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					How to Create a Demo Tease for Your Book Marketing Online

Using an enticing book excerpt from your book as a demo teaser on several document sharing
sites is a great book marketing strategy to use for book marketing online. Besides providing great
content to your ideal reader, it can also be instrumental in bringing in more targeted traffic to
your website and developing credibility as a self-publishing author.

Step 1: As the Author of your work, you are responsible of selecting a 3-5 page selection from
your literary work to showcase in a form of a word document to provide as a demo teaser to your

Step 2: Compile it into a 3-5 Document with a Cover, Book Outline, Book Excerpt and ending
with a Promotional Page as a Call to Action

Step 3: Sprinkle in at least 2 Anchored Keywords back to your site or book sales page

Step 4: Upload the document to at least 20 sharing websites like slide share and doc stoc as a

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Step 5: Select at least 10 Forums pertaining to your niche, create an account and link back to
your pdf links

Step 6: Identify what goals you would like this achieve for you as an Author? Great Question!

Long-term: Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you repeat this strategy over on a
monthly basis you will naturally rank in the search engines for free. This is based off how you
selected you keywords in Step #2. Overall, you can save some serious marketing dollars.

Short-Term: This is practically baiting the hook and fishing for your target market in the vast
pool of the internet using a net of social media. Targeted leads who are genuinely interested in
what happens next in your book marketing online campaign as to who you are as an Author and
the works you write

BENEFITS of eBook Marketing Using Document Sharing Sites: Attract Your Ideal Reader!

      Effective Back links For Your Site and Book
      High PR Domains
      Anchor Text diversification
      Build at Least 17 Successful Back Links
      Free Ping Of All Back links
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Description: Step-by-step approach to using content marketing to create book marketing online results