Rush of gold

					California’s Rush of Gold

By: Katie Corbett
Who discovered the first piece of gold that started
the Gold Rush?

              James Marshall was hired to
      make a saw mill on the American
      River. While he was working on
      one of the machines on January 24,
      1848 he discovered a small piece of
      gold at the bank of the river. He
      decided it would be best to keep his
      findings a secret, but as little as two
      weeks later his discovery was
      published in the popular
      newspaper, The California Star.
      Little did he know that his discovery
      would soon bring over 300,000
      people to California from all over
      the world.                                James Marshall
Where was the first piece of gold which started the Gold Rush

          The first piece of gold
found was in Coloma, California. It
was discovered on the land owned
by John Sutter. John Sutter hired
James Marshall to build a saw mill
for him on the American River.
James Marshall brought his
findings to Sutter after the
discovery, and the two of them
started testing Marshall’s
 What is the largest amount of gold found by one
 person during the Gold Rush?

    In 1854, a 195-pound mass of gold, the largest known to have been
discovered in California, was found at Carson Hill in Calaveras County.
At that time one ounce of gold was worth $15 so back then that large
piece of gold was worth $46,800. Finding a piece of gold worth that much
in that time would have instantly made you rich because people rarely
earned $1 a day.
What was life like trying to find gold?

        While trying to find gold, many men, and the few women, worked
  all day from when the sun rose until it set. From sitting on their knees
  for such long periods of time on rocks and dirt many had scratches
  and bruises on their knees all the time.

                                            Levi jeans got its start
                                            because the thick material
                                            they were made out of
                                            made them very durable
                                            and comfortable.
How did people find the gold?

         One way people found
  gold was by a technique called
  panning. In the process of
  panning people would scoop up
  the small rocks at the bank of a
  river and search for small gold
  specks in the rocks.
Why was the Gold Rush such a big

       I think the Gold Rush was such a big deal because gold was very
 rare back then. At the time people made about $1 a day and even a
 small speck of gold was worth a lot of money. Even if you didn’t come
 to California to search for gold, some made money from selling tools
 and clothes for the minors. This kind of discovery was new for America
 and it brought hundreds of thousands of people west to California.
What were the effects of the Gold Rush?

         The effects of the Gold Rush were huge for California. Because
  of the sudden population increase, California was able to become a
  state. Many people moved West who might not have otherwise moved.
  Also, Levi jeans also got its start due to the minors’ need for durable
  clothes. Also without the Gold Rush California may have never gotten
  it’s state motto “Eureka,” which means “I found it!”

   The California Gold Rush
    May McNeer / Paperback / Published 1997

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