Oil Spills

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					Oil Spills
                  Oil Spills
An Oil Spill occurs when
  a very large ship,
  usually called an oil
  tanker, runs aground
  or crashes into
  another ship.
The oil contained in the
  tanker spills out into
  the ocean.
                    Oil Spills

• Oil spills can have a serious environmental impact
                  Oil Spills
Humans use oil everyday. It is a necessary part of
   everyday life. Unfortunately there are some
     disastrous accidents that occur when
                 transporting oil.
             Oil Spills
Oil tankers can run ashore, spilling out
their contents. Oil can be very harmful,
 sometimes even deadly, to any species
      that comes in contact with it.
                Oil Spills
• Remember every time you go to the gas
  station to fill up your car you are using
  oil. Oil heats many of our homes and
  schools. We need oil in our modern lives.
               Oil Spills
Just remember the dangerous trip across
    the ocean that oil took to get to your
  town. Conservation is one way we can
    help reduce the risk of future oil spill
                   Oil Spills
•    Talk to your family about ways to
    conserve all kids of energy. Visit the
    International Institute for Energy
    Conservation with your family.
               Oil Spills
You have taken a brief look into what can
happen when an oil spill occurs. Hopefully
      in the future you will use this
understanding of oil pills to educate others

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