Eagle River, Alaska
PROGRAM                 Program Description                                        Meets       Links
Women’s Residential     The HMCC RSAT program is a 6-12 month Cognitive            Daily       Alaska Justice Forum
                        Therapeutic Community separated from the general
Substance Abuse         inmate population. The program provides intensive
Treatment Program       residential treatment for 32 women with histories of
                        severe addiction and alcohol/drug related crimes. The
                        program promotes accountability and consists of
                        phases with increased responsibilities and incentives.
                        The program is voluntary, although some offenders
                        may be court ordered to enter treatment. Inmates
                        graduating from the program receive transitional
                        assistance as they move into the community.
                        Adult Basic Education (ABE) Programs provide               Daily       Department of Labor
                        instruction in the basic skills of reading, writing, and
                        mathematics to adult learners in order to prepare
                        them for transitioning into the labor market or
                        academic or vocational training.
Adult Basic Education
                        The GED was originally developed in the 1940s for use      Daily       GED Requirements
                        only with military personnel who were unable to
                        obtain a high school diploma because of the war.
                        Expanded greatly since then, the GED is now
                        recognized throughout the country as an equivalent
                        high school diploma and is the passport for entry into
High School Diploma     university, vocational training, and jobs. The program
By Examination (GED)    provides instruction and testing to individuals who
                        want to work toward a GED while incarcerated.
English as a Second     Educational materials are provided for those for whom      As Needed
                        English is a second language, to help them improve
Language (ESL)          their English literacy skills.
Refresher Classes and   Classrooms and educational resources such as               Daily
                        workbooks and computer assisted materials are
Basic Adult Literacy    provided for offenders to upgrade their skills in areas
Programs                like writing, math, and computers in order to gain
                         entry to post secondary or vocational education upon
                         release. Hiland’s Education
College Correspondence   Information is provided for those seeking college          When
                         courses by correspondence. Also information and            Requested
                         study guides for the College Level Examination
                         Program (CLEP) and along with career resource
                         guides. The University of Alaska Anchorage and UAF
                         are hometown favorites. However, the University of
                         Ohio offers an attractive distance learning program
                         tailor made for the Incarcerated.     The state does not
                         pay for college classes for prisoners, but they are able
                         to take correspondence courses at their own expense
Microsoft Office         Offers offenders basic, immediate and advanced             Daily
                         computer skills training common in the workplace
Specialist (MOS)         using Microsoft Office Professional XP and 2003.
Training and             Hiland Mountain is an authorized Microsoft Office
                         Training and Testing Center. Upon completion of
Certification Program    training inmates can achieve certification at the
                         specialist, expert and master level. That certification
                         can equate to college credit at most universities. MOS
                         skill levels and individual credentials are verified
                         through Microsoft. Potential employers can be given
                         access to those credentials to increase the
                         employability factor. Hiland employs only Master
                         Instructors to deliver all Microsoft courses.

IC3-INTERNET AND     Inmates are provided core skills and knowledge            Daily
                     necessary to use some computer applications and the
COMPUTER             Internet. Inmates are not allowed access to the
CORE CERTIFICATION   internet however; multimedia training programs
                     simulate key elements of the internet. The IC3 training
                     and certification program is recognized internationally
                     as the computer literacy standard that:
                      Effectively tests computing knowledge and skills to
                     ensure mastery are achieved.
                      Gives a resume-building standard certification as
                     proof of successful completion of the program.
                      Provides the foundation necessary to further enhance
                     productivity and marketability with other desktop
                     application-specific certifications.
                     A full time test administrator is assigned to proctor
                     the live testing sessions.
                     Inmates receive training in a variety of apprenticiable   Ongoing   Available Curriculum
                     construction and building trades programs. The
                     education department at Hiland realizes our future
                     building and construction workforce will be recruited
                                                                                         Alaska Construction
Construction and     and trained from within our trade schools. NCCER                    & Building Trades
Building Trades      establishes the linkage between trade schools and                   Job Forecast
                     industry-providing students with future employment
Training and         opportunities and contractors with a pool of entry-                 NCCER
Certification        level employees. Upon completion of the core
                     curriculum training inmates are administered a
                     national certification test. The NCCER certification is
                     recognized by all the trade unions as the standard for
                     entry level into apprenticeship programs.

                       The Corrections Learning Network is a distance              Ongoing   Course Offerings
                       learning initiative, administered by Educational                      GED Education
                       Service District 101, operator of the STEP Star
                       Network and funded through the U.S. Department
                                                                                             Life Skills
Corrections Learning   of Education, providing interactive instructional                     Staff Development
                       programming for the nation's correctional facilities.                 Employment Skills
Network CLN
                       Hiland is an active subscriber of the CLN                             Computer Literacy
                       programming. Seven courses offered through CLN are                    Food Service
                       now available for college credit through Eastern                      Sanitation
                       Washington University. Credits are offered for
                       students at $60 per credit (no out of state tuition). All
                       course activities must be completed to receive credit.
                       Inmates must use their personal funds to pay for the
                       credits. You can contact or
                       contact CLN for details at 800-531-4288.
                       Hiland is equipped to offer CLN programming via live
                       satellite, VHS, DVD or Computer.

                        Hiland is one of the few correctional facilities in United   Ongoing    A+ Computer Service
                        States that is a full service A+ Training and Testing                   Technician
                        Facility. A member of the Computer Technology
A+ Training and         Industry Association (CompTIA) CompTIA is the
                        leading association representing the international
Certification Testing   technology community. Its goal is to provide a unified
                        voice, global advocacy and leadership, and to advance
                        industry growth through standards, professional
                        competence, education and business solutions.
                        Inmates face many barriers to employment. However,
                        inmates equipped with an A+ Certification could
                        remove some of those barriers.

Cognitive Self Change   Hiland Mountain has an active cognitive behavior             On-Going
                        change program for offenders that include cognitive
                        restructuring, social skills development, and
                        development of problem solving skills in various
                        lessons. Lesson topics include: active listening; asking
                        a question; giving feedback; our thinking controls how
                        we act; paying attention to our thinking; recognizing
                        the thinking that leads to trouble; finding new
                        thinking; using thinking check ins; knowing your
                        feelings; understanding and responding to the feelings
                        of others; preparing for a stressful conversation;
                        responding to anger; dealing with an accusation; five
                        steps of problem solving; and a self-evaluation of areas
                        for further skill development. The disciplines are
                        tailored to meet needs of various offenses and are
                        facilitated by NIC (National Institute of Corrections)
                        trained instructors.
Pre-release Planning    The pre-release and job ready programs uses the              Daily      Community Resources
                        whole person concept in preparing the inmate for                        Alaska Native
and Job Ready           release. The multifaceted program is staffed with a
Programs                highly trained Workforce Development professional.
                        The program is a one stop operation with seamless                       -Medical
                        information and connection to a wide range of                           Alaska Job Center
                        community services. Every aspect of the inmate’s pre-                   Network
                        release customized program is addressed in the form
                        of workshops, job clubs, job fairs, guest speakers and
                        access to a resource library and lots more.

Veteran’s                The Veteran Job Service Specialist apprises the            Bi-         Alaska DMVA
                         incarcerated veterans of their benefits and assists        Monthly
Administration           them with Job seeking services. Workshops are
Counseling               conducted to help the veteran with resume writing,
                         interviewing skills and most important how to find
                         and keep a job.
                         University of Alaska Educational Opportunity Center        Monthly     UAA-EOC
                         counselor holds a monthly session. They provide
Education / Vocational   information and assistance for enrollment in
                         postsecondary education or vocational training
Counseling               programs. They further provide information and
                         application assistance for scholarships, loans and
                         other financial aid, and educational and vocational
Anger Management         The Anger Management class equips offenders with           Quarterly
                         the tools to manage their anger and methods to
                         reduce it. The program provides intensive training so
                         participants can learn to make a solid shift from
                         destructive to constructive behavior. The classes are
                         designed to promote awareness and understanding of
                         thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and negative behaviors
                         associated with, or as a result of, anger. This
                         awareness and understanding of anger is the catalyst
                         for potential change. These classes assist individuals
                         in facilitating practical application and integration of
                         positive behavioral strategies when faced with anger.
Victim Impact Class      The goals of victim impact classes include:                Ongoing
                              Teach offenders about the short-and long-term
                                  trauma of victimization and Increase offenders’
                                  awareness of the negative impact of their crime
                                  on their victims and others.
                              Encourage offenders to accept responsibility
                                  for past criminal actions.
                              Provide victims and victim service providers
                                  with a forum to educate offenders about the
                                  consequences of their criminal behaviors, with
                                  the hope that it will help to prevent future
                          Build links with justice agencies and victim service

Grief and Loss Class   This course is designed to provide Hiland Inmates with    Ongoing
                       information, skills and resources to understand the grief
                       process following a loss. Emphasis is placed on all
                       aspects of the grief and loss process. Upon completion of
                       the course participants should be able to use and employ
                       some coping tools learned in the class. This course is
                       extremely helpful to the long term inmate who could
                       experience multiple loss over time.

                       The Alaska Career Information System (AKCIS)              As Needed   AKCIS
                       AKCIS is an annually updated program that
                       provides comprehensive, user-friendly career
Alaska Career          information. It is designed to help teens through
                       adults explore career and educational opportunities
Information System     in Alaska and throughout the U.S. AKCIS provides:
                       - Detailed descriptions of more than 500 occupations.
                       -Information on more than 4,000 accredited two- and
                       four-year colleges, universities and technical schools.
                       - Advice and information on financial aid, including
                       more than 3,500 sources of scholarships.
                       - Information to assist inmates in their job search,
                       from filling out application forms and practicing for
                       interviews, to creating resumes and cover letters, to
                       exploring the possibilities of self-employment.
                       - Assessment tools, including interests, values and
                       skills inventories.
                       - A personal portfolio where inmates can save and
                       restore assessment results, occupational and
                       education research, create and produce professional-
                       looking resumes, and initiate and maintain a course

Automotive Service         Hiland is an official testing site for the ASE              As Needed   Automotive Service
                           certification and recertification test. Hiland does not                 Excellence
Excellence Certification   offer the training or cannot meet the strict criteria to
                           prove an inmates work history. We offer the
                           opportunity to maintain certification by offering the
                           recertification test. The inmate will not lose the
                           valuable certification by not being able to test.
                           Motorists benefit from ASE certification. It is a
                           valuable yardstick by which to measure the knowledge
                           and skills of individual technicians as well as the
                           commitment to quality of the repair facility employing
                           ASE-Certified professionals.
Horticulture and           The Horticulture Education Programs provides the            Ongoing
                           inmates with the basic and advance principles of
Master Gardener            horticulture. The courses introduce the students to
Program                    the amazing world of plants and plant growth. The
                           classes are conducted year round and during the
                           winter months education is focused on greenhouse
                           operation and the concepts of plant growth and
                           The Master Gardener Program is conducted through
                           the Alaska Cooperative Extension Service A
                           Master Gardner Certification is awarded to students
                           upon completion of the basic training courses; the
                           required forty hours of volunteer service; and the
                           successful completion of the final exam.
                           The HMCC program has received many first-place
                           ribbons on their floral and plant entries at the Alaska
                           State Fair. The Hiland Mountain Complex becomes a
                           virtual place of beauty during the peak plant and
                           floral season. The postcard effect of the facility can be
                           attributed to the dedication and training of Hiland’s
                           Horticulture Programs.

Children of            Sponsored by Catholic Community Services, The              Daily    Catholic Community
                       Children of Incarcerated Parents Project (CIP) works to             Services
Incarcerated Parents   educate the public on issues faced by children
                       experiencing the temporary or permanent loss of a
                       parent due to incarceration. Working with inmates,
                       the project works to establish and support one to one
                       mentoring relationships between impacted children
                       and caring responsible adults who receive specialized
                       training and support to enhance these unique
                       relationships. Additionally this project provides direct
                       service and critical support to this very vulnerable
                       population and their care providers.
Mary Magdalene         The vision of MMHA is that no woman be involved in         Weekly   Mary Magdalene
Ministry               prostitution against her own wishes. We want all                    Home
                       women to know that they can successfully transition
                       to a healthy, productive lifestyle. Mary Magdeline
                       Ministry is founded on the conviction that people can
                       and do change. The ministry’s mission is to assist
                       women committed to leaving a life of prostitution by
                       surrounding them with a network of care to help them
                       transform their lives spiritually, mentally and
                       physically. MMHA is a nonprofit ecumenical Christian
                       organization welcoming the involvement of anyone
                       who desires to see lives transformed.Target
                       Population: Women ages 18 years or older with a
                       history of prostitution who are at a crossroads in their
                       life ready to seek out a new path. They may be
                       currently incarcerated, still active in the sex trade
                       industry (on the streets, in a massage parlor, dancing,
                       escorting, etc.) or currently not practicing. Once
                       accepted into the program they are willing to practice
                       a prostitution free lifestyle.


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