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									Leadership Reflection
      By Janet Crist
 I entered the program because
 I required a leadership degree in order to
  apply for the position I wanted – Lead
  Teacher in Special Education
 I was curious about what information
  leaders need to know – it seemed
        How I fulfilled my practicum
 I assisted my lead
  teacher as often as
  possible in completing
  her tasks.
 I became mentor to a
  number of new
  teachers to the
  special education
 I focused on being an
  instructional leader.
GLISI tasks
         Data Analysis Leader
 Testing students for      Determining
  eligibility in the         placement of students
  special education          based on behavior
  department                 and academic data
 Data analysis to drive    Researching school
  AYP instruction (FAY       performance data for
  students, level one        school profile paper
  students, attendance,
  remediation based on
     Curriculum, Assessment and
 Modifying lesson         Developing
  plans with general        standards-based
  education teachers to     bulletin boards
  support students with     demonstrating
  special needs in the      differentiated
  classroom                 instruction
 Training new teachers    Attending training for
  to modify plans and       standards based
  differentiate             instruction in all
  instruction               academic areas
          Performance Leader
 Assisted in monitoring       Managed case load to
  class sizes reports for       include testing
  special education             student IEP
  classes                       objectives, changing
 Acted as Local                goals as needed, and
  Educational Agency            adhering to state and
  (LEA) for IEP                 federal guidelines
 Created report          Registered students
  designed to monitor      and checked for
  data, IEP compliance     appropriate
  of special education     placement
  teachers                Contributed to
 Supervised hallways,     organizational efforts
  courtyard, bus lanes     as regards group
                           tasks (information
      Relationship Development
   Served as mentor and    Met with numerous
    trainer to new           teams disseminating
    teachers                 information across
                             groups concerning
                             special education
                            Extensive parent
        Process Improvement
 Created report to          Reviewed IEPs to
  promote compliance          support state
  with re-evaluation          mandated
  determination               restructuring of the
 Shared specifics in         special education
  the use of a behavior       department last
  management system           month
  I developed to
  support students in
  collaborative classes
   Promoted                   Assisted instructional
    reorganization of           lead in introducing a
    computer-based              remedial reading
    instruction for             program
    students with              Training in Strategies
    disabilities to improve     for Struggling
    behaviors in lab            Students
    Learning and Performance
 Observed teachers as    Created blended
  part of lesson study     student rosters for
  group and provided       collaborative team to
  feedback                 promote inclusion
 Attended DeKalb         Participated in
  County seminar on        planning for
  leadership               improvement in team,
  development              house, and special
                           education department
Coursework Reflection
      Leadership in Educational
 The concept of school culture, and the
  transformation of a toxic one
 Having a vision and moral purpose
 Developing relationships
 The value of a mission, and not just a
  mission statement
 I developed a sense of my leadership style
        School Governance
 The making of school policy
 State and local school board structures
  and procedures
 Being a person with answers to avoid
  becoming irrelevant
 How money is distributed among schools
  and where it comes from
               School Law
 The potential issues of individual rights in
  a public institution, and its resolution
  according to the security of the institution
 Pervasiveness of bullying and sexual
  harassment and its impact on students
 How laws have developed in response to
          Human resources
 The high cost of teacher turnover
 Teacher motivation
 Ethics
    Curriculum Foundations
 John Dewey’ educational theory about
  child-centered and experiential learning
 Increasing student engagement to
  improve student learning
 The necessity for occasional incivility to
  right a wrong
               Final thoughts
   I think as a leader and in my internship I
    have focused predominantly on
    instructional leadership. Experience has
    shown me the importance of respecting
    our teachers. We do this by developing
    them as necessary, listening, and
    respecting their time and effort.
  A respected staff supports a
 healthy school culture that in
turn can best serve its students

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