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					1. Walking around the city with the dog -
                                    Have you ever been the desire to get your dog and go for a walk in
                                    the city? How many of you have done? But how many of you have
                                    not done and for what reasons? First of all make clear that we are
                                    talking about a walk- fun and not for the scheduled walk or exercise.
                                    Many people walk by themselves, sometimes for pleasure and
                                    sometimes for health reasons following the advice of doctors and
                                    some of them get a dog to have a companion with them. This does
                                    not mean that you cannot go for a walk with your dog and without
                                    any of these reasons.

Before we begin:
The main condition to be covered by the vaccines, wearing collar and
leash. Without the leash, is allowed to have only adult dogs walking near
us, but on condition that we have always and leash with us. Do not
forget that the law imposes upon us during the walk, to keep our dog
tied and we are very close to him.

That should take care that the dog will get dirty and take care to clean
behind it, consider it obvious to every conscientious dog-lover. Before
we attempt to go for a walk in town, the dog should not pull on the
leash and we can check the general.

Again walk?

                                     If we talk about puppies, short walks to help their socialization,
                                     the acquisition of experience in adapting the leash and put them
                                     in the spirit of the ride. In older dogs and works as an exercise: to
                                     improve that of obedience, even better socialization and vivid
                                     relief for some dogs. The most important of all though is the
                                     camaraderie and bonding of the gang made between the dog and
                                     its owner. The reason is simple: Such a walk is a "pleasure trip", ie
                                     unscheduled entertainment, most of the time or extra time
                                     together in a relaxed ride without many requirements and
therefore no immediate pressure for dirt; because we are short of time or are we tired.

Let us not forget that our dog is a motivation to get up off the couch and the TV and move a few steps
without the car or our machine. I will mention again, that many times doctors suggest especially in heart
patients to get a dog, that motivates them and accompany them in walking, which helps in proper
functioning of the heart.
What should I watch the city ride?

                                 To avoid long walks in the summer unless the sun. Be careful, especially
                                 in the summer, the large breeds, which have cardiovascular problems
                                 or orthopedic health. Unless the dog is accustomed us to such good
                                 walks are not far away from our house and grow during the walk, in
                                 circles because you get tired and we carry the following lap. Besides the
                                 fun of the case, there are some difficulties such as the exhaust, so
                                 prefer to go out after closing the shop.

                                  Because it is not the usual walk and therefore do not know what you
                                  will face after every corner, the first walks should be a little more
careful. Attention then the windows of the basement, which at times have been abstract dogs - but was
keeping the kids that their parents by the hand. If you live in a quiet neighborhood and find yourself in a
street with heavy traffic, your dog may be disrupted. Caution in parks or large squares where, especially
at night, feral form herds and forage. Specific sounds or images like noisy garbage truck.

Garbage, more in the evening around the bins and in the middle of the road. To have our minds not to
take our dogs something in their mouth. To have him always on the inside of the sidewalk to protect it
with our body and to prevent him thrown out if startled by something or someone pull the trigger of
attention and try to go for it. If you go walking regularly you can then change routes for variety. If the
path you find a small park or some open space but controlled, where no herd stray, you can leave some
free and play with him. There are many owners who regularly walk with their dog, a lot of hours in the
city and is something that we suggest you try at first opportunity.

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