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									Method for good mind & healthy
Most people want to be healthy but they don't know that their activities are good medicine. First, when you get up. If you
think about good things, you have good luck all day but you think about bad things, you will be bored and maybe meet
sad story. So I have method for your life. Every morning after you wake up, you should think about good think and
before you go to work or study. You should smile with yourself in the mirror and tell your self that you get better than,
better than everyday. Next, when you meet stress situations, you need to relax and make meditation 15-30 minutes. When
your mind is clear. You can pass it. Later, you should select the useful food and exercise everyday about 15-30 min. You
need not buy expensive food because you have breakfast : rice and chicken, vegetable and you have lunch : rice and
Tomyumkungl, Fruit.

You don't stress and you you eat food on time. Specially you always think about good think. We call "Positive thinking"
     Finally, you have good healthy and good mind. You are young forever.


The first test of leadership is saying. The leader would not say anything. Said the Rat simply full of common neighbors.
It refers to the reliability of credit ever.

  A few words of Churchill. Former British Prime Minister. But filled with courage, commitment. British nationals can
only be combined into one and resolve to defeat the enemy in World War 2.
   A few words of the leader. It may be terminated at the instant of the nation. If the words are true and righteous. Not a
direct or reflex sympathetic to the party in that interview and do not think a second thought. Sometimes just saying a few
words. The shaky economy. To pull money away from investment markets. It has several hundred million baht. this is
not the person we will trust.

   Some risk in life of Lee Kuan Yew. Former leader of Singapore. he had an interview. "What I should be looking for
someone who is not outspoken, not aggressive, not threatening to use force but he is clever. Everyone to respect and
appreciate the leadership that is not a pessimistic one. The people are superior. If so, then everything will be done ".

  Singapore is a small island. What almost no natural resources but they was able to build up national prosperity. It is a
visionary leader like Lee Kuan Yew. Those with a socialist concept that tax from the rich person and It was distributed to
the poor person. But when he comes to governing the country. Lee Kuan Yew to find that the first thing is to create
wealth and economic growth are distributed fairly to the public. To be equally likely. Both education and health.

   Leadership is essential. Person who is inclined to use power. Not listen to the true voice of the people. Their
leadership will the end before he become leaders with a chair.

           Succeed with a smile

"Dr. Dr. Diet and Dr. Quiet enjoyment" is a treatment that is best in the world. Treating it. And it must come from within
and we have the power to heal itself.

The results for the health of body.
There are many studies about body that show the effect of smile with a healthy body . And can help patients recover from
illness faster.

For The mind. The smile help you have happy mood, mental relaxation, reduce stress and you have positive thinking. In
emergency situations, You are brave. It has the power to overcome the obstacles.
    Furthermore, it is good for your body and mind. For this to work, it is good for those who need to meet more
people. When contacting the customer. If we do not smile to scowl tight Customers do not want to talk to you. If the
client is a major customer. We would lose a large sum of money to do it. Or sometimes more than others judge your
appearance. Therefore, you should say with a smile on your face was on the phone.

And the "Smile" is one. In the steel making business successful. So if you know the secret, then you will try to keep it.
But you must not pretend it is not out of mind. You should recognizes the sincerity of it. Sometimes You are just too
lazy and bored when you wake up Before leaving home, you just keep yourself in the mirror and tell myself that today. I
will get better and better every day and smile with youeself again.

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