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									The Prophetic Blessing
   Main reason for being: to bring hope and inspiration to the followers of
    Jesus; describe the victory of God over evil; describe the reign of Christ
    and the victory Christians will hold in those days of the end.
Revelation                      Who is writing?
The Prophetic                   Who is it being written to?
                                The “Big Picture” of the
Questions to consider when
reading the Bible:               message?
                                What can I apply as a lesson
                                 for myself from the passage?
                                  The Blueprint:
Chapters 1-3:22           Letters to the Churches
Chapters 4:1-22:21        Message for the Church
Chapter 4 – 5             Worshipping God in Heaven
Chapter 6-8:5             The Opening of the 7 Seals
Chapter 8:6–11            The Sounding of the 7 Trumpets
        The Angel, the Small Scroll & the Two Witnesses
Chapters 12-14            Observing the Great Conflict
        [The Woman, the Dragon & The Beast; The Harvest of the Earth]
Chapter 15-16             The Pouring Out of the 7 Plagues
        [The Seven Bowls of God’s Wrath]
Chapter 17–20             Seizing the Final Victory
        [The Great Prostitute, The Fall of Babylon, Songs of Victory in Heaven, the
        1000 Years, the defeat of satan]
Chapter 21-22             Making All Things NEW!
                 [The New Heaven, Earth & Jerusalem, the coming of Jesus, ]
                             Revelation 11
 The reference to “temple” has 3 definitions:
1)The physical temple of God- the building/structure
2)the area of residence of the Godhead, often referred to as the 3rd Heaven
3)the body of Christ, as they are as individuals, the “temple of God”.
                                    Literal events or figurative?
The Prophetic                   

                                    John’s involvement
Blessing                        

The Two Witnesses
The Measuring of the Temple
The Beast
The Beginning of the Reign of
                                 John measures the area
Revelation                       Measuring signifies: differentiation
The Prophetic Blessing            of God’s people from those who
                                  worshiped the beast.
                                 God sends two “witnesses”/prophets
The Measuring of the Temple
The Two Witnesses                    Descriptions include –
                                       Clothed in sackcloth
                                       Two olive trees
                                       Two lampstands
                                       Have supernatural power
                                       Are killed & raised to life
                                       Ascend to heaven
Revelation                         The Beast
The Prophetic                          Briefly introduced in chp 11
                                   The earthquake
                                       1/10th of the city killed
The Beast
The Beginning of the Reign of
                                   The declaration of the Reign
Christ                              of Jesus
                                   The nations filled w/wrath
                                        The temple of God
Revelation                              The Ark of the Covenant
The Prophetic Blessing
Rev. 11:19
                                        Lightning, thunder,
                                         earthquake & hail storm
Then, in heaven, the Temple of God
was opened and the Ark of his
covenant could be seen inside the
Temple. Lightning flashed, thunder
crashed and roared, and there was
an earthquake and a terrible

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