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Back in 1988 I went on a trip to Disney World with my parents and at some point during our
vacation we got roped into going on a timeshare presentation at one of the ubiquitous timeshare
resorts in the Orlando area. At the time I barely noticed the hard sell and I was supremely
disappointed that my parents didn't see the wonderful potential in timeshares. They decided not to
buy and my dreams were smashed.

Well, I'm a few years older now and having been through the timeshare presentation ringer
several times, I feel like something of a champion. So last year, on a trip to Walt Disney World, I
elected to go on a tour of one of their properties, Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa. On the
morning I scheduled my tour, a Disney Vacation Club guide picked me up at Pop Century Resort
inside WDW and took me off to Saratoga Springs.

On arrival, I fully expected that I would be missing out on the theme parks for the rest of the
morning, but surprisingly this wasn't the case. My DVC guide took me on a tour of the property
and then we went back to the office and he outlined the DVC membership options, how the
program worked, its costs and the financing options.

After he was done with his presentation, which between the tour and the discussion was less than
an hour, he asked me if I was interested in purchasing during my visit. I told him that the Disney
Vacation Club was certainly something I was interested in, but I'd have to think it over and didn't
plan on purchasing for several months.

I braced myself for the hard sell and it never came. Instead, he handed me his card, asked me to
contact him when I was ready and then gave me some FastPasses and offered me a ride back to
the theme park of my choice.

Can you imagine my surprise? If you've ever been on a timeshare presentation yourself you know
what I'm talking about! There was no, "The price is only good today," there was no arm twisting
about how I was losing out by not investing now. He didn't insist that I talk with his supervisor to
see if we could sort something out. Instead, he gave me some passes that let me go to the front of
the line on any ride at Disney World and then took me to Animal Kingdom.

What's wrong with these guys? Don't they know this isn't how you sell a timeshare?

Well, as it turns out, maybe the Disney Vacation Club folks know exactly what they're doing.
Several months after my trip I received a postcard from Disney reminding me about the
opportunity and letting me know that prices were scheduled to increase on the first of the year. So
I picked up the phone, called my guide and told him I wanted to buy. I'll be spending my first DVC
vacation at Boardwalk Villas this August and I'll be sure to say hello to Mickey for you!
Jennifer Connolly enjoys spending lots of time with Mickey Mouse and the gang and considers
Epcot to be her second home. To learn more about the Disney Vacation Club, please visit her site:

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