Adam Yofan Participates In LPL Financial Opening Bell Ringing Ceremony At NASDAQ by onlineprnews


									Adam Yofan Participates In LPL Financial Opening Bell Ringing
Ceremony At NASDAQ
 Adam Yofan, president of Alpern Rosenthal Financial Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, will
 participate in the Opening Bell ceremony at The NASDAQ Stock Market in New York City’s Times
 Square on July 30, 2012. This special event is being hosted by LPL Financial.

Online PR News – 20-July-2012 “We are privileged to host Adam Yofan at our NASDAQ Opening Bell
ceremony in New York, where we will be given the unique platform to showcase and celebrate the success
of a number of our top advisors,” said John Moninger, executive vice president, Advisory and Brokerage
Consulting Services for LPL Financial. “We at LPL Financial are proud of Alpern Rosenthal Financial
Services ’ steadfast commitment to meeting their clients’ needs and we look forward to continuing to provide
opportunities, through partnership, to help grow their business and attract and retain top clients.”

Mr. Yofan has over 20 years in client service, including 12 years at a national Accounting firm and five
years with a Wall Street brokerage firm. His experience enables him to provide clients with customized tax,
cost and risk efficient solutions that answer two questions: Do I have enough money for retirement? What
are my financial blind spots?

Launch this link, , at 9:15AM on July 30,
2012, and you will have a view into the MarketSite studio where you can see the ceremony. The ceremony
is live, not archived, so it is important to watch in real time. Viewers must have Windows Media Player to
view the webcam.

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