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									Here's a tip / trick play simple forex - forex online:

In the transaction of Forex Trading (Forex), you should use the maximum
quantity of the recommended contract size is equal to 5% of your capital
(or at maximum 10% of your capital to use this technique) kerana quantity
contract with a size of 5% of your capital, then floating open positions
from the transaction you will be able to withstand up to 1900 points (ie,
if your total loss -1900 pips, you will be exposed to a margin call or
Point Resistance formula = ((equity capital - (the total quantity
contract size x 1%)) / total quantity contract size) x 10000
Example: The initial capital you $ 500, then the maximum quantity
contract size that you inputkan for your trading (per transaction) = 2500
($ 25), so that the movement pointnya (pips) to $ 0.0001 x 2500 = $ 0.25
per pipsnya (for currencies direct). If you have $ 1000 then the
recommended quantity contract size is 5000 ($ 50), and so on.
Tips uses the example of trading on the currency EUR / USD. (Spread of
EUR / USD is the lowest is 3 pips). This technique may also combine your
money with the eyes of others such as GBP / USD and USD / CHF
The steps of:
A. Preparation of trading at 5:00 p.m. to 18:00 pm (GMT +7), kerana
during these hours HIGH price movements (the highest point of the day)
and LOW (lowest point of the day) is usually ripe.
2. If at the time of the Range (distance) HIGH-LOW price is still below
70 pips (best if below 60 pips), then attach the order automatic order
(in the price column type: select the NOT Market) is BUY, and Price Type
on: STOP (BUY STOP) at the point of HIGH and LOW SELL STOP at that point.
With the composition of Take Profit (or Exit Target) in 10 pips (or
perhaps 20 pips) and the Stop Loss in 30 pips (50 pips or maximum,
depending on the circumstances) -> TP: 10, SL: 30.
NOTES: For the eyes wang GBP / USD range HIGH - LOW could be below 90
pips and TP use: 20, SL: 40. Because the price GBP / USD higher than the
other wang eye.
EXAMPLE: Hours 18.00 pm, the currency of GBP / USD, with a target profit
(TP): 10 pips, stop loss: 30 pips (TP: 10, SL: 30). And data HIGH
position when it is = 1.7500, LOW = 1.7440, then install automatic BUY,
Price, Type: STOP (BUY STOP) at the point of 1.7500 (high) and 1.7440
SELL STOP at the point (Low). Exit Target (TP) from a Buy Stop at 1.7510
(1.7500 +10 pips), Stop Loss Buy Stop at 1.7470 from (1.7500-30 pips).
Exit Target (TP) from a Sell Stop at 1.7430 (1.7440-10 pips), Stop Loss
of Sell Stop at 1.7470 (1.7440 +30 pips)
Why is this? kerana hour later at the New York market opened, then we
should seize the movement of U.S. dollar is rising or declining. But when
the clock is (pk.17.00-18.00 pm) HIGH-LOW price range is over 70 pips,
then you should be careful to not touching a running kerana HIGH or LOW
point is maximal when the New York market hours open later, so that the
target profit we have to be reduced and monitored, so as not to be missed
and turned loss.
NOTE: In order to achieve profit targets are usually not immediate and
you have to be patient and to monitor the running price is usually
jam.24.00 pm the night (sometimes even more). Because sometimes there are
fundamental news significantly influence the running price in these
hours. And put on the instructions of the Economic Calendar, and Market
Data at Bloomberg before making your order, because this technique is
very effective when used in the CAD market indications to move
significantly against other currencies.
(If the indications of the market to move flat or stable, then you should
NOT order first position with this technique, due to loss)
3. ADDITIONAL TECHNIQUE: The technique can capture the opportunities you
combine the above is also a way to install automatic BUY LIMIT order of
the range -130 and SELL HIGH LIMIT LOW range from +130 (or could with + -
150 pips, depending on the circumstances) with each composition: Take
Profit: 20 pips, Stop Loss: 40 pips. (TP: 20, SL: 40). Before installing
this limit orders also note the resilience factors of a currency point,
ie support and resistance factor is where you can see in the DailyFX
EXAMPLE: Hours 18.00 pm, the currency EUR / USD, with a target profit
(TP): 20 pips, stop loss: 40 pips (TP: 20, SL: 40), and position data was
= 1.2200 HIGH, LOW = 1.2140. Then attach the automatic order BUY, Price
Type: LIMIT (LIMIT BUY) at the point of 1.2070 (1.2200-130 pips) and SELL
LIMIT at a point 1.2270 (1.2140 +130 pips). Exit Target (TP) from BUY
LIMIT at 1.2090 (1.2070 +20 pips), Stop Loss of BUY LIMIT at 1.2030
(1.2070-40 pips). Exit Target (TP) of the SELL LIMIT at 1.2250 (1.2270-20
pips), Stop Loss of SELL LIMIT at 1.2310 (1.2270 +40 pips).
This technique is useful to take advantage of opportunities when running
in a very significant price moves to the point maximumnya, and for more
good then you should monitor the running price and your position is.
(If for use on the currency GBP / USD range used is + - 200 pips)
4. PLEASE NOTE: If one of the automatic order is active, do not forget to
cancel the position of others who are still active (can be a way to set
the duration type).
Or if you have installed an automatic command to hedging positions (open
in the opposite position in the same currency), do not forget to cancel
it, too, if you've managed to take profit or stop loss hit.
NOTE: When you till the next day (through pk.04.00 GMT) there is a
position that has not been activated (pending order), then immediately to
be canceled as well, and repeat the steps above steps for taking a new
position today.
Calculate ROI (Return On Investment):
If you trade as much as 1 x 10 pips per day, a week, you will profit as
much as:
1 x 10 pips x 5 days = 50 pips per week, or = 50 x 4 = 200 pips per month
(1 week in Forex = effective 5 days, and 1 month in Forex = effective 20
If your first deposit of $ 500, and you trade in currencies EUR / USD
with a profit of 200 pips per month, then it is equal to 200 pips x $
0.25 = $ 50, which = 10% per month, or = 120% per year !!
If your first deposit is $ 5,000 (about Rp 50 million) and return (or
gain) you are at 10% per month, then your earnings = $ 500/bulan (about
Rp 5 million). And all this can be achieved directly and instantaneously.
If after the end of the month and your trading results were less than
10%, do you force to achieve the target of 10% per month, because there
are still better than your profit loss (lost profits) in the month. After
all, you can still get it again in the following months. (Control of
emotions and do not be greedy!)
Trick tips on playing forex From A Friend Mailing List:
See Economic Calendar Daily, which is usually in the Upgrade Week in or Note that each always out News
13:30 GMT critical of the U.S. Open. If you notice, the effect of the
News that Price had suddenly jumped / dropped 30-50 Pips especially GBP /
USD. Well ... this is the perfect time to take profit from the price
hikes. See if there are successive News who appeared 10 minutes later,
meaning the last one that is often anticipated market ... (see also the
Open Meta4, you set the graph scale to 1 minute.
Online you can start 13:20 GMT ... clay movement chart after 13:30 GMT
not so great news because it tends to wait for quite sometime close at
14:00 GMT.
Then you must see the price of GBP / USD at 13:55 GMT. Namely Bid and
Offer 1.7255 1.7254. By calculation after the News 14:00 GMT will be a
big movement as a habit every day.
At 13:55 that you Order 2 position, the first Purchase Order on Price
Type "Stop" with the benchmark position "OFFER" +10 pips, 30 pips profit
target and 10 Pips Stop Limit, namely: Buy at 1.7265 SL 1.7255 TP 1.7295.
SELL in Second Order Price Type "Stop" with the benchmark position "BID",
namely: Sell at 1.7204 SL 1.7244 TP 1.7254.
Dah, abis it ... you can see yourself. Which is kesentuh. It turned out
yesterday in the Order kesentuh Sell dah ... in 2 minutes at 20 Pips TP
Taxable and 20 minutes. TP is usually 5 minutes dah taxable. Yesterday
dah who dropped a second event at 10:00 GMT (Market News Europe) that was
down to 100 pips. You Can Prove, that the RSI (14) who under 25 after
10:00 GMT on the effects of GBP / USD is still able to make around 80
Pips Down again at 13:30 GMT when the U.S. Market Open .... The effects
When the first who dah Order entry and profit about 20 pips, then the
order which you can not kesentuh CANCEL.
Well ... you can count yourself Profit. If 20-30 pips a day ... you know
... pretty without necessarily understand itung2 News analysis of his
fine, no must pake Fundamental analysis, Technical analysis with no-abreg
seabreg indicators. The key is 5 minutes before the News came out,
especially in the London Market 10:00 GMT (for 10-20 pips profit) and
particularly in the USA Market 13:30 GMT (for 20-30 pips profit).
After you successfully enter the profit .... rest is up to you, but my
advice you should SLEEP & Sweet Dreams .... wait 30 Pips tomorrow in the
next News.
Ya pretty .. sy pake 17:3 odds ... 17 3 ali times managed to fail ...
Simply Take 20 siapin Margin Pips ... 50-60 pips every day. if over 60
pips means fail.
Pake GBP / USD.
Entry Position at 05:00 GMT.
On Chart 30 min (Meta4) or 1 Hour (Meta4), I pake Indicator MA (20) and
MA (50), MACD, Stochastic and RSI 8,3,5 (14).
Price <> Sell
Price> Ma (20) --------> Buy
Price = Ma (20) = Ma (50) ----> View Stoch MACD +,> 70 = sell or <70 =
"Buy," 55 = "Sell" price = "ma (20)" style = "color : rgb (51, 51, 255);
"> Tips for Beginners
tip tricks for beginners forex trading:
If for beginners, there is no particular pair was used for maen. Maen is
free anywhere kerasa later also where the most comfortable pair dimaenin.
but usually on the fourth pair maen pair (e / u, g / u, u / c, u / j
ato-hour trading session if they can throughout the market is open from
early morning until the morning anymore, but if you want the movement
marketnya "called" maen in the European market hours until the American-
market hours from 2 pm until 3 am-

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