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					                                   The future simple

Ways of expressing future:                              (1)    ‫طرق التعبير عن المستقبل‬
Future with will / shall :

Uses of "will":
a. Quick decisions:                     : ‫- عند اتخاذ قرار االن في وقت الحديث‬
   - I'll turn on the TV.      – There is no sugar. I'll buy some.
b. Prediction:                                      ‫- التنبؤ بأحداث في المستقبل‬
   - I think the weather will be nice later.
   - I think Tom will like the present we bought for him.
c. Requests:                                                       ‫- عند الطلب‬
   - Will you shut the door, please ?
   - Will you carry this bag for me, please ?
d. Offer:                                                         ‫- عند العرض‬
   - I'll help you as the bag is heavy.
e. Making arrangements:                                              ‫- عمل ترتيبات‬
- I will meet you tomorrow at 5 p.m.
f. Threat:                                                              ‫- عند التهديد‬
- If you forget your homework, I'll punish you.
g. Promise:                                                             ‫- عند الوعد‬
 - If you get the full mark, I will buy you a mobile phone.
h. Facts in the future:                                    ‫- عند ذكر حقيقة مستقبلية‬
- It's my birthday next Tuesday. I'll be 17.

Uses of "shall":
a. Suggestion:                                                             ‫- االقتراح‬
 - Shall we go swimming ?
b. Offer:                                                                   ‫- العرض‬
- Shall I turn on the radio for you ?
c. Promise:                                                                  ‫- الوعد‬
- We shall buy you a car if you come first.

( 2 ) Future with " going to ":

Uses of " going to ":
a) an intention, a plan or a decision that will be carried out in the future:
                                             ‫- نية / خطة / قرار لعمل شئ في المستقبل‬
ex.:- She is going to buy a sewing machine tomorrow.
    - I'm going to visit my sick friend next Friday
b) a future event which you know it will happen: (there is an evidence)
                                         ) ‫- حدث مستقبلي ( يوجد دليل علي انه سيحدث‬
ex. : - It's rainy, so I'm going to see the match on TV.
      - I feel terrible. I think I'm going to be sick.

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