
 periods of REM sleep and Non-REM sleep
 (activity seen in Stages 1,2 , and 3).
         Why do we Sleep?

I don’t necessarily know why other people
  sleep, but I usually sleep because I’m
For the most part, researchers still don’t
  know why we sleep, but some believe it
  has a restorative function.
Research that looks at the effects of the
 lack of sleep, or sleep deprivation,
 suggests that we engage in sleep so that
 our body can restore what was lost or
 damaged during our waking hours.

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