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         I hereby confirm my reservation to the stallion VINCA for the year 2008 if said stallion
is alive and fit to breed. I understand and accept the following terms. It is the mare owners’
responsibility to determine (by veterinary examination), that the mare is in sound breeding
condition and free of infection. All fees, charges, and deposits due to the stallion owner must be
paid before the delivery of semen.


        It is understood and agreed that this contract guarantees return privileges for the same
mare if the mare is examined by a licensed veterinarian and found to be barren at 45 days from
the last service, provided notice of same is sent to the stallion owner in the form of the Mare
Identification Breeding Passport, signed and returned by certified mail, return receipt
requested, within 10 days of such examination. The stallion owner will consider no rebreeding
prior to receipt of the passport. At anytime, if the mare does not conceive, or if for any reason
the mare is determined by a licensed veterinarian to be unable to conceive, the mare owner may
exercise the privilege hereby granted, to substitute another mare (discounts for quality mares
may be revoked if quality of substitute mare does not meet criteria) by promptly notifying the
stallion owner by certified mail, return receipt requested. The contract entitles the mare owner
to one viable foal. If embryo transfer is being used the stallion owner must be notified prior to
breeding. If more than one viable embryo is obtained and as a result more than one live foal is
produced then another breeding fee at a discount of 20% of this contract will be given per each
additional foal produced and is due 45 days after successful implantation. Under no
circumstances will the techniques of cloning be allowed within the realm of this contract.
        Should the mare not produce a live foal that stands and sucks, the mare owner shall also
be entitled to a return breeding if, and only if, the stallion owner is notified by certified mail,
return receipt requested, with 48 hours of the foal’s death. In addition such notice must be
followed within ten days by a written statement of details by a licensed veterinarian, which
statement must be sent via certified mail, return receipt requested to the stallion owner. If such
statement is not received on a timely basis, the guarantee provided herein becomes null and
void. This clause is also binding in the case of abortion. In either this case there will be a $400
rebooking fee to return the next season for breeding limited to the terms of this contract. This
contract is transferable only with the permission of the stallion owner and a transfer fee
payment of $500. In no case shall the stallion owner deliver semen under the terms of this
contract for a period of more than two years (the Two Year Limitation shall still apply if the
service contract is resold by the undersigned mare owner or lessee).

Further Terms and Conditions:

   1. The stud fee is $1,600.00 and is due in its entirety before the first breeding and is payable
   to Flower Farm. A $250 non-refundable booking fee is due with the return of this
   contract (unless the total contract price is paid).

2. All semen transportation (shipping) costs will be the responsibility of the mare owner. A
   credit card number or FEDEX account number must be provided and included on the
   Mare and Owner Data Form before semen will be shipped.

3. The container must be retuned via the same express service used outgoing within 72
   hours of arrival. Failure to comply will result in a late return container charge of $10. per
   day. No further shipments will be sent until the late container is returned.
4. The Mare Identification Certificate must be filled out and signed by a veterinarian and a
   PHOTOCOPY sent along with the signed “Mare and Owner Data Form” before semen
   will be sent. If the mare is not in foal by the end of the breeding season, then a
   PHOTOTCOPY of the Mare Breeding Passport must be sent at the end of the breeding
   season and the original retained for use for the following breeding season. A $400
   rebooking fee will be due for the following season. If the mare is deemed in foal then the
   original Mare Identification/Breeding Passport must be returned at the end of the
   breeding season.

5. The breeding fee covers two shipments. (Double doses or more are sent out unless
   supply does not meet demand then, a single dose is sent). Any further shipments
   required will be charged an additional fee of $150. per shipment. These terms carry
   forward if the mare returns for breeding in the next season.

6. The stallion owner assumes responsibility only to deliver semen in viable condition at
   the time of delivery to the mare owner’s or lessees designated location. A licensed
   veterinarian must administer the semen and the breeding passport duly signed.

          This contract shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of
   Pennsylvania and said laws shall govern its validity and administration.
          The parties agree that the terms and conditions stated herein set forth the entire
   agreement of the parties.
          I understand the stallion owner reserves the right to refuse any contract for
   breeding at her own discretion.
          I understand that the mare owner shall assume all responsibility for the
   condition of the mare and shall bear all risk of loss or damage to the mare whether by
   death, disease, injury, infection or otherwise, and by any cause whatsoever, and
   therefore agrees to hold the stallion owner harmless for any and all damages associated

        Name of Mare:____________________________                 Breed:______________________________

        Registration#:_____________________________               Barren, Maiden, or Foaling:___________

        Sire:______________________________________               Dam:_______________________________
         Owner’s name:____________________________



         Phone:_______________________ Fax:_________________________

         Date:_______________              Owner’s Signature:______________________________________

         Stallion Owner’s signature:________________________________
         (This contract is valid when both signatures are obtained and booking fee or breeding fee is paid)

                         RETURN WITH:                ~Booking or Breeding Fee
 TO: Flower Farm                                     ~Mare and Owner Data Form
         3601 Roser Rd.                                                       ~Photocopy
of Mare ID Certificate
         Glen Rock, PA 17327

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