Clothing Style And Fashion

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					Clothing Style And Fashion
Clothing style goes side by side with the fashion. It is the artistic ability of a fashion designer to design
the clothes and bring it out in front of others. That design then spreads around in the society within no
time. The style we pose by wearing different brand names come into fashion. People from different
parts of society bring out clothing styles and makes it as a part of fashion in the society. Hence it
leads towards the development of fashion industry.
The human ability to create different clothing styles provides options to others in making selection of
the designs that they want to wear. That is why today, we can see different categories of clothes in
males and females. The clothes range from casual to formal, trendy to semi-formal, traditional to
party wear and so on. The demand of people makes the merchant to bring out something new and
innovative in the market. For example in the women categories of clothing we can see gown, ball
gown, evening gown, wedding dresses, Capri, long skirts, and most commonly pant and shirts.
Though there are other numbers of designs to be found in the world. While in the category of men's
clothing there are pants and shirts, suits, wedding cloths, party wear, and dress codes that they are
supposed to be followed for a particular occasion.
So consciously or unconsciously all these clothing styles become a part of fashion. As mentioned
previously, women have varieties of gown for different occasions. So it also shows the rapid growth of
fashion industry and taste of people in clothing style.
Fashion does not only mean to wear formal dresses or to look stylish. It does mean to create
something, be innovative, and remain up to date. One should also be careful that, every cloth does
not suit every one. One should try to adopt the latest fashion of clothing, however one should also
keep in consideration one's physical structure. Clothing is incorporated to fashion and fashion is not
only about the style of clothing; but more important is that how particular clothing is worn and carried
by that person (color combination or dress matching). Fashion comes and goes. It does not stay for
all the time. Therefore, fashion is related to the way clothing is worn and the way we present it; is
what we called as style.
Another significant aspect is that a person's own dressing sense also contributes a lot to the fashion.
Fashion includes clothing that is created by human beings. So following the latest fashion is not
enough. Even an ordinary man can bring out the fashion if he holds good dressing sense. In addition
to this, dressing sense is important in giving us some social roles too. This means to follow some
dress codes. There are some dress codes in every society too. It varies according to the ethnicity,
values, and culture. For example, as an ethic, the dress code for burial ceremony should be simple in
any society (though the colors may vary), the dresses for any cultural event or social ritual would be
different. For Halloween party or Christmas again there will be different clothing styles. So it varies
from society to society. Overall the rapid changes in the world of fashion give us some dressing
sense too.


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