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									Virata Gamany Increases Chances of Real Estate Investing Success

Kuala Lumpur, MY, July 12, 2012 – Virata Gamany, a local businessman who is
turning Malaysians into successful investors in Canadian real estate, recently
released his 8 Steps to Successful Real Estate Investing.

Class A Management, A U.S.-based property management firm, recently asked
Gamany to be a guest blogger, providing expert opinion and advice to potential and
current property owners. Gamany, who is well-known for turning real estate market
opportunity into lucrative investments, took the chance to release what the 8 steps
he considers to be the key to every real estate investors’ success.

Gamany discusses the importance of understanding goals when embarking on a real
estate investment decision and how knowing where you want to go and what you
want to achieve will help ensure you have realistic expectations and can measure
your progress with ease. He also addresses the need to remember things like
inspections, appraisals and insurance—all things that could wind up costing an
investor a lot down the road if not addressed up-front.

“Among the eight steps,” says Gamany, “there are some that every investor should
already know...they should just be common sense. Others, however, incite an “ah-ha”
moment—reminding people of a step they might forget or maybe even discount as
not being so important. And, that’s the key—every single one of these steps is
equally crucial and necessary to achieving real success with real estate investing.”

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About Virata Gamany
Virata Gamany is a real estate financial specialist and philanthropist with a deep
appreciation for entrepreneurial solutions to social issues. Gamany has worked around the
globe and studied an array of cultures and people. Having graduated from the University
of Toronto and the University of London School of Law, Gamany considers himself a
serial entrepreneur who will never truly retire.

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