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        International consultant and lawyer with expertise in international business development,
        corporate affairs, international tax, and business regulation, especially as with regards to
        communications and information technology. Diverse practice experience in
        telecommunications regulation, and international corporate law, business strategy, intellectual
        property, technology issues, product development/management and business development, as
        well as the management and administration of global businesses. Strong experience in
        developing and negotiating international business partnerships and the development and
        funding of leading edge technology companies.


        Dual Irish and USA


        University of Missouri, Columbia Missouri, 1964-1966.

        U.S. Army Language Institute, Washington D.C. 1966-1967

        National Cryptography School, Fort Meade Maryland, 1968

        University of Maryland, College Park Maryland, 1968-1970
        BA Economics.

        Georgetown University, Washington D.C., 1971
        Graduate Program in International Affairs

        University of Baltimore School of Law, 1973-1975
        Juris Doctor

        Harvard University School of Law, 1976
        Summer Program


        The National Security Agency, Fort Mead Maryland,
        Sergeant US Army Security Agency, 1966-1970
        Served at NSA, Fort Meade, Maryland and various overseas postings including Turkey, and
        Vietnam. Responsible for a regionally focused signals intelligence and cryptography unit.
        Top Secret Codeword security clearance.

        United States Information Agency, Washington D.C. and New Delhi, India 1970-1973,
        Executive Fellow
        Participant in the Executive Fellows program. Assigned to the U.S. Information Agency
        where I served as Assistant to the Public Affairs Officer, New Delhi, India and as a Budget
        Analyst and Director of Budget Planning in Washington, D.C. Member of the Director’s
        Young Officers Policy Panel reporting to the Director Frank Shakespeare and his deputy
        Henry Loomis. In addition, I was tasked with several special projects including the
        reorganization of the global budgeting and funds allocation process and the reform of the
        budgeting and funding of the Voice of America.
United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, Washington, D.C. 1973-1974
Budget/Administrative Officer.
I served as the first Budget Officer of this new independent commission reporting directly to
the Executive Director and the Commission Chairman. Established budget procedures,
recruiting and hiring a budget and finance staff and preparing the first budget and seeing that
budget through Executive Office and Congressional review and approval.

Executive Office of the President of the United States, Office of Telecommunications
Policy, Washington D.C. 1974-1978
Director of Administration, then Deputy Director and Director of Policy.
Served in the last year of President Richard Nixon’s second term, and through the Ford and
early years of the Carter Administrations in the Office of Telecommunications Policy
reporting directly to the Director, John Eger, and then Dr. William Thaler. Closely involved
in the development of national and international policies, regulations and laws relating to
telecommunications, including the deregulation of the US telecommunications industry.
Extensive interaction with senior Presidential policy staff and various political parties and
groups, telecommunications organizations and firms, the Federal Communications
Commission and the Congress.

United States Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information
Administration Washington, D.C. 1978-1981
Associate Chief Counsel
Played a key role in the drafting of Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1977 and implementing EO
12046, March 27, 1978 which created this new Commerce Department Administration
focused on national and international telecommunications and information policy.
Participated in the deregulation and liberalization of international telecommunications.
Instrumental in several legislative and deregulatory initiatives working closely with the
Executive Office of the President, international organizations, the Federal Communications
Commission and the telecommunications industry.

Advanced Computer Techniques Inc. (ACT), New York, NY, 1981-1983
Legal Counsel/Legal Advisor
Reporting directly to the Chief Executive, Charles Lecht, and to the Board of Directors of this
public company. I was responsible for the development of a legal, regulatory and technical
consulting group advising US and international industry on major information technology and
telecommunications technology trends, laws and regulations. Involved extensively in the
development of an international software and consulting business in Europe, the Middle East
and Asia.

Technology Analysis Group, New York and Washington D.C. 1983-Present
Managing Partner
Acquired this group from Advanced Computer Techniques in a management buy-out.
Developed a significant international consulting and advisory practice. Became a key advisor
to NTT, Cable and Wireless, Toshiba, Fujitsu, and the Ministry of Posts and
Telecommunications of Japan on technology trends and national and international legal and
regulatory issues. Founded and chaired the Pan-American Technology Policy Forum and
served on several technology oriented committees of the US National Science Foundation, the
White House and the American Bar Association. Organized, on behalf of the commerce
Department and the Congress a major trade initiative with Japan for U.S. companies.

Fenwick, Stone, Davis and West, Palo Alto, CA and Washington D.C., 1983-1986
Washington Counsel
Washington legal representative of this Palo Alto, California based law firm. Active in a
number of trade cases and proceedings before the Commerce Department, Federal Trade
Representative, and the Federal Trade Commission representing international corporations.

Winston and Strawn, Chicago and Washington D.C., 1986-1988
Headed the firms international telecommunications practice responsible representing and
advising clients such as NTT, the Great Wall Satellite Company, PacSat, SITA, the
Government of Jamaica, the Government of Aruba, Cable and Wireless, The Caribbean
Tourism Association, Toshiba and others.

Societe International de Telecommunications Aeronautique (SITA), Paris France 1988-
Secretary General/General Counsel
Responsible for legal affairs, governance and policy matters at the airline industry owned
international non-governmental organization, reporting to the Director General, Claude
Lalanne, and the Board of Directors. Specifically tasked with the commercialization of
SITA’s services and the development of a strategy and structure for a business outside of the
airline community.

O’Neill and Company, Dublin, Ireland 1994-Present
Founder and Managing Partner
O’Neill and Company provides legal and policy advice to a broad range of international
governmental and corporate clients on matters pertaining to legal and financial organization,
corporate governance, regulatory affairs, business planning, and international organizational
structure. Major projects and clients include:

         SITA, Paris and Geneva – Outside legal counsel and advisor Director General, the
         Board of Directors and the General Assembly on matters relating to the restructuring
         of the organization, corporate organization and governance future financing, impact
         of deregulation and reregulation, and planning for change and the future.

         Stentor Limited, Dublin, Ireland – Principal legal advisor (and Director) to this, the
         first competitive Irish telecommunications company. Led the financing of the
         company through its initial and secondary offerings on the Alternative Investment
         Market (AIM) in London, and its sale to Energis Limited.

         Equant N.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Outside Counsel, and principal advisor
         to the Chief Executive, the Management Board and the Board of Directors. I was
         instrumental in creating and establishing the organization and structure of Equant so
         as to minimize tax and maximize organizational and regulatory efficiency. Led the
         financing of Equant through joint venture funding from Morgan Stanley Capital
         Partners to the management of an Initial Public Offering in New York and Paris.
         Equant, which to a substantial degree invented the virtual private network
         communications business, has become one of the most successful new
         telecommunications companies in history, raising over nine billion dollars for its
         investors, and growing from 15 million in revenues in 1992 to over two billion in
         2001. In 2001 the majority of the shares in Equant were sold to France Telecom.

         QoS Networks Limited, Dublin, Ireland – Legal Advisor and Director. Founded,
         structured and obtained over $50 million in funding for the first global native internet
         protocol network services providers. Created subsidiaries and obtained
         communications licenses in twenty-three countries and oversaw the construction and
         initiation of a 20 country telecommunications network with 23 national organizations
         in less than ten months.

         The Government and Electricity Authority of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus – Advised on
         the migration of the Electricity Authority's extensive domestic network into a
         commercial telecommunications company.

         Fastnet Broadband Limited, Chairman- Founded and raised initial funding for this
         Irish.UK based wireless broadband services provider.
        In addition, I have and/or continue to provide services to Alcatel Srl., La Cumbre,
        Axis Communications Limited, Nippon Telephone and Telegraph, KDDI, and other
        international firms.


Recipient Distinguished Service Award, Executive Office of the President of the United
States, 1976

Listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who In Ireland

Admitted of the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States, the District of Columbia and
the State of Maryland.

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