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Many people want half dog for many different reasons. The most common is to have a companion dog
when left alone long hours and a garden at home. Others want him to be their mate and have puppies.
If you already have a pet dog, ask a guard dog or vice versa. Also, in some cases, buying second dog on
grounds of security, when the dog we already cannot cope alone on guard duties who has borne. We
can of course not to mention those cases in which the second dog was in the way and was adopted
without being prepared for this.

 To make a rare but real event, this ambitious gained their first dog with a view to scan all the shows and
were not satisfied because, they get a second one. Of course, there are worse: those because the dog
did not come first, the "dump" and get another, but they let us characterize everyone as they deserve in
this article we will refer mainly to the general case: an owner who has already an adult dog is a puppy.
By that time, the first dog was the one who gathered all our interest, which monopolized the cuddly toys
and the owner and the whole family. We can liken to a child and even spoiled.

We need, therefore, keep in mind some things that they do not do life difficult for the first dog or puppy,
nor ours. The first acquaintance MESOTITLOS If the first time bring the two dogs together and let the
puppy in front of large, we see that he will accept it. Probably will smell and will play a little, you
sometimes indifferent and sometimes you will still snarled, though little is annoying with his toys. Even
dogs that do not allow anyone to approach the food, they will see an incredible tolerance for the puppy
is going to eat from their plate. Generally, adult dogs show submissiveness, which is misunderstood by
many owners who believe that the large decline in fear, because the boy "had already taken the upper
hand." But they are wrong.

The beginning of trouble
As the puppy grows, it begins to claim items (toys, balls, etc.) and you start first battle in the meals. At
this stage will start and injuries to the dominant larger dog. A first step therefore is to find the dogs eat
the same space. Even if the dishes are next to each other, not letting them go from dish to dish, nor
allowed to snarl.

The fights for toys (balls, old shoes, fake bones) can be avoided if the first time we give them only when
we are together and there are 2-3 games so they can share them and do not claim a single one. Of
course, the occasion for a fight may be just our presence, while you come home from work. The
intensity and joy is so great, that combined with jealousy and competition for what will most cuddly,
makes them lose control and grab another.

The same reaction, unfortunately, can have if you see something that will cause irritation, for example, a
stranger who approached the house. If the guards and dogs are not trained to operate fellow, then a
fight with one neutralizes the other. Two such dogs are not only guardians. The same can happen with
two males, if you smell a female in oestrus or two if a female is in estrus them.

Paving the way
Choosing the sex of the puppy in most cases is more important than the choice of race, especially if the
dog is already in the house is male. Most male dogs are in every sense dominant in their field and this
has nothing to do with whether they are pet dogs, guard or hunting dogs. So when you come to another
area of the male, while the patient is receiving puppy. But when we grow up and start questioning the
other's sovereignty, claiming space, cuddly toys and then maybe start war. It is necessary therefore to
have been a preparation. The adult dog must be balanced with good obedience and a very good
relationship with their owners, especially if we are dealing with two males, who have come from
different tribes.

Two females adapted to live together more easily, with little attention, however the period of oestrus.
Then the spirits usually accentuated. In contrast, between two heterosexual dogs are not created
problems. Most often, indeed, the male protects the female, with one even proclaiming the sovereignty
of the way. In this case, if we are not mating, should twice the time to divide or to discuss with our vet in
the case of sterilization.

A good example?
If an adult dog is obedient and well behaved in space, is the indirect puppy trainer, in which he learns
along with the owner than positive knowledge. The same, however, and the negatives. The puppy learns
very easily, so the first few days we have to deal with it and direct it. If your adult dog has some
problems are sure to carry them and the small, if not careful. There are few times when the adult dog
before to attract attention and sometimes it is not yet ripe-mimics the puppy: starting to mess around
the house, doing damage, it becomes disobedient and generally exhibits a behavior that was on display
when he was puppy. There needs to intervene, arguing it (carefully, not wood) while showing patience.
It will come back very soon.

Respect the rules of the house
With the arrival of the puppy must make great effort not to change anything in the basic habits of our
first dog (in food, to walk in time engaging him) not to attribute the changes to the puppy. Everything
must change; it is good to change gradually. In principle, therefore, need to share our time, you should
spend a little more time at large (which anyway had learned in a particular way of life) and will gradually
balance the time between both, with Happy birthday to both of them together. Bring the dogs together
from the first moment, the big show that from now on will live with his new friend and found little to
like your family and your space, so he found someone to own one that will help to grow. Logically, you
will be better with the second dog, being more experienced owner and would not repeat mistakes that
might have done with the former.

The second dog is not a "tranquilizer"!
If your dog barks like ... possessed in dogs that are aggressive and go to the same race, do not listen to
those who recommend you take a second to calm down. At best, playing and living at ease with his
friend, while other dogs will still be the same, if not worse. At worst, you get two dogs with the same

The first meeting
* Encourage the great smell the puppy and begin to recognize it as his own.
* Do not take the puppy hug to "protect".
* Do you have two dogs permanently located either behind glass windows or balconies in separate?

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