Native Americans by ewghwehws


									Native Americans
    4 th grade
      Eastern Woodlands
Region Description: From the Atlantic
Ocean to Mississippi River
Tribes: Iroquois, Mohicans, Winnebago,
Physical Environment:
   -wigwams and longhouses
   -forest area w/ trees for homes & boats
   -deer & other forest animals for food
           and skin for clothes
  -farmers - corn, beans, squash
  -hunted - deer, bear, elk, beaver
Cultural Practices:
   - deep connection to animals, trees, &
other resources
   - thanked dead animals for its food &
   - thanked crops
  -danced w/ rattles & drums
  -wampum symbolize events
Governed: men of Iroquois League

Everyday Life: permanent villages

Other Information
  - Water features: lakes, rivers, streams

  -Weather conditions: rainy
           Plain Indians
Region Description: central North
America from North (Canada) to southern
Tribes: Sioux, Cheyenne, Comanche.
Lakota, Pawnee, Osage
Physical Environment: tepees & lodges,
wore buffalo skin, berries for food & dye
 -planted vegetables (corn, beans,
squash, pumpkins
 -gathered berries
 -hunted buffalo
Cultural Practices:
  -kill animals by crouching down wearing
animal disguise
Governed: ?
Everyday Life: migrated and permanent
Other Info:
   -weather: warm summers, cold winters
   -wildlife: buffalo for meat & skin, grassy
   -water features: rivers
    Southwestern Indians
Region Description: Arizona, New
Mexico, parts of Colorado & Utah
Tribes: Zuni, Apache, Hopi, Navajo
Physical Environment: villages on
high mesas
Food: farmed corn, beans, squash,
cotton & hunted turkeys, buffalo
Cultural Practices:
   - men weaved baskets
   - women weaved clothes
   - kachina dolls for rain
   - kiva- underground ceremony chamber
   - snake dance for rain
   - squash blossom hair styles
Governed: men & women owned property
Everyday Life: permanent villages
Other Information:
  - weather conditions- frequent hot
weather, dry desert
     Pacific Northwestern
Region Description: Pacific coast
from southern Alaska to northern
Tribes: Nootka, Kwakiutl, Tlingit,
Physical Environment: cedar tree
homes & lived near rivers, oceans
Food: hunted deer & fished seal, sea
otters, whales, fish
Cultural Practices:
 - potlatch party
 - totem pole
 - dugout canoes
 - shaman- village doctor
 - dance ceremonies
 - wore masks
 - made rattles, wood dishes
Governed: ?
Everyday Life: permanent homes
Other Info:
  -weather conditions: mild climate
  -water features: rivers, sea
  - wildlife: depended on forests and water
     Southeastern Indians
Region Description: Ohio River south to
Gulf of Mexico
Tribes: Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw
Physical Environment: villages from tree
bark, clay, mud
  -farmed corn, beans, squash tobacco
  -hunted deer, elk
Cultural Practices:
 - store & haul food in baskets
 - shells make knives
 - beadwork
 - storytellers
 - gods & goddesses
 - dance
Governed: ?
Everyday Life: permanent homes
Other Info:
   -water features: rivers, streams

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