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					MSR Asia Lab Update
Kurt Akeley
Assistant Managing Director
              Microsoft Research (MSR)
                                    Bill Gates

Rick Rashid   Craig Mundie    David V.      Ray Ozzie     Jon DeVaan    Steve Ballmer
 MSR SVP          CTO          CTO            CTO         Eng. Excel.       CEO

    Microsoft                                                       Business
 Redmond  San
    Research Francisco
   1991       1995
                                           China / Asia
                                           1998 / 2001
                                                          Silicon Valley

                   • Six labs with over 700 people
                   • Lab direction is decentralized
                 MSR Mission

• Advance the state-of-the-art in computer science.
   ̵ Open and inclusive environment       MSR is part of the
    ̵ Peer reviewed publication          academic community

• Rapidly transfer research technologies into Microsoft
   ̵ MSR Asia strength
    ̵ More on this later …

• Ensure Microsoft products have a future.
              MSR Asia Talent

• 48 full-time employees from overseas
• 122 full-time employees hired locally
• ~290 students (post-doc, visiting, MS fellowship)
          MSR Asia Research Areas
      Research Area

   Digital Entertainment

      User Interface

Information Search & Mining

       Digital Media

 Networking and Systems
         MSR Asia Research Groups
      Research Area                   Group                 Manager
                                 Internet Graphics        Baining GUO
   Digital Entertainment
                                 Visual Computing        Xiao-Ou TANG
                                   User Interface          Jian WANG
                                 Interaction Design        Jian WANG
      User Interface
                                 Natural Language          Ming ZHOU
                                      Speech              Frank SOONG
                              Web Search and Mining       Wei-Ying MA
Information Search & Mining
                                Search Tech. Center     Hsiao-Wuen HON
                                  Internet Media            Shipeng LI
       Digital Media
                               Media Communication           Jiang LI
                                     Systems              Zheng ZHANG
 Networking and Systems       Wireless and Networking   Shipeng LI (acting)
                               Platform and Devices          CB HSU
              MSR Asia Organization
      Research Area

   Digital Entertainment
                                          Harry SHUM
                                        Managing Director

      User Interface

                              Hsiao-Wuen HON
                                Assistant MD
Information Search & Mining

       Digital Media
                                                  Kurt AKELEY
                                                  Assistant MD
 Networking and Systems
 Other MSR Asia Groups

         Group                Manager

Technology Transfer (TTG)     John LIU

  Public Relations (PR)     Sheila SHANG

University Relations (UR)   Lolan SONG
              Research Impact

• Over 1100 publications to date
  ̵ CVPR 2005             17 MSR Asia papers
   ̵ SIGIR 2005           13 MSR Asia papers
    ̵ SIGGRAPH 2005        9 MSR Asia papers
     ̵ SIGCHI 2005         5 MSR Asia papers

• 130 patents filed in FY05

• Active technology licensing program
   Research Demos

Image Completion, SIGGRAPH 2005

Weathering, SIGGRAPH 2005

Forward / Backward Tracking

Bi-directional Tracking
              Academic Impact
                   (University Relations)

• Over 2000 students have worked at MSR Asia
• 120 MSR Asia fellowships have been awarded to
  students from 39 universities in 8 countries/regions.
• UR managers are based in Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul,
  Sydney, and Taipei to cover the Asia-Pacific region.
• Launched IJARC (Institute for Japanese Academic
  Research & Collaboration) by BillG in June 05 with
  representation from seven top universities
• Established seven joint labs with the top research
  universities in China (two of them in HK).
• Received Special Award for Contribution to China
  Education by Ministry of Education in 2005.
                       Press Impact
                            (Public Relations)

               “…it is already
               the most                  “Microsoft Research Asia has become
               productive                a powerhouse of infotech R&D.”
               research team at

“It is no surprise that Microsoft Research Asia has such popular appeal.”
   MSR Asia Technology Transfer
• Advance the state of the art
• Communicate with the product groups
   ̵ Travel as needed, attend events (e.g., TechFest)
    ̵ Use video conferencing
     ̵ Do liaison work (Jonathan TIEN)
      ̵ Maintain relationships at all levels
• Do what it takes
       ̵ Coding, debugging, documentation, …
        • Fewer senior researchers
        • More students
   ̵   Conformance (e.g., extend product code base)
   ̵   Technology Transfer Group (TTG)
        • Advanced Technology Center (ATC)
        • Search Technology Center (STC)
• Acknowledge and reward our team
          Technology Transfer Status
                    (November 2005 TAB Meeting)

      •   Over 100 transfers completed since 1998
      •   Over 25 transfers completed since 2004 TAB
      •   Over 30 transfers in progress
      •   Distributed across the company
      •   Strong focus on MSN
           ̵ High priority, STC
            ̵ Rapid product shipment
              MSN     Windows    Office   Xbox    Mobile
                                                           Tools, …

Completed      4         7         5       2        3         5
In progress   10         7         1       5        4         4
            Product Impact
•   Windows XP: Speech, AutoMovie, …

•   Tablet: Digital ink, …

•   Media Center: Image/video experience,…

•   Office 2003: Cartoon, Speech, Ink, IME,…

•   MSN: Photo processing, Internet search, paid search …

•   Xbox: Realistic rendering, ...

•   Vista Shell: Photo/video experience, …

•   Vista: E2E Mobility, Media codecs,…
           Organizational Innovation
                 Research              Product

                       TTG               ATC
                  (Tech. Transfer   (Advanced Tech.
                      Group)            Center)

   MSR Asia
                                                      Product Groups
Research Teams

                  (Search Technology Center)
   Communication Training Goal

Raise the effectiveness and professional quality
     of papers, presentations, and demos
      written or given by MSR Asia staff.
        Communication Training
• Staff coaching
• Professional staff
   ̵ Hired a US-based contractor
    ̵ Hired a full-time employee, started 15 November
• Presentation training
• Training website
• Visitors
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