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                                                            SES New York
                                                              March 19–23, 2012                      March 2012

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           Search Marketing and Social                        Is Your Site Viable
                                                                  for Search? 17
           Media in Regulated Industries                   The Crawl, Walk, Run
                 Despite the complexity, companies can     of Digital Creative 20
                stay within the “compliance envelope” by    Get It Right, Before
                  being proactive in their marketing. 18         the Launch 24
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        COVER STORY                                                                   COLUMNS

         AND SOCIAL MEDIA IN                  Ensure that your new site performs             A Checklist for Your Next
         REGULATED INDUSTRIES                 for SEO with these sure-fire methods.          Redesign and Migration
         Despite the complexity,
         companies can stay within the   20   THE CRAWL, WALK, RUN                      25   4 UNIQUE APPROACHES FOR
        “compliance envelope” by being        OF DIGITAL CREATIVE                            MEASURING SOCIAL MEDIA ROI
         proactive in their marketing.        Invest effort in creative                      A look at the creative ways to
                                              optimization to achieve the highest            measure (or at least validate)
        CONFERENCE INFORMATION                performance from your campaign.                your social media efforts.

        Exclusive Announcement                What those in the emerging
                                              technology and social
   3    MEET THE EXPERTS                      marketing industry think about
                                              the value of Pinterest.


        SES NEW YORK

         March 2012

Avinash Kaushik,
Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist,
Keynotes SES New York
Business Optimization in a Digital Age
Tuesday, March 20, 9:oo–10:00am
Hilton New York


We were promised that one day marketing would become rocket science.
Well, we are almost there! Search continues to become more complicated,
and more exciting. Then there’s social and email and display and video
and … so many more things. It is hard to understand how to do one
thing right, much less try to do all of them right. In his exciting keynote,
Avinash will share his unique perspective on balancing multiple media
channels, leveraging super awesome metrics, grounding your digital
existence in driving economic value, and leveraging the Clear Line of
Sight model to ensure you are optimizing across all four of the most
important business drivers (come to the keynote to learn which four!).
                       staff                                    about SES
        Matt McGowan                      Mike Grehan
       Md, north AMEriCA               GloBAl vP, ContEnt       Welcome to the New York issue of SES Magazine. The SES New York Conference & Expo, to
                     Sharon Morabito                            be held on March 19–23 at the Hilton New York, will provide five days of unparalleled content
                  hEAd of EvEntS, AMEriCAS                      on every facet of integrated marketing. It will include over 70 sessions, multiple keynote pre-
                                                                sentations, the highly popular Meet the Experts Roundtable Forums, an Expo Hall featuring
              Program Development
                                                                over 100 vendors, and nightly networking events.
    SEnior ProGrAM dirECtor Marilyn Crafts
ConfErEnCE ProGrAM MAnAGEr Laura Roth                              Here are some of the exciting sessions that will debut at SES New York:
                                                                  • The Psychology of Social Commerce (Do Not Be Afraid!)
          oPErAtionS MAnAGEr         Kim Kiedaisch                • Tablet Display Advertising: Challenges and Opportunities
        rEGiStrAtion ASSoCiAtE       Charisse Rosales             • Why Doesn’t Anyone Care about the Creative Anymore?
            ClickZ & Search Engine Watch
                                                                  • Anatomy of the Perfect Landing Page: Design Elements Exposed
       ExECUtivE Editor, CliCkZ      Anna Maria Virzi             • Viewable Impressions: The Key to Online Media Performance through Smarter Buying
                 dirECtor, SEW       Jonathan Allen
        MAnAGinG Editor, nEWS        Zach Rodgers
                                                                   See pages 27-31 for the dates, times, and descriptions of new sessions.
          SEnior Editor, nEWS        Kate Kaye
                  StAff WritEr       Christopher Heine
                                                                   To make the most of your week in New York, be sure to download the SES New York app.
                   CoPy Editor       Caitlin Rossman            The most up-to-date agenda can also be found on the conference website,
              ASiA dESk Editor       Adaline Lau                   And don’t forget these upcoming events:
                   Sales & Marketing                              • SES Shanghai, April 16–18, InterContinental Shanghai Puxi (
               SAlES dirECtorS       Andrew Katz                  • SES Toronto, June 11–13, Hyatt Regency Toronto (
                                     Elaine Mershon               • SES San Francisco, August 13–17, Moscone West (
                                     Elaine Romeo
                                     Peter Westerholm
            ACCoUnt ExECUtivE        Elizabeth Huston              SES New York will provide a singular opportunity to learn actionable strategies and
     dirECtor, CliEnt SErviCES       JoAnn Simonelli            mingle with over 5,000 marketing professionals. We look forward to seeing you there!
           MArkEtinG dirECtor        Angela Man
                                                                  Best regards,
           MArkEtinG MAnAGEr         Amy Xu
          MArkEtinG ASSoCiAtE        Ploy Tangtrakul
                                                                          Mike Grehan, Chair             Matt McGowan
                 WEB dESiGnEr        Rebecca Holz
                                                                          SES AdviSory BoArd ChAir       MAnAGinG dirECtor,
   onlinE oPErAtionS MAnAGEr         Louise Laberge                       GloBAl vP, ContEnt             north AMEriCA
  onlinE oPErAtionS ASSoCiAtE        Aleksey Gershin                      inCiSivE MEdiA                 inCiSivE MEdiA

                         Editor      Dawn Cavalieri
                                                                SES ADVISORY BOARD
                  ContriBUtorS       Jessica Bowman
                                     Rob Chant
                                                                Comprised of both industry thought leaders and real-world practitioners, the Search Engine
                                     Augustine Fou              Strategies advisory board brings together top players in the field of interactive media and
                                     Sarah Lockwood             search. The team works to deliver continually cutting-edge search techniques, more inte-
                                     Krista Neher
                                                                grated and relevant content, and professional development resources to SES attendees.
                                     Jessica Richards

                         Corporate                                        Mike Grehan, Chair              Marilyn Crafts                 Anne F. Kennedy
              ChiEf ExECUtivE       Tim Weller                            GloBAl vP ContEnt               SEnior ProGrAM dirECtor        intErnAtionAl SEArCh
                                                                          SES/SEArCh EnGinE WAtCh/        SES AdviSory BoArd             StrAtEGiSt
     GroUP MAnAGinG dirECtor        James Hanbury
                                                                          CliCkZ                          CoordinAtor                    BEyond ink USA
                                                                                                          SES ConfErEnCE & ExPo
                                                                          Jonathan Allen                  Bryan Eisenberg                Jon Myers
                                                                          dirECtor                        BEStSEllinG AUthor             hEAd of ACCoUnt
                                                                          SEArChEnGinEWAtCh               BryAnEiSEnBErG.CoM             MAnAGEMEnt
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Exclusive Announcement
True Lies: Search Marketing Data Errors Uncovered
SES New York
Tuesday, March 20, 8:45–9:00am                                             Register
Hilton New York

Information Retrieval scientist Dr. Edel Garcia will join Mike Grehan on stage to describe his
latest work and the impact it will have on the online marketing industry. The Self-Weighting
Model (SWM), a new weighting model for statistical analysis, exposes serious flaws in the
top 2 meta analysis models. Given several x-y datasets of correlation data or any type of
variability data from specific Web Analytics (#clicks vs. ROI, Google ranks vs. a given on-page
or off-page factor, genetic cross-breeding, signal processing, data mining, etc.) analysis and
forecasting from multiple datasets are now possible by weighting statistics.

What does this mean in plain English? Find out in this short, exclusive announcement. Then
join Dr. Garcia personally at the Meet the Experts session to drill down for more.

Meet the Experts at SES New York 2012

     new session format is taking the SES Conference series by storm, and it’s coming to SES New York in March. The Meet the Experts
      Roundtable is an hour-long session within the conference agenda that allows you to meet top speakers, authors, and practitioners and
       have all of your questions answered. Each of ten concurrent roundtables centers on a specific topic and features two experts. You can
simply move from one table to another throughout the session, meeting a wide range of specialists and coming away with solutions to your
challenges. As this session takes place twice in the agenda, there is no need to rush—there is plenty of time to meet everyone.

Potential topics include:

Facebook Ad Formats                  Mobile, Search, and Social          Video Optimization                  Metrics for SEO
Customer Engagement                  SEO Content Marketing               Analytics Driven Engagement         Keyword Modeling
SEO, PPC, SMO: Trends for 2012       Enterprise SEO                      Ad Optimization                     Reputation Management
Local and Social                     Link Building                       Email Marketing                     Web Analytics
Optimizing Landing Pages             Conversion, Testing,                Information Architecture            Generating Leads from
                                        and Analytics                                                           SEO and PPC

Both sessions take place immediately before a networking function (a drinks reception on day 1 and lunch on day 2), enabling you to take
your conversations straight into the bar or to lunch, where you can continue to network.
   This roundtable has been cited by many attendees as the best session at the whole conference, so we are excited about featuring it at SES
New York. We look forward to seeing you there!
   To see the latest list of experts and topics, download the New York SES app or visit

   See pages 27-31 for a list of new sessions at SES New York.

                                                                                                     • SES     3
sponsors &
 exhibitors SES New York | March 19–23, 2012
    Expo Hall Hours: Tuesday, March 20, 10:00am–7:00pm | Wednesday, March 21, 10:00am–3:00pm

PLATINUM SPONSORS                                                      Isobar, Media Experts, NetBooster, PhD, and Yellow Pages Group.
                                                                       The company is based in Montreal, Quebec, with offices in Seattle
Bing                                                                   and London.
Booth 300                                                           Adchemy
Search advertising with Microsoft helps you efficiently reach your
next best customer—within your budget and with the support you         Adchemy is an advertising technology company that helps advertis-
need to get started and optimized, and measure your results.           ers leverage consumer intent to create more effective digital adver-
                                                                       tising experiences. Adchemy IntentMap™ technology radically sim-
Marin Software                                                         plifies advertisers’ paid search campaigns and makes them more
Booth 3                                                                scalable, relevant, and profitable. Listed by The Wall Street Journal                                                  as one of the top 50 venture-backed companies in the U.S. in 2010,
Marin Software is a leading provider of online advertising manage-     Adchemy is a rapidly growing Silicon Valley company backed by
ment solutions, offering an integrated platform for managing search,   Accenture, August Capital, Mayfield Fund, and Microsoft.
display, and social marketing. The company provides solutions for
advertisers and agencies of all sizes, enabling them to improve        Bruce Clay, Inc.
financial performance, save time, and make better decisions. Marin     Booth 403 & Reception Sponsor
Enterprise, the company’s flagship product, addresses the needs of
online marketers spending at least $100,000 per month on biddable      Since 1996, has been one of the leading
media. Marin Professional delivers the same power and ease of use      search engine optimization web destinations. Today, Bruce Clay,
as Marin Enterprise, through an application designed for marketers     Inc., is a global Internet marketing company providing SEO, PPC,
spending less than $100,000 per month on paid search. Headquar-        analytics, web design, conversion optimization, and social media
tered in San Francisco, with offices worldwide, Marin’s technology     marketing services. Their live SEO training courses are the indus-
powers marketing campaigns for over 850 customers managing             try standard, with over 2,500 students taught. Creators of the SEO-
more than $2.5 billion of annualized ad spend in more than 160         ToolSet®, Search Engine Relationship Chart, and SEO Code of Ethics,
countries.                                                             the company has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Australia, Italy,
                                                                       India, Brazil, and Japan.
                                                                       Google Analytics
Acquisio                                                               Sponsored Session
Booth 4                                                                                                             Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that
The leading performance media platform for agencies, Acquisio          gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effec-
helps agency marketers buy, track, manage, optimize, retarget, and     tiveness. With features that are powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use,
report on media across all channels—including search, display, and     companies large and small can analyze their traffic data in order to
social media.                                                          create more effective marketing initiatives and optimized websites.
   Acquisio provides the industry-leading technology for agencies      Savvy marketers can also take advantage of sophisticated conver-
buying ads on any online channel, allowing them to handle all tasks    sion attribution and experimentation tools to determine the best
associated with performance advertising, from ad purchase through      media allocation strategy for ROI maximization. For more informa-
conversion tracking and beyond, within a single integrated platform.   tion, visit
Unlike other solutions, Acquisio hosts its own third-party ad server
and employs a single tracking functionality across channels, allow-    SubmitEdge
ing agency marketers unparalleled conversion and revenue attribu-      Booth 130
tion modeling and reporting capabilities.                    
   With more than 4,000 users and 9,500 brands under its manage-       Located in the UK, the US, and India, SubmitEdge is one of the larg-
ment, Acquisio is the multi-channel marketing solution preferred       est contextual link building companies in the SEO Industry. We are
by the world’s leading advertising, marketing, and SEM agencies.       an ISO 9001-2008 certified company with over 200 in-house employ-
Acquisio clients include thought leaders aimClear, Clix Marketing,     ees. Since our production house is in India, we can offer services
Find Me Faster, Page Zero Media, and Rocketer, as well as some of      at affordable prices. SubmitEdge has served over 18,000 customers
the world’s most recognized performance media companies such           worldwide since 2006. Our link-building effort has helped our cus-
as Amaze, Bertelsmann, Cossette, DAC Group, Guava, iProspect,          tomers achieve their SEO goals to get organic ranking, leading to

4     SES • March 2012 {London}
product & service guide                                                                                                                                                                                                        Booth #s on right.

Advertising Networks                                             Interactive Marketing                                            cognitiveSEO ...................................212            adSage .............................................. 224
adSage .............................................. 224        Associations & Publications                                      inceptor.............................................309       Analytics SEO ................................. 235
Bing .................................................... 300    Full Sail University ........................401                 Indus Net Technologies ...............122                      Back Azimuth............ Texpo Pavilion
Blogsvertise ....................................308                  Info Cubic Japan ............................ 108              BoostCTR ......................................... 223
Blue Global Media ........................ 222                   Web Marketing Association ..... 329                              Linkdex ...............................................227     BrightEdge .......................................321              Website Magazine .........................114                    LinkVehicle ...................................... 226         Bruce Clay, Inc................................ 403
LinkWorth .........................................132                                                                            LinkWorth .........................................132         cognitiveSEO ...................................212
Marchex ............................................ 219         Link Building                                                    Local Splash ...................................206            Covario .............................................. 504              LinkWorth .........................................132           Morpheus Media ............................231                 Linkdex ...............................................227
xAd ...................................................... 218   Page One Power.............................207                   Page One Power.............................207                 Majestic SEO.................................. 126
                                                                                                                                  PM Digital ........................................ 203        Marin Software .................................. 3
Affiliate & Performance Based                                    Local Search Marketing                                           PRWeb ................................................ 112     NetElixir ............................................ 405
Marketing Solutions                                              Services & Directories                                           Raven Internet                                                 Raven Internet
Blue Global Media ........................ 222                   AuroIN LLC .......................................210              Marketing Tools ......................... 100                  Marketing Tools ......................... 100
Marchex ............................................ 219         Info Cubic Japan ............................ 108       .................................................213    Searchmetrics .................................110              Local Splash ...................................206              Slingshot SEO ................................. 211            SyCara ......................... Texpo Pavilion
                                                                 xAd ...................................................... 218   SubmitEdge......................................130            Zenya ..................................................214
Blog Advertising                                                                                                        
Blogsvertise ....................................308             Marketing Optimization Solutions                                                                                                Shopping Cart & E-Commerce
LinkVehicle ...................................... 226           Acquisio ................................................. 4     Pay-Per Click Networks &                                       Solution Providers
                                                                 Back Azimuth............ Texpo Pavilion                          Management Services                                            Web Spiders .................................... 228
Content Management                                               Blogsvertise ....................................308             BoostCTR ......................................... 223
CheckDog ................... Texpo Pavilion                      BoostCTR ......................................... 223             Staffing Solutions
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Textbroker ........................................ 230          CheckDog ................... Texpo Pavilion                        Market Motive
Web Spiders .................................... 228             cognitiveSEO ...................................212                                                                               Training Institute ....................... 500
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Content & News Feed Providers                                    LivePerson ....................................... 202           PM Digital ........................................ 203
Brafton ............................................... 311      Local Splash ...................................206                                                                             Training Courses & Certification
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Textbroker ........................................ 230          Market Motive                                                    Adlucent ............................................ 304      Bruce Clay, Inc................................ 403
Website Magazine .........................114                      Training Institute ....................... 500                 adSage .............................................. 224      ClickZ Academy
WriterAccess .................................... 131            PRWeb ................................................ 112       AuroIN LLC .......................................210            & Recruitment .............................215
                                                                 Raven Internet                                                   Bruce Clay, Inc................................ 403            Full Sail University ........................401
Display Advertising                                                Marketing Tools ......................... 100                  Covario .............................................. 504     Market Motive
Acquisio ................................................. 4     Searchmetrics .................................110               Elite Sem..........................................209           Training Institute ....................... 500
Elite Sem..........................................209           SubmitEdge......................................130                Online Marketing Institute .........327
Website Magazine .........................114                    TagMan ............................................. 233         iCrossing ...........................................118
                                                                 Textbroker ........................................ 230          inceptor.............................................309       Web Analytics
E-Mail Marketing Solutions                                            Indus Net Technologies ...............122                      Adlucent ............................................ 304
Emailvision ...................................... 320           VisiStat ............................................. 106       Info Cubic Japan ............................ 108              Analytics SEO ................................. 235
Zeta Interactive ..............................331               Zenya ..................................................214      iProspect .......................................... 200       Back Azimuth............ Texpo Pavilion
                                                                                                                                  Morpheus Media ............................231                 Brandtology .................................... 128
General Search Engines                                           Mobile & Rich Media                                              NetElixir ............................................ 405     ConversionIQ ...................................124
Bing .................................................... 300    Advertising Solutions                                            Onward Search ...............................307               Majestic SEO.................................. 126
                                                                 iProspect .......................................... 200         Page One Power.............................207                 SyCara ......................... Texpo Pavilion
Interactive Marketing Agencies                                   Marchex ............................................ 219         PM Digital ........................................ 203        TagMan ............................................. 233
ConversionIQ ...................................124              Web Spiders .................................... 228    .................................................213    VisiStat ............................................. 106
Covario .............................................. 504       xAd ...................................................... 218   Slingshot SEO ................................. 211
Elite Sem..........................................209                                                                            SubmitEdge......................................130            Website Search & Technologies
iCrossing ...........................................118         Organic Search Marketing                                         Zeta Interactive ..............................331             Majestic SEO.................................. 126
inceptor.............................................309         Analytics SEO ................................. 235                                                                             Searchmetrics .................................110
iProspect .......................................... 200         AuroIN LLC .......................................210            Search Marketing Software                                      SyCara ......................... Texpo Pavilion
Morpheus Media ............................231                   Bing .................................................... 300    Acquisio ................................................. 4   Zenya ..................................................214
Zeta Interactive ..............................331               BrightEdge .......................................321            Adchemy ...................................................
                                                                 CheckDog ................... Texpo Pavilion                      Adlucent ............................................ 304
sponsors &
 exhibitors SES New York | March 19–23, 2012

SILVER SPONSORS (Cont’d)                                                         adSage
                                                                                 Booth 224
increases in traffic and sales. SubmitEdge is the brain child of Kush  
Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. that specialized in SEO, content writing, and              Founded in 2007, adSage is a leading technologies and services
web programming.                                                                 company in online advertising. adSage employs 500 professionals
                                                                                 across multiple locations in the US and China, among them over
Web Spiders                                                                      200 software engineers.
Booth 228                                        Rich Mobile & Web Engineering       adSage develops products for search, social, mobile, and display
                                                                                                      advertising. adSage developed the world’s first Facebook advertis-
Web Spiders is a specialist provider of mobile and web engineering               ing software, adSage for Performance (previously known as adSage
services to ISVs and marketers of Fortune 2000 companies. The                    for Facebook), used by over 2000 advertisers globally.
company has over 250 employees and is dual-headquartered in Sin-                     adSage’s mobile ad network, mobiSage is the most influential
gapore and India, with subsidiaries in the UK and US.                            ad network in China, covering 100 million unique users per month.
   Web Spiders’ core competencies include enterprise mobile-                         adSage is the largest SEM firm in China, managing campaigns
enablement across iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone,                   for over 200 premier advertisers on Baidu and Google, including
and large-scale enterprise content management using Ektron, Dru-                 L’Oreal, Hilton, Forex, Dangdang, and PingAn Insurance. adSage is
pal, and Adobe Day CMS. Its industry leading ActiFetch platform                  the exclusive North America reseller for Baidu. adSage Agency, a
helps in seamless integration of legacy data to mobile platforms.                division of adSage, offers complete advertising services for Ameri-
   The company’s global clients include Mitsubishi Motors, Sam-                  can advertisers targeting the Chinese online audience.
sung, Motorola, Las Vegas Sands, Singtel, and many more in over
10 countries.                                                                    Analytics SEO
                                                                                 Booth 235
                                                                                 Analytics SEO is a double-award-nominated and leading SEO SaaS
Adlucent                                                                         platform based in the UK, who are really excited to be coming to
Booth 304                                                                        the US!                                                                    The software includes integration with Majestic SEO, Google
Adlucent uses its roots in retail paid search to transform marketing             Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and SEMRush. As a result the
campaigns into business results. Adlucent has developed an ana-                  platform offers massive time savings for our clients by provid-
lytics and paid search platform focused on retailers that provides               ing all of their data in one place and automating mundane tasks,
both insights to our clients and advantages over technologies that               including all aspects of SEO reporting.
serve multiple industries. Adlucent uses this customer demand                       Analytics SEO has been proven to help its clients win more new
intelligence to connect marketers, merchandisers, and suppliers to               business, scale, and become more profitable.
consumers in real time. With its team of seasoned retail experts                    Other USPs include our lead generation tool for agencies, multi-
and proprietary Deep Search™ software, Adlucent takes data a step                lingual support, multi-site overview, and several powerful features
further, dramatically improving its clients overall marketing efforts            that make the software perfect for managing large volumes of SEO
and entire business strategy. Adlucent is headquartered in Austin,               campaigns.
TX, and can be found at
                                                                                 AuroIN LLC
AdRoll                                                                           Booth 210
Booth 313                                                                                                                                 Since 1999, has been one of the leading
AdRoll helps ecommerce businesses generate ROI and increase                      search engine optimization (SEO) web destinations. Today, AuroIN
conversion rates by leveraging their user’s intent data. AdRoll’s                LLC is a global Internet marketing company providing SEO, PPC,
advanced retargeting solution focuses on the browsing behaviors                  SMO, analytics, reputation management, conversion optimization
of people who leave your store without buying. We then match                     services, etc. Their 700-plus SEO professionals are extremely good
relevant ads to these people when they browse other sites online,                and produce the best result.
and bring them back to complete their purchase.                                     If you have worked with several SEO companies in the past,
                                                                                 none of them fulfilled reasonably anything that they promised. If
                                                                                 they took your money and disappeared. If they promised things,
                                                                                 achieved a small part of their promises and then fell asleep or
                                                                                 something, things were really sluggish. Then AuroIN comes into
                                                                                 the picture. AuroIN’s client retention rate is very high. Many

6     SES • March 2012 {London}
                                                                                     sponsors &
                                           Download the app or visit exhibitors

clients have worked with them for over five years. You can use          Brafton
AuroIN for Guaranteed Result!                                           Booth 311
Back Azimuth                                                            Brafton is a news content marketing agency. Our full-time journal-
Texpo Pavilion                                                          ists write exclusive content to clients’ unique editorial briefs and                                                 keyword strategies, and account management teams provide consul-
Back Azimuth is a cloud-based keyword data mining and manage-           tancy on brand-appropriate content marketing strategies. Brafton’s
ment platform, which aggregates keyword data into a single web-         SEO-friendly content increases organic search listings, engages
based application enabling marketers to quickly identify actionable     social audiences, and drives relevant traffic to conversion pages.
insights to eliminate inefficiencies and missed opportunities. Mar-
keters can measure the cannibalization or collaboration of their paid   Brandtology
and organic keywords and find the right mix of both to maximize         Booth 128
shelfspace, exposure, and costs. Measure keyword performance  
against personas, interests, business units, and purchase cycles        Brandtology (a Sentia Media Company) provides online business
to increase conversions. The patent pending “Opportunity Miner”         intelligence that empowers global brands to manage actionable
sifts though all your keyword data to identify keywords that will       insights gained from consumer conversations online. Using a com-
generate the greatest return on resources and precious marketing        bination of proprietary technology, processes, and trained profes-
budgets.                                                                sionals across APAC, the Americas, and EMEA, Brandtology is able
                                                                        to deliver a high degree of accuracy and relevancy for millions of
Blogsvertise                                                            online conversations every month. Brandtology’s multilingual sup-
Booth 308                                                               port covers languages spoken by over 90% of the world’s Internet                                                    population. As part of Sentia Media’s multiple-service offerings,
Blogsvertise is an exciting way for advertisers to begin advertising    Brandtology also has the capability to provide cross-media analysis,
on blogs and reach the blogging community. Benefits for Internet        leveraging on the strengths of Sentia Media’s other business units.
advertisers are enormous. By advertising on blogs, advertisers gen-        Brandtology has partnerships with global organizations and pro-
erate buzz, build publicity, and promote their websites. With the       vides services in multi-functional areas across marketing and com-
Blogsvertise system, advertisers are in full control of the advertis-   munications such as sales, public relations, campaign measurement,
ing process, deciding which blogs they wish to advertise on before      online reputation management, customer service, product develop-
starting their ad campaign. We are one of the oldest and largest blog   ment, and much more.
advertising networks online.
    Bloggers also benefit through the blogsvertise ad network by        BrightEdge
registering their blog in the system and earning extra income and       Booth 321
revenue by placing advertisements on their blogs.             
    Don’t just Advertise, Blogsvertise! For more information visit us   BrightEdge is the leading site, search, and social management solu-
at                                                tion for global enterprises, helping more than 1,100 of the world’s
                                                                        largest brands stay ahead in the rapidly evolving Internet landscape.
Blue Global Media                                                       BrightEdge S3 drives more than $4 billion in organic search across
Booth 222                                                               industries, harnessing the power of analytics to drive revenue from                                                 web sites, search engines, and social networks across the globe in a
At Blue Global Media, success speaks for itself. We’re an affiliate     measurable, predictable way. BrightEdge is based in San Mateo, CA,
network that focuses on what matters: exclusive, high-earning, high-    and is privately held with financing from Battery Ventures, Altos
impact offers. You’ll earn more for your traffic with our optimized     Ventures, and Illuminate Ventures.
campaigns, standout technology, and dedicated 24/7 affiliate support.
Blue Global Media began as an affiliate and we understand your bot-     CheckDog
tom line: seeing results. Earn more today with our top-performing       Texpo Pavilion
finance, education, mortgage, insurance, dating, and other offers.
                                                                        CheckDog is a website proof checking platform that assists content
BoostCTR                                                                editors in keeping their websites free from spelling errors, bro-
Booth 223                                                               ken links, and broken images. CheckDog’s proprietary technology                                                        ensures that all errors identified are genuine and that reports are
BoostCTR is an on-demand, crowdsourced network of expert PPC            not cluttered with false positives. CheckDog provides extensive
copywriters supported by an automated testing platform. The             configuration and filtering options so the most relevant and recent
BoostCTR platform makes ad text optimization more effective and         content can be automatically reviewed at regular intervals.

                                                                                                     • SES      7
sponsors &
 exhibitors SES New York | March 19–23, 2012
Clickable                                                                 built to help SEO professionals reduce the time spent on SEO analy-
Booth 322 & Keynote Sponsor                                               sis and link prospecting. The new link building toolset allows you                                                         to analyze and comprehend large lists of backlinks in minutes and
Clickable makes marketers thrive by delivering powerful intel-            correlate that information with actual ranking positions. With the
ligence for social and search advertising. With Clickable, market-        cognitiveSEO toolset, competitor analysis and tracking takes less
ers simplify complex data into meaningful metrics and customer            time, allowing the seo professional to focus on link building and
insights while proving ROI to help make more profitable advertis-         other important tasks. cognitiveSEO’s most important features to
ing decisions across Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and more.       make SEO work as easy as possible:
With Clickable’s award-winning tools and services, marketers can
track real-time performance and downstream engagement and                   • Integration with multiple third-party backlink providers to get
purchasing behaviors to then demonstrate ROI through a beauti-                 the most in-depth link analysis.
ful reporting experience. With Clickable, marketers employ their            • Identify the position of the inbound links on a page in a matter
company’s social graph to better target prospects, amplify brand               of seconds with a unique feature that works like a visual
advocacy, and reveal untapped revenue sources. Clickable is also               crawler (Link Previews).
part-owned by American Express and provides the YourBuzz service            • Filter inbound link profiles and generate graphs to see how to
from American Express OPEN. Clickable continues an award-win-                  rank higher (Advanced Link Profile Filtering).
ning history of innovation in performance advertising technology            • Find Competitor weak spots and outrank them faster
with the help of more than 100 dedicated engineers and product                 (Competitive Link Analysis).
specialists. Clickable has raised over $32 million in funding from          • Track the historical evolution of any competitor’s backlink
American Express, Founders Fund, FirstMark Capital, and Union                  profiles and monitor your own site (Timeline).
Square Ventures.                                                            • Daily Rank Tracking for Google/Bing & Yahoo in over 50
                                                                               countries (SERP Monitoring).
ClickZ Academy and Recruitment                                              • Track links daily and get notified when any issues appear (Link
Booth 215                                                                      management).
ClickZ is the largest resource of interactive marketing news, infor-          cognitiveSEO is powered by state-of-the-art technology that ana-
mation, commentary, advice, opinion, research, and reference in the       lyzes and monitors links and rankings on-demand. congitiveSEO
world, online or off-. From search to social, technology to trends, our   delivers unparalleled competitive link intelligence that will help you
coverage is expert, exclusive, and in-depth.                              outrank your competitors and secure your search engine ranking
    Our mission: to help interactive marketers do their jobs better.      positions. You can follow cognitiveSEO on Twitter @cognitiveSEO
Here’s what ClickZ offers:                                                or on Facebook at For more infor-
  • ClickZ News: More than just headlines, the seasoned ClickZ            mation, please visit:
     News team serves up smart, original reporting and analysis
     on the interactive marketing industry and the companies that         ConversionIQ
     make it tick.                                                        Booth 124
  • ClickZ Experts: From the trenches: commentary, opinion,     
     advice, and thought leadership from the leading practitioners        ConversionIQ provides conversion rate optimization programs to
     in interactive marketing.                                            continuously improve websites. Our programs are available directly
  • ClickZ Stats: An award-winning source for interactive and             and through our agency partners. Our conversion rate experts gain
     Internet research. Facts, figures, research, and data on every       insights as to why customers are leaving a website without pur-
     facet of the online industry, domestic and worldwide.                chasing and work with the client on solutions to these issues. This
  • ClickZ Job Board: The ClickZ Jobs section helps connect job           means continuous revenue increases for the traffic the website
     seekers with new employment opportunities and provide                already has. Our clients love our 30% Conversion Rate Increase
     employers access to our large audience of interactive                Guarantee, our 30-day Money-Back Guarantee, and the no-obliga-
     marketing professionals.                                             tion contract.
                                                                             “We make enterprise conversion optimization services available
cognitiveSEO                                                              to small and medium size businesses who would never have been
Booth 212                                                                 able to afford them before. We learn our client’s business inside                                                      and out, gain insights using Analytics as well as other qualitative
cognitiveSEO is the cutting-edge SEO toolkit that helps webmas-           tools, then test our solutions. We only implement changes that are
ters, marketers, and agencies create stronger link building strate-       tested and proven to increase a website’s revenue.”—Keith Hagen,
gies and outrank competitors faster and easier. cognitiveSEO was          Co-Founder

8     SES • March 2012 {London}
                                                                                     sponsors &
                                           Download the app or visit exhibitors

Covario                                                                 Emailvision
Booth 504 & Reception Sponsor                                           Booth 320                                               
Covario, Inc., is the leader in interactive marketing analytics (IMA)   Emailvision is the international leader in software as a service
software. The Covario portfolio provides global organizations           (SaaS) for email, mobile, and social media marketing. The Emailvi-
with robust interactive and search marketing analytics solutions        sion mission is to provide excellence in software and services for
for paid search advertising, organic search engine optimization,        online relationship marketing. With offices and client service teams
and display advertising across the enterprise and throughout the        in 19 countries, Emailvision delivers 5 billion messages per month
channel. Covario enables complex and distributed organizations          on behalf of 4,000 clients worldwide. This unprecedented quality of
to control brand integrity, ensure budget transparency, and deliver     service is driven by 12 years of research and development and by
quantifiable results across business units, distribution channels and   Emailvision’s 600 passionate employees. The company is privately
languages.                                                              owned by Francisco Partners.
    Headquartered in San Diego, Covario has a growing customer
list that includes some of the world’s best known brands in high
tech manufacturing, financial services, electronics, media and pub-     Booth 201
lishing, and consumer packaged goods.                         
                                                               is a search engine specializing in online advertising
Davanti Digital Media                                                   and services. eZanga users are given a convenient and accurate web
Booth 229                                                               search experience with feature-rich results. Our proprietary Metase-                                                  arch technology retrieves information from multiple search engines
Davanti Digital Media is a full-service digital marketing and design    displaying only the most pertinent results without duplication or
firm offering solutions for businesses large and small. They provide    overlap.
comprehensive social media and mobile marketing campaigns and                eZanga offers local, regional, and national advertising cam-
consulting, web design and development, search engine optimiza-         paigns focused on generating a high ROI. Our advertisers enjoy
tion, search engine marketing, pay-per-click campaign management,       benefits including personalized account management, expansive
and more.                                                               toolsets, and advanced fraud prevention. Recently released, Traffic
    Davanti believes in the power of new media and emerging tech-       Advisors 6.0 edition is our latest update to our progressive fraud
nologies for marketing, brand awareness, reputation management,         filtration system, preventing fraudulent clicks in real-time to ensure
audience engagement, and market research. Davanti offers fully-         clean, qualified traffic.
customized digital marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes
that accomplish your goals and fit into your personal marketing         Full Sail University
budget. Davanti stays ahead of the curve so you don’t have to.          Booth 401
Elite SEM                                                               Both Full Sail University’s Internet Marketing bachelor’s and mas-
Booth 209                                                               ter’s degrees explore the many opportunities available for utiliz-                                                        ing the Internet to market effectively. Learn to plan, launch, and
Elite SEM is one of New York’s fastest growing digital marketing        optimize marketing campaigns that build brand recognition, drive
agencies specializing in building top-performing search engine          traffic, and generate conversions.
marketing campaigns for multinational corporations and Fortune              These comprehensive programs cover all facets of online mar-
1000 brands including ideeli, Hugo Boss, Tommy Bahama, Clarks,          keting including e-commerce, social media, pay-per-click, and SEO.
Bostonian, Terminix, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Rockport, Havaiva-         You’ll explore online operating models through courses that cover
nas, and The company started with only four indus-      affiliate marketing and e-commerce, and utilize real-world tools to
try game changers and now has evolved into a 30-employee agency         gain practical experience.
with three offices in major cities of America—New York City, San
Francisco, and Atlanta. Featured in the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest          Our experienced teaching staff is subject-matter experts, focused
Growing Private Companies in 2010, Elite SEM understands first-         on providing course materials that give you the most current infor-
hand the complexities of the Internet community, the evolving land-     mation. Our innovative learning management system gives you all
scape of the online marketing, and advertising space. More impor-       the tools you need to be a successful online student.
tantly, Elite SEM has a proven track record of growing brands in a         With an Internet Marketing degree from Full Sail University,
way that’s smart, innovative, rewarding.                                you will be positioned to pursue the business career you desire.
                                                                        Graduates start their own business, become consultants, work as
                                                                        marketing managers, or specialize in specific areas.

                                                                                                      • SES      9
sponsors &
 exhibitors SES New York | March 19–23, 2012
iCrossing                                                                   In addition, our extensive experience with the Japanese Internet
Booth 118                                                                   enables us to help our overseas customers effectively market their                                                           goods or services in Japan.
iCrossing is a global digital marketing agency that combines talent
and technology to help world-class brands find and connect with             iProspect
their customers. The company blends best-in-class digital market-           Booth 200
ing services—including paid search, search engine optimization,   
Web development, social media, mobile, research and analytics—to            iProspect, part of Aegis Media, is a global digital performance
create integrated digital marketing programs that engage consum-            agency that provides some of the world’s most sought-after brands
ers and drive ROI. iCrossing’s client base includes such recognized         with digital marketing strategies that maximize ROI through social
brands as The LEGO Group, Epson America, and Toyota, and 40                 media, SEO, paid search, display media, shopping feed management,
Fortune 500 companies, including The Coca-Cola Company, Mas-                mobile marketing, attribution modeling and management, and
terCard, and FedEx. Headquartered in New York, the company has              other related services. Clients include Fortune 500 companies and
700 employees in 13 offices globally. iCrossing is a unit of Hearst         leaders across multiple industries, including Staples, Neiman Mar-
Corporation, one of the nation’s largest diversified media companies.       cus, Gilt Groupe, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Glaxo Smith Kline,
For more information, please visit                       and Reliant Energy, among others. iProspect was recently awarded a
                                                                            2011 Interactive Marketing Award for “Best Ecommerce Site Launch
inceptor                                                                    or Revamp” and has been included on Internet Retailer’s Top 500
Booth 309                                                                   List in 2011, 2010, and 2009. The agency is headquartered in Boston,                                                            and has 850 employees in 39 offices globally. For more information,
Inceptor®, a search marketing service of SuperMedia LLC                     visit or follow them on Twitter @iProspect.
    What really makes Inceptor® different isn’t about us? It’s about you.
    When you become an Inceptor client, you aren’t just hiring a            Linkdex
vendor. Our team becomes personally invested in your success,               Booth 227
providing the customized strategies, open communications, and     
responsive service that will allow you to reach your business goals.        Linkdex is a free enterprise class SEO platform where you only pay
Our active, hands-on and integrated approach to pay per click (PPC),        for valuable, actionable, profitable data.
search engine optimization (SEO), comparison shopping engine                    Linkdex was founded by a team of seasoned search marketers.
(CSE), and social media programs can lead you to higher ROI,                Together with a rapidly growing group of passionate business and
increased online visibility, and growth of revenue.                         agency users, Linkdex is developing the software to deliver on an
    The Inceptor team practices SEM at a level of expertise and suc-        ambitious product vision.
cess that few others have achieved. If your current agency just isn’t           Linkdex is also a platform that is evolving further and faster
cutting it or you need help expanding your in-house efforts, talk to        than any other, with a dedicated team of Europe’s leading devel-
us. Call 800-307-6709 today.                                                opers working flat out, turning user feedback into new features as
                                                                            regularly as every two weeks.
Indus Net Technologies                                                          None of this would be possible without a £ multi-million invest-
Booth 122                                                                   ment from one of the world’s leading venture capital funds and Sili-                                                          con Valley’s highest profile investors.
We are a 14-year-old, ISO-certified company, specializing in working            So whether you’re aiming to benchmark what SEO is delivering
with digital agencies as service delivery partners for web design           against the competition or work more productively for your team,
and development, SEO, and smartphone apps. Our team has 450+                with Linkdex you can Seize Every Opportunity.
specialized professionals based in India alongside our UK office to
deliver the highest ROI and top-notch support.                              LinkVehicle
                                                                            Booth 226
Info Cubic Japan                                                  
Booth 108                                                                   LinkVehicle is an exciting way for advertisers to accelerate their link                                                      building efforts. They offer traditional text-link-ads that are placed
Info Cubic Japan is a search engine marketing (SEM) firm serving            in the side bar or template of their publisher websites, and blog
more than 500 businesses in the Far East. Established in 2002, we           reviews, which allow you to request written reviews that include in
have optimized more than 5,000 keyword searches designed to drive           content links. Benefits for advertisers include: increase in organic
traffic to our clients’ web pages. Info Cubic Japan, however, doesn’t       rankings, buzz and branding, and direct traffic. LinkVehicle’s market-
stop at search engine optimisation (SEO); we also provide individu-         place is completely private but every advertiser is assigned a dedi-
alized cutting-edge global marketing strategies, advanced pay-per-          cated SEO professional to assist with your link building campaign.
click (PPC) analysis, and website localization for the market in Japan.

10     SES • March 2012 {London}
                                                                                     sponsors &
                                           Download the app or visit exhibitors

Website owners and bloggers benefit through LinkVehicle by includ-      display ads based on their search history. By leveraging search data
ing their websites into their marketplace and earn revenue by writ-     as an indicator of user intent, marketers scale keyword-level tar-
ing blog posts or placing text-links.                                   geting and SEM campaigns by serving display ads to consumers
                                                                        who have already signaled intent within the search engine. Leading
LinkWorth                                                               agencies and advertisers rely on Magnetic’s retargeting solutions
Booth 132                                                               to follow-up with users outside of the search engine and re-engage                                                       them with creative messages, compared to simple text ads seen in
LinkWorth is an online advertising portal providing a unique mone-      the search campaigns. Visit for more infor-
tization venue for publishers and innovative marketing products for     mation on Magnetic and search retargeting.
advertisers. Services include text link advertising, in-content pay-
per-click, hosted content pages, paid blog reviews, SEO consulting      Majestic SEO
services, article submission, directory submission, press releases,     Booth 126
and custom content creation.                                  
                                                                        Majestic SEO provides competitor backlinks intelligence to SEO
LivePerson                                                              specialists. Majestic SEO is the planet’s most comprehensive back-
Booth 202                                                               links information provider, and offer a number of tools to access                                                      to this valuable resource. Most recently, Majestic launched Site
LivePerson, Inc. (NASDAQ: LPSN), offers a platform that enables         Explorer—offering more data than anyone else by a considerable
businesses to intelligently connect in real-time with their custom-     margin.
ers via chat, voice, and content delivery at the right time, through        Majestic enables registered users to test its services free of
the right channel. This “Intelligent Engagement” platform produces      charge by generating reports for sites users control. Registration is
meaningful interactions on websites, social media, and mobile           free, and highly competitive subscription plans start at low prices,
devices fulfilling customer needs and business objectives.              with one-month minimum commitment. Subscribers have a range
   More than 8,500 companies, including Hewlett-Packard, IBM,           tools to enable link analysis of competing domains to be performed.
Microsoft, Verizon, Sky, Walt Disney, PNC, QVC, and Orbitz, rely        For Enterprise users, Majestic offers an API service for internal use
on LivePerson’s solutions to increase conversions and enhance cus-      that enables developers to integrate the data into new or existing
tomer experience and customer satisfaction.                             suites of reports and applications.
   LivePerson received the CODiEs for Best Ecommerce Solution in           • Anchor text
2011; the company was named one of America’s 25 Fastest-Growing            • Link strength
Tech Companies by Forbes in 2011 and a Company of the Year by              • Crawl date
Frost and Sullivan in 2010. LivePerson is headquartered in New             • Country source
York City with offices in San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Atlanta, London,        • IP number
and Melbourne.
Local Splash                                                            Booth 219
Booth 206                                                                                                          Marchex is a digital call advertising and small business marketing
Local Splash puts local businesses on the first page of Google™,        company.
Yahoo!™, and Bing search results, including the map, organic, and           Marchex’s mission is to unlock local commerce globally by help-
sponsored search sections. Headquartered in Santa Ana, California,      ing advertisers reach customers wherever they may be—in mobile,
Local Splash has over 10,000 clients including both single-store        offline, and online channels, including on our own local and cat-
location local businesses and national chains like Extra Space Stor-    egory websites.
age (750+ locations). Whether the business has a website or not,            Our performance-based call advertising products, the Marchex
Local Splash enables local businesses to be found online.               Digital Call Marketplace and Marchex Call Analytics, are reinvent-
   The company behind Local Splash, Relevant Ads, was founded in        ing how businesses acquire new customers through the phone. Our
2004 with the mission of helping local businesses be found online.      award-winning small business marketing products empower local
Relevant Ads offers agencies and resellers a unique partnering oppor-   businesses to efficiently monitor and manage their online presence,
tunity. For more information visit our Local SEO Reseller page.         communicate with their customers, and acquire new ones. Every
                                                                        day, our products support tens of thousands of advertisers and part-
Magnetic                                                                ners, ranging from global enterprises to local businesses.
Track Sponsor                                                               Please visit for more information.
Founded in 2008, Magnetic is the first company to focus 100%
on search retargeting. Magnetic’s technology targets users with

                                                                                                    • SES      11
sponsors &
 exhibitors SES New York | March 19–23, 2012
Market Motive Training Institute                                         management, social media marketing management, and search
Booth 500                                                                engine marketing analytics. Since 2005, NetElixir has helped more                                                     than 200 US online retailers run highly profitable search and shop-
What does it take to be certified in search marketing? Visit Market      ping engine campaigns.
Motive to find out. We’ll show you our online video training library;
you’ll meet our top-rated faculty and get a glimpse into the testing     Online Marketing Institute
and endorsement system that is world-recognized and endorsed by          Booth 327
the biggest names in search.                                   
   Market Motive provides online certification courses in SEO, web       The Online Marketing Institute (OMI) is an education-focused,
analytics, PPC, social media, conversion optimization, online PR,        career development organization offering marketers accredita-
email marketing and more. All courses are online and all students        tion in the various fields of online marketing. OMI’s curriculum
have weekly phone conferences with the faculty. And the faculty is       of case studies, best practices, peer validation, and trend analysis
the best part—it’s a “Who’s Who of the internet marketing world”         is delivered to students via workshops, webinars, seminars, and
according to Website Magazine and “the best in the business” accord-     online learning channels. OMI’s education program was built in
ing to Internet Marketing Pilgrim. To learn more, see us at the con-     conjunction with leading universities, research firms, and associa-
ference or visit                                   tions to give marketers market-tested practical knowledge that can
                                                                         immediately benefit their careers. OMI’s courses are available to
Morpheus Media, a CREATETHE Group Company                                the general public.
Booth 231                                                    Onward Search
Founded in March 2001, Morpheus Media, a CREATETHE GROUP                 Booth 307
Company, is the leading full-service digital media and strategy
agency for high-end consumer / luxury goods with relationships           Onward Search is the nation’s leading provider of internet market-
spanning across LVMH, Gucci Group, Richemont SA, A&E Networks,           ing and creative services talent. We specialize in placing search
The New York Times, and Neiman Marcus / Bergdorf Goodman,                marketing, graphic design, web development, and related creative
among many others. Formed with a focus on media (SEM / PPC and           services and technology professionals to companies nationwide.
display campaign management), as the digital marketing industry              We provide our customers with the ability to rapidly source
has evolved the agency has consistently expanded its service offer-      the best talent in the marketplace, so they can successfully deliver
ing to include natural search engine optimization (SEO), mobile,         against their creative services, online marketing, and technology
affiliate, and social media strategies to truly surround the quantifi-   initiatives.
able elements of a brand’s online presence. Now at 100+ people in            We offer a full range of recruiting, staffing, and talent manage-
the Chelsea neighborhood of New York, Morpheus has come a long           ment solutions to include temporary staffing, consulting, and per-
way from its inception, in part by refusing to deviate from the core     manent placement options to ensure our customers have access to
principles of transparency, audience expertise, excellent service,       the right talent to get the job done.
and tight focus on our clients’ success metrics. By leveraging direct        We recruit and staff a range of internet marketing and creative
response in combination with a focus on the consistent representa-       services professionals to include: search marketing specialists, SEM
tion and promotion of our clients’ brands online, Morpheus strikes       managers, SEO consultants, PPC managers, social media experts,
the elusive balance between customized branding initiatives and          copywriters, web developers, project managers, production manag-
surgically executed ROI optimization. Our mission is to provide our      ers, graphics designers, print production managers, and more.
clients with marketing strategies and programs tailored to fit their
needs, accountable to their goals, and maintaining consistent brand      Page One Power
guardianship.                                                            Booth 207 & Session Sponsor
NetElixir                                                                Page One Power does custom SEO, link Building and SEO site audits.
Booth 405                                                                    Page One Power is an SEO firm located in Boise Idaho. It is                                                        headed by two brothers, Jon and Zach Ball. Page One Power focuses
NetElixir, Inc., is an online customer acquisition management firm       on customized, white-hat SEO. They work with a limited number
headquartered in Princeton, NJ, with offices in London, UK; Hyder-       of highly motivated clients who are focused on getting top search
abad, India; Freiburg, Germany; and Copenhagen, Denmark. The             engine rankings.
company advises clients worldwide on achieving online marketing             “We’re a small firm. We don’t have departments and account man-
performance maximization using its proprietary technology, the           agers so our clients work directly with the leadership of the com-
LXR core platform, and employing a global service delivery model.        pany. Because of this our clients love working with us. Of course we
NetElixir’s suite of services includes paid search advertising man-      get results too.”—Jon Ball, Page One Power
agement, search engine optimization, comparison shopping engine

12     SES • March 2012 {London}
                                                                                      sponsors &
                                            Download the app or visit exhibitors

PM Digital                                                                Raven Internet Marketing Tools
Booth 203                                                                 Booth 100                                               
PM Digital is a digital marketing agency that specializes in paid         Raven Internet Marketing Tools is used by thousands of market-
search advertising, natural search optimization, social media, and        ers around the world to efficiently manage search engine optimi-
shopping feed management. By developing and implementing cus-             zation and social media conversations. With Raven you can con-
tomized Internet marketing campaigns, PM Digital drives qualified         duct research and analysis, manage link building campaigns, track
traffic to websites to surpass sales goals. Clients include The North     search engine trends, instantly produce sophisticated campaign
Face, AARP, The Wall Street Journal, Spiegel, Martha Stewart Living,      reports for SEO and SMM campaigns, and collaborate with team
The Sportsman’s Guide, and Nautica, among others. For more on PM          members using intuitive multi-user features. Learn more at http://
Digital’s thought leadership, please visit:

PRWeb                                                                     Searchmetrics
Booth 112                                                                 Booth 110                                                   
PRWeb leads the industry in online news distribution and publicity.       Searchmetrics is the global expert in search analytics software,
It takes the press release—formerly the expensive asset of large busi-    empowering marketers to increase visibility and market share on
nesses—and makes it accessible to organizations of all sizes, as an       the world’s leading search engines. We create value by providing
inexpensive, hugely effective means of sharing news online, becom-        the best quality data on a global scale. Clients and partners world-
ing more visible, attracting inbound media enquiries, and winning         wide rely on Searchmetrics to maximize return from search invest-
new customers. PRWeb is a service of Vocus. (NASDAQ: VOCS).               ments with actionable insights that help better manage, improve,
                                                                          and scale search marketing campaigns.
Pubcon                                                                        Searchmetrics’ robust search marketing tool, Searchmetrics
Booth 326                                                                 Suite, is supported by a unique server infrastructure that offers                                                            monitoring of over 100 search engines in over 30 countries world-
PubCon, the premier search and social media conference, will hold         wide. Searchmetrics Suite is also home to the Searchmetrics Essen-
its multi-track Las Vegas event on October 15-19, 2012 at the Las         tials data modules, SEO+SEM and Social, encompassing the largest,
Vegas Convention Center.                                                  fastest databases for search and social media available.
    PubCon, supported by the industry’s leading businesses, speak-            Headquartered in Berlin, with subsidiaries and offices in New
ers, exhibitors, and sponsors involved in social media, Internet mar-     York, London, and Paris, the company delivers real web intelligence
keting, search engines, and online advertising, offers an in-depth        to a growing international customer base. You can follow Searchmet-
look at the future of technology presented by over 200 of the world’s     rics on Twitter @Searchmetrics or on Facebook at www.facebook.
top speakers in more than 100 provocative cutting-edge sessions.          com/Searchmetrics. For more information, please visit: www.
Register today at                               

Quantcast                                                                 The Search Monitor
Booth 502 & Sponsored Session                                             Booth 324                                               
Quantcast is an audience measurement and targeting company.               The Search Monitor works with SEM, SEO, brand, and affiliate mar-
The pioneer of direct audience measurement, we start with the             keters to monitor advertising activity across keywords on search
industry’s most in-depth understanding of digital audiences to help       engines, shopping engines, and social networks in real-time, world-
marketers and publishers buy and sell the most effective targeted         wide. Features include: email alerts, screenshots, reports, charts,
advertising and drive conversions through the full funnel. Our prod-      and statistics on market share, rank, ad copy, ad spend, trademark
ucts let publishers match their audience to the exact consumers an        and affiliate violations, affiliate links in tweets, and link building
advertiser wants to reach with impression level targeting. Ranked         recommendations.
Fast Company’s #3 Most Innovative Company on the Web and the                 Uses:
Overall Winner of AlwaysOn’s Global 250 Top Private Companies,              • Competitive Intelligence to Optimize Campaigns
Quantcast is used by the world’s leading advertisers, the top 10            • Trademark Monitoring for Brand Protection
media agencies, and 100+ million web destinations. Launched in              • Affiliate Monitoring for Compliance & Recruitment
2006, Quantcast is headquartered in San Francisco and backed by              Supported Media:
Founders Fund, Polaris Venture Partners, Revolution Ventures, and           • Search: Paid, Local, & Organic Universal SERPs
Cisco Systems.                                                              • Shopping Engines
                                                                            • Devices: Mobile, Desktop, Tablets
                                                                            • Social Media

                                                                                                       • SES     13
sponsors &
 exhibitors SES New York | March 19–23, 2012
SEMRush                                                                    SpyderMate SEO Tools
Badge Booklet Sponsor                                                       Texpo Pavilion                                                    provides the comprehensive information about your               SpyderMate is a suite of unique and powerful SEO tools structured
competitors strategy in AdWords and Google Organic Search. We               to make managing multiple SEO campaigns easy. The Scorecard
analyze domains, keywords, and competitors through our own data-            tells you how your web site is currently performing from an SEO
base: over 80 mln keywords and over 41 mln for domains.                     perspective and tracks progress over time. The Auditor tells you
   Learn all your competitors, find out organic and AdWords key-            what you need to fix by thoroughly crawling and analyzing any
words they use, find more relevant keywords for your website, com-          web site. The Low Hanging Fruit report helps you find keywords
pare competing domains, and more.                                           for which you could easily rank higher. The SERP Tracker keeps
   SEMRush analyzes TOP20 of 9 Google versions: US, DE, RU, FR,             track of your keyword rankings over time. SEMRush tells you what
UK, ES, IT, BR, and AU.                                                     keywords any domain ranks for in Google. All of our tools have
                                                                           “what you see is what you get” CSV and white-labeled PDF export-                                                                      ing capabilities.
Booth 213                                                                 SyCara is an online marketing agency with an aim to create compre-         Texpo Pavilion
hensive services that provide results for our clients and partnering
agencies. We provide our services to numerous small businesses,            SyCara automates SEO management tasks and delivers action-
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Zenya                                                                    Zeta Interactive
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                                                                                                                    SEO    focus
Is Your Site Viable for Search?
Ensure that your new site performs for SEO with these sure-fire methods.

by Rob Chant

               e’ve been seeing a lot of nay-      comparable (e.g., a knowledge base or news         pictures of successful businesspeople shak-
              saying, contradictory advice,        feed). You have to be able to add new pages        ing hands.
             doom, gloom, and controversy in       as often as you like. A site that remains static
            the SEO community, especially          is not viable for search.                          Be Sociable
when Google releases a major update. All               Of course, the caveat here is that your        The web is no longer a closed-off collection of
of this noise can be hard for full-time SEO        content has to be both high quality and com-       small communities. People expect to be able
practitioners to follow, let alone beginners       pletely unique. Churning out puff is not the       to share content and respond to it, wherever
or business owners who need to understand          answer. Your writing needs to be clear and         they find it, and this goes for your site, too.
what they are buying into.                         jargon-free.                                       Make your content easy for people to share
    However, SEO at its core is very simple,                                                          on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other net-
and it starts with your website itself. So how          Web sites work when you                       works that fit your niche. More importantly,
do you make sure that your brand-new site                work on them. Schedule                       create the kind of content that they’ll want
is viable for search?                                                                                 to interact with and share in the first place.
                                                       time with your site at least 
                                                                                                          It should also go without saying—make
Get It Out There                                         once per week, whether                       it easy for people to contact you. Some
It is very tempting to postpone the launch               this means adding new                        people prefer forms, others like email, and
until your site is “perfect.” Developers are             content, improving old,                      still others tend to pick up the phone. Make
notorious for this, constantly tweaking and                                                           all these options available and obvious on
                                                         testing functionality, or 
never releasing. The bottom line is that                                                              your site—and, crucially, make sure that all
something is better than nothing. Despite                 improving the design.                       of your forms are easy to use and actually
the uncertainty about how or whether                                                                  work! Test them frequently.
Google gives a benefit to older domains, it’s      Design Matters
clear that the sooner you have content in          There’s a lot of debate as to how much             Conclusion
front of Google, the better.                       Google looks at a site’s design for ranking        This may all sound rather daunting, but it
    A straightforward tactic is just to run with   purposes, although there is little doubt that      becomes easier when you stop thinking of
a simple WordPress (or equivalent) install         design is now a factor. Google definitely ana-     developing a site as a monolithic effort and
while your all-singing, all-dancing web site       lyzes a page’s structure, looking for sites that   start thinking in terms of having a site that
is under development. This way, by the time        are too spammy or advertising heavy, and           can grow and develop as you need it to. Your
you launch properly, you will have already         their human search quality raters can’t help       web site isn’t a static object; it’s not like a
built traffic and a history with Google. You       but take design into account, whether they         brochure that is printed once and forgotten.
can even create your full website with Word-       mean to or not.                                        Web sites work when you work on them.
Press, making the transition from your tem-            However, regardless of how Google              Schedule time with your site at least once
porary site to the full one relatively painless.   treats it directly, design still matters. Why?     per week, whether this means adding new
You can release early and keep adding to it.       Because rankings ultimately boil down to           content, improving old, testing functionality,
                                                   social factors: links and shares. Who wants        or improving the design.
Content, Content, and More Content                 to link to an ugly, cluttered site that looks
Content is the keystone of any SEO effort—         like it was designed in 1994? Who wants to                            Rob Chant has been working as
indeed, of almost any web marketing effort.        share it with their friends?                                          a freelancer on the web in one
Google loves lots of content, especially text,         There’s no need to be intimidated. Just                           form or another for about 10
and you need content to engage with your           to be clear, we’re not talking about stun-                            years, first as a designer and
visitors. A site with just a few pages, even for   ning, award-winning design. The big boys                              developer and more recently in
the smallest of organizations, really doesn’t      can afford that; most small businesses can’t.                         SEO. He now runs a web mar-
cut it for search any more.                        What we are talking about is clean, simple         keting company focused on delivering SEO and
    There are many ways to generate content        design, with original graphics and plenty          related services to small businesses. His experi-
on a frequent basis, but the easiest struc-        of room for well-spaced, readable text—no          ence with both designing and building web sites
turing is blogging. If you’re having a new         tiny 11-pixel-high text in a narrow column;        gives him extra insight into the SEO process.
website built, ask your developer to include       no jumble and clutter of advertisements
a blogging facility or something closely           and call-out boxes; and definitely no generic

                                                                                                            • SES       17
focus                     COVER STORY/
                          MARKETING INSIGHTS

Search Marketing and Social Media
in Regulated Industries
Despite the complexity, companies can stay within the “compliance envelope”
by being proactive in their marketing.

by Augustine Fou
        s more and more companies in heavily       use of screen readers, for example. Compa-        write negative comments about their drugs
          regulated industries search for cost     nies in healthcare and insurance need to          or mention on social networks that they got
           savings, greater efficiencies for       ensure that their technology infrastructure,      sick from the drugs (i.e., “adverse events”)?
            dollars spent, and better matches      record-keeping, and privacy policies are com-     Are companies obliged to monitor the entire
             with modern sources of infor-         pliant with the Health Insurance Portability      Internet or all social networks, blogs, and
mation, they are aggressively shifting dol-        and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).           forums, and report all mentions of adverse
lars from traditional advertising to digital           Public companies are subject to Sarbanes-     events related to their products? And how
and social media. These industries—which           Oxley and the associated requirements for         could they possibly do so in the stipulated
include pharmaceuticals and healthcare,            disclosures, internal controls, and account-      72 hours?
financial services and insurance, alcohol and      ability. Pharmaceutical and healthcare com-           Finally, what are the rules governing the
tobacco, and those that service government         panies must also abide by the FDA’s require-      new forms of personally identifiable infor-
entities—have regulations that govern their        ments for “adverse event reporting” and           mation (PII) disclosed in digital and social
marketing and communications, especially           other regulations that govern the adequate        channels—for example, the history of what
ones aimed at large numbers of consumers.          disclosure of safety and warning informa-         sites individuals visited, the “social graph”
Compliance has always been a necessary             tion, the presentation of “fair” and “balanced”   of their connected friends, and what they
extra step in doing marketing. Now, in digi-       information about prescription drugs and          searched for online—and how companies
       tal and social media, where customers’      medical device, and what can or cannot be         can use this PII to better target customers
            actions, conversations, and feed-      said or claimed about products (i.e., approved    with marketing messages? Because the FDA
               back are visible and recorded       language only).                                   has not published any definitive guidelines
                 publicly, these companies                                                           or interpretations for these new marketing
                   have the additional task of     Issues and Challenges for Marketers               scenarios, companies are forced to assess
                    figuring out which regu-       Why are these regulations and requirements        and interpret these scenarios themselves
                     lations apply, and how.       challenging for marketers in digital, search,     and act according to the level of acceptable
                                                   and social channels? The laws themselves          risk. However, many companies have taken
                   Some Regulations                are not new, but the interpretation of how        the wait-and-see approach and deferred any
                   of Concern                      to apply them is. In traditional forms of         action in these new and essential marketing
                   It’s not just one regulation    advertising, the guidelines are well estab-       channels.
                 or law that has yet to be         lished—for example, in TV commercials for
              interpreted for two-way digi-        drugs, companies must refer customers to       Ways to Stay Compliant
               tal channels, but many, and         the corresponding print ad in a magazine for   Here are a few examples of ways companies
                some are easier to apply than      further details. When advertising a product    in these regulated industries can use digital,
                 others. For example, sites        on a website, companies must link to the       search, and social media marketing tech-
                   created by companies            prescribing information (PI), which has all    niques right now, while staying within the
                      and agencies serving         of the required details about dosage, side “compliance envelope”:
                        government entities        effects, adverse interactions, black-box warn-
                         must be “508 com-         ings, etc.                                       1. Social Media Listening. Marketers can
                            pliant,” meaning           But what happens when companies run             treat social media channels as venues
                              that they must       search ads on Google or display ads on              for continuous listening rather than as
                                be accessible to   Facebook? How should they present warn-             places where they can push more ads.
                                  people with      ings and side-effect information, given the         Because more people are having more
                                   disabilities—   extreme space constraints of the ads them-          online conversations more often, social
                                    through the    selves? What should firms do when people            media venues are rich sources of new

18     SES • March 2012 {London}
                                                                                          COVER STORY/
                                                                                    MARKETING INSIGHTS                 focus

  insights that cannot be gleaned from           3. Digital Analytics. The online and digital
  traditional forms of market research              technologies are inherently two-way               The FDA’s Four Adverse Event
  like surveys or focus groups. Further-            and also precisely measurable. As users           Reporting Criteria
  more, in some cases these conversa-               take actions on websites, the detailed
  tions have been archived for years, giv-          analytics can reveal what they are look-            1. Identifiable Patient. The post
  ing advertisers a historic perspective on         ing for, whether they found it, and how it             contains information sufficient
  particular topics.                                impacts their purchase decision. Market-               to believe a specific patient was
                                                    ers in heavily regulated industries have               involved, such as “I experienced”
2. Search as Research. Marketers can use            many pre-approved assets and pieces of                 or “my brother experienced,”
   search as a form of research rather              content. If they put such content on the               but did not contain general
   than as just another way to drive more           website or repurpose it for use on mobile              statements such as “many people.”
   traffic to their websites. Insights from         devices (e.g., eDetailing on iPads), then
   search volume over time, or what peo-            the way physicians use the information              2. Identifiable Reporter. The post
   ple are seeking from related searches,           can be seen in the analytics.                          contains sufficient information
   will allow marketers to use search as                                                                   to follow up with the reporting
   research to collect new insights con-                         Dr. Augustine Fou is the found-           person, such as an email address,
   tinuously. By not pushing out more ads                        er of Marketing Science Con-              telephone number, or physical
   at people, but rather studying how users                      sulting Group, Inc., and a digital        address.
   look for information online, advertisers                      strategy advisor to marketing
   can better tailor their marketing activi-                     executives and global brands.          3. Specific Medication. The post
   ties and positively impact content cre-                       He also teaches executive                 mentions a specific medication by
   ation, site optimization, and updates to    courses on digital strategy and integrated mar-             brand or the chemical name of a
   marketing messages.                         keting at Rutgers University at the Center for              medication where that compound
                                               Management Development.                                     is unique to one specific brand.

                                                                                                        4. Adverse Event. The post describes
  Session Track: Search in Regulated Industries                                                            a reaction that a “reasonable
  SES New York, Day Two—Wednesday, March 21                                                                person” would consider an
  Hilton New York                                                                                          adverse experience such as death,
                                                                                                           hospitalization, vomiting, or
  9:45–10:45am Search Marketing & Social Media for                                                         swelling, or a side effect that is
                Regulated Industries                                                                       not known or expected with the
  11:15–12:15pm Legal Considerations for Search & Social                                                   medication.
                in Regulated Industries
  4:00–5:00pm Search & Social Media Tactics for
                Regulated Industries

  Visit for complete information.


                                                                                                       • SES         19
focus                     MEDIA

The Crawl, Walk, Run of Digital Creative
Invest effort in creative optimization to achieve the highest performance from your campaign.

by Sarah Lockwood

      here is no doubt that the past several
      years have seen significant changes
      and advancements in online adver-
      tising. The creative ad unit, however,
has fallen behind, still looking a lot like it    Figure 1. AT&T banner that appeared on HotWire in 1994..
did back in 1994 when the first banner for
AT&T’s “You Will” campaign appeared on            convince users that the landing page will            Creative in Display
HotWired (Figure 1).                              speak directly to their expressed need or            The user experience for display begins with
   In the display media landscape, less           search terms. The search landing page has a          the display ad unit (the first creative) and
than 5% of companies specialize in creative       lot of work to do (more than the display land-       follows through to the display landing page
optimization, according to LUMA Partners          ing page in that it has two audiences—the            (the second creative). The role of the display
LLC (Figure 2). Yet creative is often the area    search engine and the site visitor). It must         creative is to set an expectation with the user
where the most potential for improvement          contain appropriate keywords and support             and draw the click; the role of the display
exists, and where a relatively small invest-      a high quality score, and must provide rele-         landing page is to expound on the value
ment can yield enormous returns.                  vant content based on the search event while         propositions and drive the conversion event.
    Why is the disregard of creative optimi-      driving conversion.                                      When you are planning campaigns, there
zation this pervasive? I believe that digital         When you are managing search cam-                is a huge opportunity to build a plan for cre-
marketers today have become so comfortable        paigns, you should consider creating specific        ative testing and optimization. Simple A/B
in the safe cocoon of excel spreadsheets that     search landing pages for your most critical          tests for messaging, call to action, and imag-
they have largely or completely left what         ad groups, and perhaps most of your ad               ery are things that we know we should do,
they perceive to be the scary, intuitive cre-     groups. If you are guilty of driving a great         but they often fall to the wayside in everyday
ative to others. Both search and display mar-     deal of search traffic to your home page, I’d        practice. Setting the expectation, internally
keters consider the creative a deliverable (a     encourage you to create a test plan and find         or with the client, that there will be mul-
banner to traffic or a URL to link to), not an    out if you can ring more conversion from             tiple display ad creative and landing page
element with which they should be involved.       your campaigns by creating specific, conver-         iterations rightly demonstrates a full view
    We as digital marketers should reconsider     sion-oriented landing pages. It should also          of optimization.
this orientation to creative and concern our-     be noted that in addition to more conver-
selves with the entire user experience. This      sion, this effort can result in greater spend        Where to Start
means participating in creative conversa-         efficiency in your campaign, by improving            Step 1: Learn to Crawl. It is important to
tions and seeking ad units and landing pages      quality score.                                       understand that display creative must follow
that push the audience through the consid-                                                             some basic rules, rules that have changed
eration cycle. We should approach creative
optimization with a test-and-learn attitude,
create creative test plans for each of our cam-
paigns, and follow through on them with the            Why Doesn’t Anyone Care about the Creative Anymore?
same diligence that we apply to other opti-            SES New York, Day Two—Wednesday, March 21, 11:15-12:15pm
mization efforts. In the end, we come back             Hilton New York
to our comfort zone: creative does become
objectively measured, and we can drive bet-            The panel will debate the role that creative plays today, looking at both sides of the
ter and better click through and conversion            argument. Is campaign success dependent on a thousand versions of a banner, each
for ourselves and our clients.                         optimized to the single pixel, or is the overall message still the key to success?

Creative in Search                                     Moderator:
The user experience for search begins with               • Dax Hamman, Chief Revenue Officer, Chango
the ad copy and even the URL (which we’ll              Speakers:                                                             Register
call the first creative) and follows through             • Jon Aizen, Director of Display Initiative, Yahoo!
to the search landing page (the second cre-              • Sarah Lockwood, VP, Creative, Booyah Advertising
ative). In this case, the first creative must

20     SES • March 2012 {London}
                                                                                                    PLANNING          focus

FIgure 2..

very little since that first banner. You can’t   placement on your media plan not only looks      the creative together on an impression-by-
go wrong by following the IAB’s guide-           different but also speaks to an audience that    impression basis, machine learning allows
lines for creative development. If you don’t     has a unique intent from the other place-        the best combination of the elements to be
conform to these standards, publishers may       ments. Take the time to study your place-        served in the ad depending on the individual
reject your ads, causing campaign delays or      ments and develop a first creative that is       viewing it. Click-through rates for dynamic
wasted media dollars.                            appropriate for the environment.                 creative are significantly higher (Tumri
    Next, understand the role the first cre-         If it is a named site buy, take the oppor-   has case studies showing dynamic creative
ative has with the second. Studies have          tunity to ensure that the first creative will    achieving 900% increases in click-through
shown that if individuals click an ad and do     stand out. If it is a behavioral buy where the   rates over static ads). At the same time, costs
not feel that they have arrived on the site      placements can vary, then ensure the mes-        per action can be significantly decreased.
they were expecting, the conversion rate will    sage is offering an appropriate behavior for        A number of companies (Tumri, PointRoll,
be much lower. Even worse, many of these         that audience.                                   Teracent, and others) provide the infrastruc-
clickers will simply abandon your site. Make                                                      ture to do this across a number of buys, and
sure there is consistency in both the mes-       Step 3: Run with It. The term “dynamic cre-      will facilitate very granular optimization
sage and appearance.                             ative” is thrown around a lot but often mis-     using your own creative templates. These
                                                 understood. The goal is to present a mes-        companies generally charge on a cost-per-
Step 2: Begin to Walk. If the size of your       sage that is most relevant to the individual     thousand basis. Some are taking it fur-
campaigns allows the budget, look beyond         seeing it. Dynamic creative is really multi-     ther, coupling search retargeting data with
blanket messaging and understand that each       variate testing. By combining elements of        dynamic creative to actually populate the ad

                                                                                                       • SES      21
focus                      MEDIA

     A. In this image test, which test won? (Answer at bottom of page.)

     B. In this button test, which test won? (Answer at bottom of page.)

Figure 3. Tests from

unit with the exact search term that the visi-   Conclusion                                         exceeding anything secondary optimization
tor typed into Google. Chango provides such      Chances are that you’ve poured hours and           efforts focused on the media buy can achieve.
a service, and they include dynamic creative     hours of optimization effort into the media
in their fees.                                   side of your buy. Each bit of effort in the same                       Sarah Lockwood leads creative
                                                 area will have less and less impact. Only by                           services at Booyah Online Ad-
The Benefits Will Be Significant                 investing effort in creative optimization will                         vertising, a full-service agency
Knowing what to test and change can be hard      you achieve the highest performance from                               that specializes in all things
at first, but there are some great resources     your campaign. Savvy digital marketers will                            digital. She provides creative
to help you train your thinking, my favorite     include creative test planning and imple-                              strategy and manages the an-
being The site shows           mentation in all search and display cam-           nual creative production of thousands of innova-
real A/B tests and asks you to judge the per-    paigns, as it is clear that thoughtful creative    tive ad units for desktop, tablet, video, and mobile
formance (see Figure 3).                         optimization can make top-line differences         campaigns for direct response and branding

A. The image of the older man drove 28% more form submissions.
B. “Go to Payment Options” drove 87.5% more click-throughs.

22      SES • March 2012 {London}
                                                                                                       PLANNING            focus
Pinterest—Should Marketers Care?
What those in the emerging technology and social marketing industry think about the value of Pinterest.

by Jessica Richards

        here is another new social property            start seeing very interesting pictures        (without knowing it), while others will try to
        vying for consumer attention: Pinter-          develop of consumers’ wants and needs.        do so without flushing out the true essence
        est. As advertisers, we immediately                                                          of “who they are,” “who consumers think
        start salivating when we hear about            Consumers are telling brands what they        they,” “who they want to be,” and “what con-
the user growth (11.7 million users as of Jan-         would like to have now or someday. For        sumers want them to be.” My recommenda-
uary) and consumer engagement. It seems                savvy brands, I think that Pinterest gives    tion would be to listen first and enter second.
like it’s hard to keep track of all the new play-      them a great opportunity to listen, sup-
ers, but Pinterest should be hard for any mar-         ply compelling content, and test the              “The platform is built to 
keting professional to ignore.                         reactions. Most brands have something
                                                                                                         allow anyone to create a 
   If you are one of the few who have not              to learn from content on Pinterest.
heard of it, there has been a ton of press                                                              montage of their digital life. 
recently—on TechCrunch, Mashable, and                 —Micah Nyatsambo, director of emerging             I can build boards on the 
The Wall Street Journal, for example.                 technology, Havas Digital                         things that matter to me.…
   Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board or
scrapbook, if you will. The technology allows          I think Pinterest is possibly the single             Consumers are telling 
users to pin links and images to boards orga-          most important new platform to emerge              brands what they would 
nized against their likes, lifestyle, and inter-       in the last 12–18 months because it so                like to have now or 
ests. Think of a more advanced approach to             obviously has such a direct impact on
social bookmarking, with capabilities above            brands and commerce. The interesting
                                                                                                        someday. For savvy brands, 
and beyond that of Delicious. Of note, the             aspect is how brands use it, which is very,      I think that Pinterest gives 
audience still skews very female (approxi-             very editorial, giving them a creative way         them a great opportunity 
mately 80 percent).                                    of inspiring consumers.                          to listen, supply compelling 
   In an effort to wrap my head around the
opportunity, I spoke with some of my agency            Brands need to think laterally, very cre-
                                                                                                            content, and test the 
contacts who focus on emerging technology              atively—it shouldn’t be a simple ‘here’s            reactions. Most brands 
and social/experiential marketing. What I              our products’ board but a contextual dis-          have something to learn 
was trying to understand is what it means for          play of the lifestyle and inspirations that       from content on Pinterest.”
a marketer and if a brand should be focusing           their consumers can use.
their efforts in this space, at this time. Here                                                             —Micah Nyatsambo, 
are some solid quotes that appropriately              —Greg James, managing director, Cake Group             director of emerging 
summarized the Pinterest opportunity:
                                                                                                          technology, Havas Digital
                                                        From what I have gathered, the untapped
   I am afraid of Pinterest but in a good           listening opportunity is the most appealing
   way. As a consumer, I am afraid of the           aspect to me as a media professional. The           Aside from very relevant retailers and
   time that it would take me to build out          insights I can build about who my consum-        communities (fashion, crafts), I think the
   my boards. The site has the uncanny abil-        ers are, what they are interested in, and even   prospect of Pinterest satisfying a direct
   ity of being able to kill time faster than       how they feel about specific products in their   sales or business goal immediately will be
   Zynga.…                                          lives will be unmatched in the short term.       unlikely. The true opportunity is brand pres-
                                                        I am sure that, as Twitter and Facebook      ence and the ever-increasing opportunity for
   The platform is built to allow anyone to         before it, Pinterest will look to monetize       consumers to tell you what they want.
   create a montage of their digital life. I can    through advertising. My personal hope is
   build boards on the things that matter to        that it will not be in a way that demeans the                       As an account director for Me-
   me. I started collecting cars that I would       current quality and ingenuity of the platform.                      dia Contacts in New York, the
   love to have some day. A home theater            The true opportunity will be in the market-                         interactive division of Havas
   setup that would be ideal for me and a           er’s ability to provide meaningful content                          Media, Jessica Richards is re-
   board highlighting what my daughter              that represents the attributes of their brand                       sponsible for strategy develop-
   has been up to lately and many more.             and culture—in an unobtrusive manner.                               ment and media plan execu-
   Multiply this by lots of people and you          Some will already be doing this naturally        tion across a variety of clients and industries.

                                                                                                           • SES        23
focus                     SEO

Get It Right, Before the Launch
A Checklist for Your Next Redesign and Migration

by Jessica Bowman

         edesigns are challenging, especially     Contribute to the Wireframes                          □ Are they working, or do you continue
          for an SEO team at a company that       Invest the time with designers at the begin-            to have challenges on every project?
          has not yet done a website migra-       ning of the design phase to ensure that pages
          tion with SEO properly integrated       are designed with SEO best practices in mind.     Ensure That the CMS Will Be
into every facet of the project. Doing it right   Make sure that the designs presented to the       Search-Engine Friendly
is worth the investment and will reap mas-        project team are SEO approved so that no          Vet the platform and integration vendor thor-
sive rewards.                                     one gets married to a design that isn’t search-   oughly. Make sure that you understand all
    To help guide you through the landmines,      engine friendly.                                  of the functionality and inherent SEO risks.
I offer a few tips based on the misses I’ve          Questions:                                     Define specific SEO requirements for the CMS
seen when auditing SEO programs and work-             □ Do the designs have functionality that      and talk with the vendor about them before
ing on redesign projects. Redesigns are not               generates special SEO requirements?       you sign (many CMS systems are not search-
easy; the level of effort for the SEO team is         □ Is there any functionality at risk of       engine friendly out of the box). In particular,
underestimated by both managers and the                   not being seen by search engines?         ask about customizing and pattern defining
SEO team because they do not realize how              □ Is there anything that SEO needs            title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs.
ingrained in the process SEO needs to be.                 added to the design to make it                Questions:
                                                          optimal for SEO?                               □ What needs to happen in the CMS?
Train the Project Team                                □ Is there enough body copy?                       □ Which SEO requirements are
Bringing in a firm to do SEO training before a        □ What notations or direction for                      addressed in the quote price versus
redesign project is valuable because it brings            developers should be added to the                  what will be a custom build?
SEO concepts to the forefront, and a good                 wireframes?                                    □ Which SEO requirements are not
trainer knows how to get the team think-                                                                     feasible with this platform?
ing about both SEO concepts and different         Make the New Information Architecture
approaches in the upcoming redesign project.      Keyword Driven (at Least a Little):               Define Search-Engine Friendly URLs
Training doesn’t have to be a full day; adjust    Work with the person or team defining the         Work with development to understand sys-
the scope to the size of the knowledge gaps.      information architecture and taxonomy.            tem URL needs, then suggest a proposed
   Questions to ask yourself:                     Ensure that the content is semantically           SEO-friendly version of the URL. Watch for
    □ Does the team know everything they          defined and aligned.                              parameters, tracking codes, and other com-
        need to know for a successful launch          Questions:                                    mon URL challenges
        in terms of SEO?                              □ Can the information architecture and           Questions:
    □ What does the team need to learn,                   taxonomy be improved in a way that           □ What technical elements need to be
       and can in-house staff teach it or do              gives better keyword alignment?                  in the URL?
       you need to hire someone?                      □ Has internal linking changed? Is SEO           □ Will tracking codes ever be in the
                                                        “link juice” most strategically passed?            URL (even with cookies turned off)?
Redefine the Keyword Strategy                                                                          □ What is the worst-case-scenario URL
Overhaul (or create) your targeted keyword        Write the SEO Requirements                               (the longest and most complex)?
list before the redesign and site migration,      Here’s one of biggest mistakes I’ve seen
so that the keyword strategies are consistent     when auditing in-house SEO: the SEO gives a       Define a URL Migration Plan
with the goals of the new site, and the new       few SEO requirements verbally in a meeting,       Define the current information architec-
site has what is needed to rank high for pri-     then says “make it search-engine friendly.”       ture and map that against the redesigned
mary keywords.                                    The problem is that most people do not know       site. Focus on strategically passing all page
    Questions:                                    what “search-engine friendly” means. To put       values throughout the new website, with
    □ Will the types of audience change?          it into perspective, the baseline SEO require-    emphasis on semantic alignments.
    □ Will content change?                        ments that we send to project teams contain           Question:
    □ Will new content need to be added?          over 160 items.                                       □ What are the URLs currently on the
    □ Will the information architecture               Questions:                                            site and where would their value be
        change?                                        □ Are you writing your own SEO                       best placed on the new site?
                                                       □ How thorough are they?                                               continues on page 26

24     SES • March 2012 {London}
                                                                                                                MEDIA        focus
4 Unique Approaches for Measuring Social Media ROI
A look at the creative ways to measure (or at least validate) your social media efforts.

by Krista Neher

          alculating ROI in social media is            based on reach or how many people are            the value of the website traffic earned
          a hot topic. As companies have               exposed to the message, but in social            through social media.
          rushed into the elusive social media         media, the message can range from                   For example:
          marketing gold mine, many are left           positive to negative and from passive
trying to figure out if all the time and effort        to highly involved, making it difficult to          A Facebook ad for your target costs $2
are paying off.                                        determine the value of each impression.                per click.
    The problem is that social media is                                                                    You received 500 unique visitors to
extremely difficult to measure. In a former          These are only a few of the challenges                   your website from your Facebook
life, I worked as a financial analyst at P&G,     that you may face as a part of your social                  marketing.
and a big part of my job was to measure the       media marketing measurement.                             That traffic is worth 500 visitors x $2 =
ROI of our different marketing efforts. In cal-                                                               $1,000.
culating the return on traditional media, we      Creative Ways to Measure (or at Least
often found that we couldn’t exactly calculate    Validate) Your Social Media Efforts                       Using the paid value of the traffic is a way
everything, so we resorted to some creative       Measuring ROI isn’t always an exact science           to approximate the value of the traffic. There
approaches.                                       (unless you have a large measurement bud-             are many differences between the quality of
    There are many challenges to measuring        get based on complex modeling), but there             traffic that comes from paid advertising ver-
the return from social media:                     are some approaches to measurement that               sus organic social media, but it can be used
                                                  can at least validate your efforts.                   as an approximation.
  • The volume of social media activity isn’t
    always related to social media efforts. A     1. The value of a customer-backward math. One         3. Lost customer value. Many customers who
    provocative television spot or a new          approach that may help validate social media          have had a bad experience with a business
    product launch can generate social            efforts is to use backward math to determine          take to Facebook or Twitter to vent about
    media mentions that aren’t related to         if your social media efforts are likely to be         their experiences. This provides an oppor-
    your specific social media efforts.           profitable. The first step is to understand the       tunity for businesses to seek out customer
                                                  lifetime value of a customer—not what one             complaints and respond to them.
  • The value of social media is more than        purchase is worth, but the total profit of pur-           Similar to the backward math used in
    just marketing and can involve product        chases that an average customer makes over            the first approach, this approach looks at
    research, customer service, public            the entire time that he or she does business          how many customers were not lost because
    relations, and consumer research. All of      with you.                                             of social media and is based on the lifetime
    these benefits can’t easily be tied back                                                            value of the customer.
    to a sales number.                               Costs/lifetime value of one customer =
                                                     # of new customers acquired in social                 Lifetime value of the customer x 0.5 (to
  • Even what we can count isn’t always              media for neutral ROI.                                account for the portion that the customer
    accurate. When measuring online, we                                                                    has already spent with the company) = $$
    often look at the last click that led             For example, if a new customer is worth              not lost because of social media.
    someone to our website, and brands            $1,000 in profits over his or her lifetime and
    will look at traffic and possibly sales       I spend $5,000 in social media per month, I               But the value doesn’t stop there. Angry
    generated from social media sites. The        would need to acquire five new customers              customers have an amplification factor,
    problem is that we know in marketing          through my social media activities for it to          which means that they tell others about their
    that it takes up to seven touch points        pay out.                                              experience and cost you customers. Pete
    to build a brand impression, and only                                                               Blackshaw wrote the book Satisfied Custom-
    attributing the last click minimizes the      2. Paid value of traffic. Social media often drives   ers Tell 3 Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3,000
    role that other marketing tools played.       traffic back to your website. One creative way        about this principle.
                                                  to look at the value from social media is to              If you’re able to satisfy an angry customer,
  • Traditional metrics of reach don’t work       consider what that traffic would have cost if it      you’re probably also gaining additional new
    well because the quality of impressions       had been acquired by running ads.                     customers (or not losing additional ones) by
    on social media sites can be very                 This method is based on using the pay per
    different. We measure traditional media       click market value of traffic to approximate                                    continues on page 26

                                                                                                             • SES       25
focus                     SOCIAL

Get It Right, Before the Launch
                        continued from page 24    content contained in the original URL; and         □ What needs to go into the QA testing
                                                  design the page in a way to gracefully dis-          checklist?
Conduct SEO Code Checks                           play promotions such as free shipping that         □ How can SEO get more than a few
Few SEOs are technical enough to conduct          would encourage the user to take the extra           days before launch to test, so there
proper SEO code checks; as a result, they         time to find the right page.                         is time to make technical changes?
rarely think of checks, let alone execute them.      Questions:
You can fix many issues during the develop-           □ What could go on our 404 page that        Set up a Monitoring Plan
ment phase if you add code checks to the                 would cause the user to continue         Before launch, put everything in place to
project plan. If you do not have the skills to           looking on our site?                     monitor the migration’s progress from an
do this in house, it’s worth outsourcing (at          □ What are other sites doing that we        SEO standpoint, looking for any signals that
the very least for the most important tem-               can learn from (both positive and        indicate an SEO problem to fix.
plates on the site).                                     negative examples)?                         Questions:
   Questions:                                                                                         □ What needs to be set up before
    □ Do we have the technical skills to do       QA Test the Site before                                 launch?
        an SEO code check?                        Launch, Thoroughly                                  □ Who will monitor it?
    □ Have SEO code checks been added to          Too many SEOs either do not QA test a web-          □ Do they know what to look for, how
        the project plan?                         site, or do a spot-check rather than a proper           to spot red flags in the data, and what
                                                  and systematic check. If a site takes months            actions to take?
Improve the 404 Page                              to code, a proper QA test will take several
There is a good chance that people will hit       hours and maybe a couple of days. It’s worth                     Jessica Bowman, CEO of SEOin-
the 404 page from a search engine after a         investing the time to find and fix issues              , is a leading advo-
redesign, so make sure that it drives people      before the launch.                                               cate for in-house SEO and is
into the site rather than to the back button.         Questions:                                                   known for creating innovative,
Some ideas are to link to main sections of            □ Are we doing QA testing system-                            advanced, sustainable, and scal-
the website; customize the content based on                atically?                                               able in-house SEO programs.

4 Unique Approaches for Measuring Social Media ROI
                        continued from page 25    it to what you might pay for that reach can     on a social network, their interaction gives
                                                  help justify your social media efforts.         you reach with their connections as well.
limiting the angry-customer effect. Based             Many assume the reach is as simple as
on your type of business, you can create an       looking at the number of fans/friends/fol-         Brand reach = number of followers x
estimate of what the angry customer effect        lowers you have, but it’s much more compli-           number of posts x 5 percent actually
could cost you. It may be two customers or        cated. The key to understanding reach is to           seeing posts.
20 customers.                                     first estimate your true organic reach from        Social network amplification = number
                                                  your fans.                                            of interactions x average number of
     Value of not losing customers = the num-         Many think that this is simply the num-           followers x 20 percent actually seeing
     ber of customers not lost in the angry       ber of followers they have, but it’s probably         posts.
     customer effect x the lifetime value of a    somewhere between 5 percent and 20 per-            Value = total reach x cost per impression
     customer x the number of formerly angry      cent of your followers, depending on your             of other media.
     customers each month.                        engagement levels. Facebook shows impres-
                                                  sions in page analytics, which is a good way                      Krista Neher is the
   4. Probable reach. Reach is one of the         to determine reach, and on Twitter it might                       author of the bestselling
oldest measures of marketing and it’s how         be 20 percent or less of your followers.                          Social Media Field Guide,
traditional marketing is typically judged.            The value doesn’t stop there. When oth-                       an international speaker,
Reach is the number of people who have            ers interact with your brand, they are also                       and currently CEO of
been exposed to your brand. In the introduc-      providing brand impressions to the people                         Boot Camp Digital,
tion I talked about the difficulties of using     that they are connected with. This means           which is a leading provider of social
this metric for social media. That being said,    that when people interact with your brand          media marketing training and consulting
understanding your reach and comparing                                                               solutions.

26      SES • March 2012 {London}
                                            Download the app or visit                              sessions
New Topics at SES
Download the app or visit for complete agenda and session descriptions.

Day 1—Tuesday, March 20
                                                                                    Speaker: Paul Cushman, Senior Director,
1:15–2:15pm                                                                         Mobile Sales Strategy, Yahoo!
SO/LO/MO Track
The Psychology of Social Commerce
(Do Not Be Afraid!)                                                                 Speaker: Marita Scarfi, CEO, Organic, Inc.
To market effectively in today’s social commerce world, you must
understand how your potential customers are behaving online. How
well do they see and understand your product information? Just
how important are those online product reviews? How do social           Day 2—Wednesday, March 21
rules and subconscious needs figure into the mix? How do the buy-
ing habits of family and friends influence potential buyers? What       11:15–12:15pm
explains the popularity of the discount member sites? How do you        SeO Track
overcome the repeat “trusted brand” purchase? How do you capital-       Anatomy of the Perfect Landing Page:
ize on the consumer trend of sharing good deals within the com-         Design Elements Exposed
munity? It sounds like a lot to cover, but in this jam-packed session   Landing pages have become an important part of the marketer’s
you will have all of this demystified for you by our esteemed panel     toolbox. To create effective landing pages, you should understand
of social commerce experts!                                             the anatomy of a landing page and make it a part of your landing
                                                                        page and optimization framework. Bryan Eisenberg, who has opti-
              Speaker: Chad Childress, Senior Consultant,               mized thousands of landing pages over the years, will reveal a sim-
              Crown Partners                                            ple framework for understanding the ten key elements of a landing
                                                                        page and where and how you can use landing pages effectively and
                                                                        efficiently. You’ll also learn his three-step formula for making each
              Speaker: Michael Mothner, Founder & CEO,                  of your key landing page elements perform the way it should.
              Wpromote Inc.
                                                                                    Solo presentation by:
                                                                                    Bryan Eisenberg, SES Advisory Board; New York Times
              Speaker: Dana Todd, Vice President of Performance                     Bestselling Author,
              Innovation, Performics
                                                                        acceLeraTOr Track
1:15–2:15pm                                                             Why Doesn’t Anyone Care
acceLeraTOr Track                                                       about the Creative Anymore?
Tablet Display Advertising:                                             In this new world of exchange traded media, where impressions are
Challenges and Opportunities                                            cheap and context is forgotten, the execution of the creative mes-
With the launch of the iPad 2 and a suite of Android tablets, it is     sages has evolved from the central role into just another data point
safe to say that tablet display advertising offers marketers a very     to be optimized. The panel will debate the role that creative plays
unique and totally new medium of mobile engagement with con-            today, looking at both sides of the argument. Is campaign success
sumers. Given the rapid growth in the use of tablets, advertisers       dependent on a thousand versions of a banner, each optimized to
would be wise to incorporate tablet advertising into their market-      the single pixel, or is the overall message still the key to success?
ing plans. But tablet advertising is not without its challenges. What
is the best way to deal with these new advertising platforms and                    Moderator: Dax Hamman, Chief Revenue Officer,
networks in this post-PC medium? In this session we will address                    Chango
solutions to these and other challenges in this new and burgeoning
                                                                                    Speaker: Jon Aizen, Director of Display Initiative,
              Moderator: Heidi Cohen, President,                                    Yahoo!
              Riverside Marketing Strategies

                                                                                                                        continues on page 28

                                                                                                    • SES      27
sessions SES London | March 19–23, 2012 | hosted by
New Topics at SES (Cont’d)
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                                                                       trends shifted in in-house expertise? What exposure to emerging
              Speaker: Sarah Lockwood, VP, Creative,                   trends and tools do in-house digital marketing employees get?
              Booyah Advertising                                       Does agency statement or POV weigh more than that of an in-
                                                                       house digital marketer? Finally, the panel will debate the biggest
                                                                       question of all: when is it better for clients to use in-house talent
4:00–5:00pm                                                            or an external agency?
acceLeraTOr Track
Viewable Impressions: The Key to Online Media                                        Moderator: Simon Heseltine, Director of SEO, AOL Inc.
Performance through Smarter Buying
In January, comScore released a study of 12 big brands in which
31% of the 1.7 billion ad impressions sampled were never in view.
Viewable media is one of the largest paradigm shifts facing the                      Speaker: Mitchell Cross, Director of Search Marketing,
industry right now, permeating the very core of how media is                         Communication Media, Inc.
planned, purchased, and optimized. New technologies are enabling
real-time solutions that are moving the digital world into the real-
ity of fully trackable and accountable media.                                        Speaker: Ulrich Gilot, VP, Search Marketing (SEO),
    Knowing which audiences view your ad, in which environment,                      Citi, NA Marketing
and to what impact, is enabling marketers to make better decisions,
validate metrics, and increase ROI. This new world order moves
beyond the “opportunity” to see an ad into the actualized effect.                    Speaker: Jennifer Rouillard, Managing Director,
    This panel is for anyone involved in agency or publisher deci-                   Epic Search Partners
sion making within display, video, mobile, social, and other CPM
purchased media.
    If you have ever wondered about the following, this panel is       1:00–2:00pm
for you:                                                               SO/LO/MO Track
   • What counts as a ‘viewable impression’?                           Winning! Measuring Social Media Success
   • What is the right pricing model for display media?                So you’re tweeting daily, updating your Facebook status, and blog-
   • What viewable media technologies exist and how do I               ging on your website—maybe because you feel you need to, or
      implement?                                                       maybe because everyone else is doing it. But what value do these
   • How do I know what ads are being seen?                            efforts bring you, and how do you measure the return you get?
   • Should I pay for ads that aren’t seen?                            What’s the value of a fan or follower, and how do you know if you
   • What does this mean for me as a buyer or publisher?               should continue what you’re doing or switch up your strategy?
                                                                           Come to this session prepared to learn meaningful social media
Day 3—Thursday, March 22                                               metrics, ways to measure your efforts, and tactics to refine your
SeO Track                                                                            Moderator: Thom Craver, Web and Database
Agency vs. In-House SEO: What’s a Client to Do?                                      Specialist, Saunders College (RIT)
It’s an age-old question: should we hire an agency, or bring an
expert on staff? While it varies by the company and situation, best
practices do exist for all clients to find the holy grail of search                  Speaker: Tami Dalley, Director, Analytics and Insights,
success.                                                                             Buddy Media
    Featuring experts from both sides, this panel discussion will
tackle the stereotypes plaguing the profession, which often break
down communication on both sides. Does the agency really always                      Speaker: Eli Goodman, Media Evangelist,
know best or does the client bring more to the table? Does the best                  comScore, Inc.
ROI come from having in-house search staff or are elusive savings
best found by agencies? What must the client know to get the most
out of the agency’s performance?                                                     Speaker: Daniel Lemin, Consultant & Analyst,
    The discussion will also focus on new trends in agency rela-                     Social Studio
tions and search staffing. How has recruiting changed? How have

28     SES • March 2012 {London}
                                            Download the app or visit                                    sessions

1:00-2:00pm                                                            2:15–3:15pm
FiLThy Linking rich Track                                              SpOTLighT SeSSiOn
Enterprise Link Building                                               Lords of the Links
Did you ever think that developing and executing a link build-         They are the wizards, the sorcerers, the lords of the links. These
ing strategy for a large enterprise site is too daunting a task to     are the magicians who make link magic happen. As Mike Grehan
even begin? Well if you break it up into your internal and exter-      said in his often quoted and timeless 2004 article entitled “Filthy
nal strategies, you can chunk it into bite-sized pieces. Externally,   Linking Rich,” “The richer you are with links pointing back to
you’d be surprised by what a rich landscape of existing links you      your site, the richer you are likely to become in search market-
already have—all you need to do is determine what your priori-         ing terms.” In this lively panel, you will hear how these linking
ties are and what links you already have, and try to fill in the key   masters have made linking history and how you too can become
gaps. But you will need to accomplish this in a way that won’t         a lord of the links. Find out how “the rich get richer!” Please note:
get you into trouble with the engines and that takes advantage of      This panel will be discussion format.
social linking to get your visitors to do some of the heavy lifting
for you. Internally, you probably have many links that are just                      Moderator: Loren Baker, VP of Business
not right, so you may need to spend a bit more time fixing that                      Development, BlueGlass Interactive, Inc.
situation. This session will guide you along the process and will
provide simple steps to get back on the right path to get the most
out of what links can contribute to your site performance and the                    Speaker: Dixon Jones, Marketing Director,
tools you can use to get there.                                                      MajesticSEO

              Moderator: Bill Hunt, SES Advisory Board; President,
              Back Azimuth Consulting                                                Speaker: Wil Reynolds, Founder, SEER Interactive

              Speaker: Chris Bennett, President & Founder, 97th
              Floor                                                                  Speaker: Marcus Tandler, CEO/Partner,

              Speaker: Doug Platts, Senior Director, SEO,

              Speaker: Lee M. Moore, Digital Marketing Program
              Mgr., Search, IBM

                                                                                                         • SES      29
sessions SES London | March 19–23, 2012 | hosted by
Sessions New to SES New York
Download the app or visit for complete agenda and session descriptions.

Day 1—Tuesday, March 20
                                                                                       Speaker: Suren Ter-Saakov, COO, SEOquake
SeO Track
The Tools of the Trade for SEO
If you are responsible for your company’s search engine optimiza-                      Speaker: Matt Van Wagner, President, Find Me Faster
tion, then you know that you need all of the various tools of your
trade close at hand. This session will describe the tools that will
help you to accomplish your tasks, including indexing; competitive
analysis; diagnosing and remedying problems; page and site level         1:15–2:15pm
information; on-page optimization; and much more.                        paid Search Track
                                                                         The Tools of the Trade for Paid Search
            Moderator: Thom Craver, Web and Database Specialist,         The competition is fierce in paid search! From small in-house
            Saunders College (RIT)                                       accounts to accounts with millions of keywords, it’s the new
                                                                         advances in SEM technology that could make the difference between
                                                                         success and failure. There are tools you could be using right now to
            Speaker: Duane Forrester, Senior Program Manager,            help double your conversions, lower your costs, and save your team
            Bing                                                         hours of time every week. In this panel top paid-search-tool experts
                                                                         will showcase the very latest in bid management; campaign work-
                                                                         flow efficiencies; and what the future holds for the industry.
            Speaker: Todd Friesen, Director of SEO, Performics
                                                                                       Moderator: Marc Poirier, Co-Founder & VP Marketing,

            Speaker: T.R. Harrington, Chief Operating Officer,
            Darwin Marketing                                                           Speaker: Thomas Bindl, Founder & CEO,
                                                                                       Refined Labs GmbH

            Speaker: Michael King, SEO Manager, Publicis Modem
                                                                                       Speaker: Jeff Ferguson, CEO, Fang Digital

paid Search Track                                                        2:45–3:45pm
Paid Search Competitive Analysis                                         SeO Track
An essential component of any search marketing plan is understand-       SEO Competitive Analysis
ing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. This knowl-        Competitive analysis is one of the most important and informative
edge helps you comprehend what links to gain, ad prices to pay,          components of an SEO strategy. Your competitors are a wealth of
content to offer, and customers to seek. In this session, we’ll take a   free information. From determining which links are providing your
close look at what tricks you can use with search engines to analyze     competitors with the most value, to deciphering what their most
your competitors’ game and also what free and premium tools are          profitable keywords are, with the right systems in place you’ll be
available to deep dive into their strategy.                              able to capitalize on their mistakes and learn from their successes.

            Moderator: Andrew Goodman, SES Advisory Board;                             Moderator: Richard Zwicky, Chairman, BlueGlass
            President, Page Zero Media

            Speaker: Stephanie Bailey, Client Manager, Adlucent                        Speaker: Rob Garner, Vice President, Strategy,

30     SES • March 2012 {London}
                                            Download the app or visit                               sessions

              Speaker: Kristjan Mar Hauksson, Founder,                               Speaker: Daren Gill, Chief Product Officer, Veveo
              Search & Online Comm., Nordic eMarketing

              Speaker: Marcus Tober, CTO, SearchMetrics Inc.                         Speaker: Brian Klais, Founder and Chief Strategist,
                                                                                     Pure Oxygen Labs

2:45–3:45pm                                                                          Speaker: Adam Towvim, Vice President,
acceLeraTOr Track                                                                    Business Development, Jumptap
Protecting High-Value Branded Search Terms
Online marketing executives from two successful ecommerce
companies will present case studies about going on the offensive       1:00–2:00pm
to identify and stop illegal use of their companies’ brand search      paid Search Track
terms. These marketers ferreted out counterfeiters and affiliates      Analytics for Paid Search
who siphoned off traffic from PPC campaigns. In this session you       In PPC, the job of an analyst is not to come up with obscure sta-
will learn:                                                            tistical nuggets, or to nitpick on small points. Rather, the analyst
  • How to reduce your PPC campaign cost by up to 40%.                 should be nimble, tightly aligned with business results, and capable
  • How to increase new customer traffic.                              of moving smoothly between fine details and core business drivers.
  • How to eliminate hundreds of illegal competitors.                  Which metrics are worth your time? What new tools and reports are
                                                                       useful? Which will waste your time? Is it time to step up your use
              Moderator: Richard Brown, Paid Search Director, iSpy     of campaign automation? How can you build a better dashboard to
              Marketing                                                help synthesize multiple campaign efforts?

                                                                                     Moderator: Matt Van Wagner, President,
              Speaker: Alex Irvin, Online Programs Director, 1 800                   Find Me Faster

                                                                                     Speaker: Andrew Goodman, SES Advisory Board;
              Speaker: Caroline Rolfe, Head of Online, Links of                      President, Page Zero Media

                                                                                     Speaker: Joseph Kerschbaum, Vice President,
Day 3—Tuesday, March 22                                                              Clix Marketing

SO/LO/MO                                                               2:15-3:15pm
Advanced Mobile Marketing                                              SpOTLighT SeSSiOn
Journey into the future as we review the latest mobile tools, tech-    Advanced Keyword Modeling
nology, and tactics for marketing. Get inspired from real-world case   Google Instant’s and Bing’s intent-based results are creating a need
studies and Jetsons-style examples that demonstrate present-day        for a new generation of keyword research, expansion, and model-
opportunities, risks, costs, and implementation/learning curves.       ing techniques. This session will offer ways to integrate data from
From HTML5 and mobile barcodes to augmented reality and loca-          search, social, and traditional media to identify new opportunities
tion-based engagement, you’ll learn how to confidently approach        and revenue streams.
and integrate advanced mobile marketing tactics to drive and sup-
port your business goals.                                                            Solo presentation by: Bill Hunt, SES Advisory Board;
                                                                                     President, Back Azimuth Consulting
            Moderator: Angie Schottmuller, Founder, Interactive

                                                                                                     • SES       31
SES Conference & Expo is the leading global event series that educates professionals in search and social marketing,
putting a special focus on tactics and best practices. SES Events provide instructions from the industry’s top experts,
including representatives from the Search Engines themselves.

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                             Toronto                                            Chicago
                                June -                                      November -

                              Beijing                                           Singapore
                                 June                                       November 

                              Sydney                                            Mumbai
                                 July                                       December 

                   San Francisco                                                San Diego
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                        Hong Kong                                               London
                           September                                        February 


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