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					Moving to EBS R12 with Oracle Upgrade Labs
Amit Vyas, Senior Practice Director
Oracle Consulting Services
Jan 13, 2011


• Why Migrate to R12?
• Upgrade Activities and Approach
• Delivery Models
• Technology Considerations
• High Level Roadmap
• Upgrade Labs - Benefits
• Upgrade Assessment
• Technology Considerations
• Critical Success Factors
• Differentiators
• Case Studies

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Why Migrate to R12?

   IT Drivers                                 Business Drivers
   Supportability                             New modules
   Stability                                  New features and functionality
   Improved performance                       New requirements
   New Features                               Operational efficiency
   Reduce maintenance cost                    Design improvements
   Out of box use                             Opportunity to re-engineer
   Retire Customizations                      More business-handling Capabilities

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Migration Dilemma

       Based on objectives, footprint, complexity and user
            base, which approach is right for you?


      This Session will focus on the Technical Upgrade Approach

                       Oracle Proprietary - Upgrade Services      4
Typical Upgrade Activities

          Technical Upgrade (via Labs)                                    Functional Upgrade/Testing
 Provide Platform upgrade, if necessary                        Determine impact of R12 on current business flows
 Upgrade Oracle Application Server, Oracle                     Determine setups to accomplish business
  Database, and Oracle Forms and Reports                         processes
 Upgrade Release 11.5.x applications to Release 12             Assist in resolution of functional issues
 Perform repeatable CRP Test Upgrades to                       Update existing E-Business Suite test scripts to
  document migration steps and reduce downtime                   reflect valid navigation paths for R12
 Enable smooth Production upgrade                              Develop new R12 test scripts
                                                                Perform Regression, Performance, SIT & UAT
                    CEMLI Upgrade
 Identify CEMLIs & determine complexity
 Evaluate R12 functionality & determine technical
  impact on CEMLIs
                                                                              Project Management
 Upgrade CEMLIs to the new technology stack
                                                                Plan and manage schedule, tasks and Tollgates
 Retrofit CEMLIs for compatibility & usability on R12
                                                                Track scope risks, issues, actions, quality,
 Test CEMLIs to confirm execution                               resources

             Production Readiness &                                          Change Management
              Post Go-Live Support                              Communication to stakeholders
 Confirm Production Readiness                                  End User Training
 Post Go-Live support                                          Assess Up/down stream impact
 Stabilization                                                 Ready Trading Partners

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Approach to R12 Upgrade
               Month 1                                                                                                      Month X

                      Trial Iteration                                                 Iteration 3               Final Iteration
                      (Impact Analysis &
                                                       Iteration 2                (Timing round , Perf,
                                                    (Reference Process)                                        (Production cutover)
                        Trial Upgrade)                                                 and UAT)

Tech/ Lab             Initial Trial Upgrade      Test iteration focused on      Second test iteration        Production Cutover
Upgrade               Iteration to validate      refining and documenting the   focused on Timing for
(EBS Upgrade from     impact of upgrade to       reference process              cutover to 12.1.X   12.1.X

CEMLI Retrofit        Apply all current          Develop and test CEMLI’s.      CEMLI break/fix during UAT   Break/Fix support
                      CEMLIs and identify        Support SIT.
                      those that need retrofit
R12.1.X               Functional Impact          Functional Validation of       Functional Validation of     Functional Support
Functional            Verification               setups and processes           setups and processes with
Configuration                                                                   Users
Testing and           Testing to verify          Function/ System Integration   User Acceptance Testing,
Validation            CEMLIs and Functional      Testing                        and Performance Testing
Change                Communication              Communication                  Develop End User Training    Training Delivery
Management                                       Change impact Assessment
                                                 Training Content

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Proven Optimum Shore Delivery Models

 Understand       Define           Design             Build & Deliver               Confirm   Operate & Optimize
1. Standard Implementations
  Customer       Strategy &                                                        Results       Application
  Discovery       Planning         Design         Execute, Test, Deploy            Analysis      Management

2. Accelerated Implementations
                 Strategy &                        Execute, Tailor, Test,          Results       Application
                                   Design                                          Analysis      Management
                  Planning                               Deploy

3. Accelerated Upgrades and Migrations
                Strategy &                                                         Results       Application
                                   Design         Execute, Test, Deploy
                 Planning                                                          Analysis      Management

4. Management Services
  Knowledge                                                                    System
                                  Run, Maintain, Enhance                                       Deploy
   Transfer                                                                     Test

      Customer Site           Onshore/Nearshore                  Nearshore/Offshore
                              Upgrade Labs                       Global Services Delivery

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Upgrade Services – Key Tasks

                          Project Delivery                                  Production
 Strategy and Project Planning
                                                                            Future Strategy

    Delta Analysis        CEMLI Remediation / New Development
     Upg - Iteration 1            Iteration 2                     Go-Live    Database and
                                                                            CEMLI Support
                           3rd Party SW Upgrade            Securiy

                                                                              QA & Prod
                                 Updates/Fixes                                 Support

 Training: Proj Team               Training: End-User                         Change Mgt

                            Environment Management & Tuning                 Environment Mgt

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    High Level Upgrade Roadmap - example
                                     MONTH     1             2            3           4       5       6           7

ACTIVITY                                       May          June         July        Aug     Sept    Oct          Nov

Hardware/ OS Upgrade Needs and Solution

New Functionality Analysis, Solution & Scope

Upgrade Strategy, Scope & Timing Plan

Technical Upgrade Lab Work Stream

New Functionality Business Process Design &

SIT, UAT & Cut-Over

Chg. Mgmt Bus. Process Improvement

IT & SME ORCL Training
                                                     IT              SME                            KEY:
End User Training


                                                     Oracle Proprietary - Upgrade Services                               9
Upgrade Labs Services - Benefits

Over 500 Successful Technical Upgrades
                                             Features                                                                         Anticipated Benefits
•           Fixed Price                                                                                   •    Speeds Upgrade and Time to Benefit
•           Standard Processes and Best Practices                                                         •    Reduced Cost
•           Knowledge Transfer                                                                            •    Reduced Risk
•           End-to-end Lifecycle Management                                                               •    Lower Total Cost of Ownership
•           Utilize Global Upgrade Project Team                                                           •    Unparalleled Experience
•           Automated Tools Accelerate Project Timeline

                                     Unparalled Experience                                                    More Efficient Use of your time and resources
    •           Oracle Upgrade Labs Consultants deliver upgrade services every day of               •      Each upgrade brings with it a unique set of technical and process
                              the week during every week of the year.                                   challenges. The upgrade tools change, as do the methods by which the
                •      The Labs have been performing this service for over 10 yea rs.                     tools are executed. By utilizing the Labs you eliminate the expense
                                                                                                                     associated with developing in-house expertise.
                                       Reduce Cost & Risk
                           •     Oracle Upgrade Labs services are fixed fee.
                                                                                                               Relationship with Development & Support
                                                                                            •       The Upgrade Labs resources are tightly linked with our development and
            •        The efficiencies built into our process enable low cost, value-added
                                                                                                                             support organizations.
                                       services in a specific time frame.
                                                                                            •       The Labs work with early adopter programs and test pre-release versions
                                      Follow the Sun Model                                                                    of the applications.
        •           The Upgrade Labs leverages a blended delivery model with resources
                                 spread across North America and India.
                                                                                                                        Less Post Upgrade Work
                                                                                                •       Upgrades performed by the Labs includes all post-release maintenance
                        •   24x7 work mode to monitor long running upgrades
                                                                                                        pack tasks including the application of help patches and any additional
                                                                                                             patching pursuant to the Oracle Application Release Notes.

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Upgrade Assessment – Sample Tools and Templates

                   ANALYSIS                           RECOMMENDATIONS & VALUE    RECOMMENDATIONS


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Overview of Methodology & Tools
      CEMLI Assessment
               CEMLI Objects Inventory Analysis Process
Oracle Consulting CEMLI Analysis Tool
                Oracle’s CEMLI analysis tool is used to drive accurate estimation of technical upgrade tasks and reduce
                 overall project effort/time in analyzing your existing environment.
                It compares your current inventory of application objects with a vanilla (uncustomized) environment at the
                 same release level to isolate CEMLIs requiring attention.
                Output is used to target your development efforts on CEMLIs requiring the most retrofit

 Complete Questionnaire                                                                                               Run Scripts                                                                          Interpret Output
                     Information required for running CEMLI Reporting Tool
                                                                                                                                       CEMLI Tool - Steps                                             14                  Form
  1. Host Name (DB Tier):                                                                                                                                                                                               Function                                  SQL*Plus
                                                                                               1. Customer needs to provide us the required information for each of its database and application      12                                        Oracle   Oracle
  2. DB Port No#:                                                                                 instances (preferably on an environment which has all the current production CEMLIs installed)
                                                                                                  and the product_top definition file. Refer to the attached document to accomplish the same.         10
  3. SID:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Form     Report
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  s        s
  4. DB Version (Exact ver. and avoid 8i / 9i /10g etc):                                                                                                                                              8
                                                                                                            Info required for                                                                                                                    So       So
  5.Host Name (Appl Tier) :                                                                               running CEMLI Reporting Tool.doc                                                            6    Concurrent

  6.APPLTOP username (ex. Applmgr ..etc) :                                                     2. Once we have the above information, we run these in the CEMLI tool and generate shell scripts       4      Progr                    Package
                                                                                                  for each of the database and application tiers.
  7.APPLTOP Directory:                                                                         3. Customer needs to run the shell scripts on the same instance for which the information was          2                        Function
  8.Product Top Definition File( Use attached “ProductTopDefinition.pdf” to generate):            provided in Step 1 and provide the output back to us (which is usually .pkg files). The attached
                                                                                                  document outlines the steps to accomplish the same.                                                 0

  ProductTopDefinition                                                                                      CEMLI Collection
          .pdf                                                                                            Scripts Users Guide.pdf

                                                                                               4. We will process these output files to get the CEMLI list and share it with the Customer team (for
                                                                                                  verification) and Oracle Team (for further analysis).

  Note:                                                                                            Note – Share the document attached in step 1 with the client first and share the document
  Repeat step 1- 4, if you have multiple DB tiers
  Repeat step 5-8, if you have multiple Appl tiers                                                 attached in step 3 along with the shell scripts to avoid any confusion.

                                                                                         Refined CEMLI Retrofit Plan

                                                                                             Oracle Proprietary - Upgrade Services                                                                                                                                           12
Technology Upgrade Considerations

Focus Areas                         Considerations / Best Practices
Instance Consolidation              •   Total # of instances, modules, customizations. Also future integration strategy, phased upgrade/ rollouts and
                                        high availability architecture. Leverage tools (iMerge) where possible.

CEMLIs and Customization Strategy   •   Total number of CEMLI’s and extent of customizations. Identify # of CEMLIs to be retained / obsoleted. CEMLI
                                        strategies to consider include CEMLI remediation, reduction, rearchitecture and elimination via BPR.
                                    •   Leverage Offshore CEMLI services for CEMLI Assessment at object level and CEMLI remediation/retrofit, CEMLI
                                        reduction and standardization services.

Technical Architecture Strategy     •   Database upgrade, OS upgrade or switch (Linux, Sun etc), RAC implementation, High Availability Architecture,
                                        Security considerations.
                                    •   Leverage R12 features such as Staged Applications System feature to reduce patching downtime. Db
                                        Initialization Parameter settings provides maximum availability and automatic memory sizing feature in R12.

Database Size and Version           •   Existing patch and version levels, and new version to upgrade to. Database size increases approx 30% and
                                        needs to be planned for. Automated cloning / Platform Migration can be done.

Integration Strategy                •   Re-implement existing interfaces or re-Architecture of integrations leveraging SOA.

Reporting Strategy                  •   Leverage enhanced BI reporting in R12 to revisit custom reports and current reporting strategy.

Data volume and history             •   Data conversions may be necessary for a re-implementation strategy or in instance consolidation scenarios. In-
                                        place upgrades will require validation and testing but no conversion effort.

Performance Considerations          •   Performance architecture focus from project start to ensure performance testing for high transaction scenarios,
                                        Automation of testing processes, downtime considerations, cutover planning, response time and throughput

Upgrade Process                     •   Checklists for pre and post upgrade steps, conduct minimal 3 test upgrade iterations (trial upgrade, process
                                        validation, timing round) and multiple for complex upgrades, leverage upgrade Labs for expertise, speed and
                                        process knowledge.

Testing Considerations              •   # of automated test scripts for function, regression and performance testing, Downstream test cycles for SIT and

Other Considerations                •   Languages, Countries, Operating Units.

                                                  Oracle Proprietary - Upgrade Services                                                                    13
Critical Success Factors

        Executive                 Executive Sponsorship from the Business Organization is
       Sponsorship                                        critical.

                                 A clearly defined PMO and project governance to ensure for
       Governance                    effective & rapid decision making, defined roles and
                                            responsibilities and issue management.

   Dedicated and Quality               Full time Functional SMEs and IT resources with
        Resources                       appropriate skills and subject matter expertise.

    Scope Control and             Scope Control is critical especially if the Upgrade involves
      Management                             more than a „like to like‟ upgrade.

                           Oracle Proprietary - Upgrade Services                                 14
  Upgrade Services
    Labs Value Proposition and Lessons Learned

Labs Value Proposition                                         Lessons Learned
• Lower the cost of your upgrade project                       • Test and Re-Test
   –   Leverage lower cost remote resources                        –   Testing and validation is critical to success of
   –   Defined scope offered at a fixed price providing                the upgrade
       predictability                                              –   Oracle team can help identify areas and
• Strategic use of resources                                           processes requiring special attention based on
                                                                       our previous projects
   –   Less or no ramp up time
                                                                   –   Test your business processes not only with
   –   Extension of your team enabling concurrent                      new transactions, utilize upgraded data
       activity                                                        (upgraded invoices etc)
• Minimize business risk                                       • Other
   –   Proven model for remote delivery                            –   Review latest certifications and alerts to
   –   Resources only focused on eBusiness Upgrades                    identify know issues and solutions

                                                                   –   Identify data that can be upgraded/ migrated
                                                                       outside of the “Go-Live” window

                                          Oracle Proprietary - Upgrade Services                                           15
                                                  <Insert Picture Here>

R12 Upgrade Customers
and Case Studies

          Oracle Proprietary - Upgrade Services                     16
R12 Customers

                Oracle Proprietary - Upgrade Services   17
   GAP Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade

                                                                           SOLUTION/ PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS
COMPANY OVERVIEW                                                           • The Oracle Solution consisted of an upgrade to release
• Name: Gap Inc                                                              12. The upgrade of Gap’s single 11.5.8 instance
  Industry: Retail                                                           included: GL, AP, FA, iExpense, PO, iProcurement,
  Employees: 150,000                                                         Project Costing, AR, and iSupplier Portal. Services
  Revenue: $16 billion                                                       Included:
  Location: San Bruno, CA and San Francisco, CA                                    4Core Upgrade Project Team providing support
  Background: Gap Inc. is a leading international specialty retailer               for the 12 month project plus 1 month of post
  offering clothing, accessories and personal care products for men,               production support
  women, children and babies under the Gap, Banana Republic and                    4International Leads in Japan, Hong Kong, and
  Old Navy brand names.                                                            the UK
                                                                                   4Technical Upgrade services for CRPs 1-4 and
CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES                                                           production cutover via Upgrade Labs
                                                                                   4Hosting of the project environments for CRP1
• Gap had been running on Oracle Financials, Purchasing,                           and CRP2 (ASC)
  and Projects since 2004. They were stable on Oracle                              4Update and Migrate 1149 CEMLI’s
  Applications release 11.5.8, but faced with the following                        4Automation of test scripts using the Mercury test
  challenges:                                                                      4Execute test scripts using onsite/offshore
       4 Oracle E-Business Suite Premier Support ended                             resources and automated test scripts
       November 2007
       4 Existing system did not fully support local                       • Oracle Upgrade Lab used to reduce risk and cost.
       statutory requirements and inter-company accounting
       controls for Gap                                                    • Oracle Consultings Global Services used for a lower
                                                                             blended rate for the upgrade effort for the CEMLIs,
       4 Existing System does not provide a direct path to                   update and automation of test scripts, and testing
       next generation Oracle solutions (“Fusion”)                           services to provide a predictable outcome.

                                                Oracle Proprietary - Upgrade Services                                              18
 Agilent – Lifecycle Approach
    Phase I – “Run” Oracle Ebiz 11.5.5                 Year: 2003 - 2006
                                                                               Oracle Apps – Finance, Distribution, Planning, Mfg
           “As-Is”                                                             8000 CEMLIs, 5000+ Users, Global Coverage
Project    understanding     Transition
                                          and Steady
Planning   and Solution      Setup
                                          State                                Provide 1800 man days of support per month

                                                            Task Force for CEMLI Performance tuning
                                          Optimize &
                                          Enhance           De-merge of Operating Units
                                                            Technology Upgrades

                           PHASE II – “Build” Oracle Ebiz 11.5.10                                     Year: 2006
              Upgrade/Enhancement                           Retrofit & Testing
           Scoping and                    Retrofit the        Testing                Document
           Project         Upgrade        identified                                 the result &
           Planning for                   customisation       (Regression            Refine
           Upgrade                        and configure       & UAT)                 solution

                                                                                                                     Year: 2007 +
             Agilent awards a 5 year contract extension                     PHASE III – “RUN” Oracle Ebiz 11.5.10
             Agilent awards Level 2 Support to Oracle                   Upgrade                         Transition
                                                                        production       Transition                     Optimize &
             Agilent awards major Sol. Center projects to                                Setup
                                                                                                        and Steady
                                                                        Env                             State

                                            Oracle Proprietary - Upgrade Services                                                19
Oracle Knows Oracle Best

• Oracle Consulting is a leading                           Speed, Value, Simplicity
  implementer of Oracle products and one
  of the largest consulting organizations in
  the world
• Global Delivery Capabilities
• 145 Countries
• 15,000+ Consultants
• 2,500 + Implementation Projects
• Proven methodologies and reusable
• Trained to introduce and exploit new
• In the business of implementing *only*
  Oracle products for more than 25 years

                                 Oracle Proprietary - Upgrade Services                20

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