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									 The Law of Attraction and True Self Confidence--Can this One Factor be
the Key to Both?

by Christine Hoeflich

The Law of Attraction has been both misunderstood and oversimplified, mainly in that the key to
the Law of Attraction has been stated to be "feeling good," or "vibrating on a higher frequency."
For example, it has been claimed that if you focus on what you want, not on what you don't want,
infuse that with lots of positive emotions, then whatever you want is already on its way.
Sometimes someone happens to mention in passing that part of the equation involves listening to
your intuition and perhaps using your inner discernment, but interestingly those elements are
almost never discussed thoroughly. Yet it is your connection to your higher self and your
confidence in that inner part of you that's critical to manifesting on a higher level. That is because
the higher self happens to be the access point to interconnectedness and its gifts (favorable
synchronicities, insights, and universal cooperation), as well as the source of true self confidence.

Let's say you know all this already and have been working on developing a more real relationship
with your higher self. You have also begun receiving glimpses of inner guidance. Imagine for a
moment that when you finally muster up the courage to actually follow through on your inner
guidance (even though it may be a bit challenging for you sometimes), you begin to experience
some truly amazing synchronicities and results. Isn't it likely then that your confidence in your
higher self will grow? That your confidence in hearing or "reading" your higher self will grow?

First you would start out with the little things, of course. It can be as simple and easy as picking
up the phone when you get a hunch to call a friend. Then as you become more confident in your
hunches you build up to bigger and bigger things.

For example, I have a friend whose higher self sends him on "treasure hunts." Sometimes he will
hear his inner self say, "turn right here," and he does. This past summer he was driving down the
freeway when he was directed to exit the freeway and drive into a parking lot at Walmart after
closing hours.

"Now what?" he asked, sitting alone in his car in an empty parking lot. (These kinds of things
happened to him many times and he had learned to be amused by it.)

"Look to your right," he "heard." He went outside and found a CD player with several CDs in it.
The music and lyrics on a couple of the CDs struck a chord in him.

I'm including this simple but interesting example because stuff like this actually happens; it
happened to me many times and it can happen to you.

My understanding is that his higher self is teaching him to have greater confidence in his ability to
listen by sending him on these treasure hunts. And by learning to connect and listen and gain
confidence in his higher self, he is actually "awakening" to a new reality and a new understanding
of his experience on earth, but that's outside the scope of this article.

If you continue on this process (of listening, following through and seeing results), you will come
to a point where you will begin to trust this inner connection more than anyone or anything
outside of yourself. And it's not that you will disregard other people's opinions. It's that will you
take other people's opinions into consideration and weigh everything against your own
understanding (that is more and more informed by your higher self's perspective). In other words,
your confidence in your higher self will grow, your confidence in yourself will grow.

This self confidence will then attract to you the people, the events, and the things that are more in
line with who you really are, that are in line with your soul's plan, that are in line with your original
blueprint for success. This is the true Law of Attraction.

Summary: The Law of Attraction has been both misunderstood and oversimplified. Rather than
feelings or the fuzzy "vibration," the connection to the higher self is the key to the Law of
Attraction because the higher self is the access point to your "higher" life plan and to
interconnectedness and its gifts (including favorable synchronicities, insights, and universal
cooperation). Confidence in your higher self leads to true self confidence, which then attracts to
you the people, events, and things that are more in line with who you are, in a continuous upward

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