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Considering basic service characteristics of intangibility, inseparability, perishability, and difficulty
of standardization, I am consistently impressed by the way Disney handles their approach to

Disney builds a brand image not only with the positioning and differentiation of their many hotels
and restaurants, but also through their employees. All employees are considered Cast Members;
an important and integral part of their service beyond expectations.

Many years ago I worked as a Cast Member at Disney World Orlando. The company is meticulous
about image. There are thick manuals that detail exactly how a Cast Member must appear,
including dress, jewelry, body piercings and markings, hair style, and so forth. Their image sells.

The Disney Service Brand Starts with their Cast Members

I compare and contrast my Disney World training to:

(1) My first job in the hospitality industry as a front-desk clerk while in my freshman year of college

(2) Working for Holiday Inns of America and company founder Kemmons Wilson in Memphis
during graduate school (the Holiday Inn brand is now owned by InterContinental)

(3) In recent years owning and converting two Hilton brand hotels near Orlando to condo hotels.
This later involvement with service issues and tactical marketing was, of course, from an owner's

Disney is truly superior in providing service. Why? Because they instill a PASSION for their
corporate culture and a PASSION for service that I believe is rarely matched by any company. In
fact, it is my belief that Disney Service has become a real and recognized brand unto itself.

There is Great Service and then there is Superior Service

I have experienced over the years excellent service at Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, St. Regis,
Peninsula, and other top rated, world class hotels. Yet, personally participating in required
"Traditions" training at Cast Member Orientation, and learning about Steam Boat Willie; Walt's
dreams and persistence and never-give-up spirit, was a truly eye-opening experience.

Disney training instills personal consistency and the necessary passion for excellence that one
must have when personal chips are down; but the curtain does go up, and the Show Must Go On.
I was once again recently amazed by service from the Big Mouse. I had to call the Disney
Vacation Club [http://edisneytimeshare.com] Contracts Processing department at Celebration,
Florida regarding a timeshare interest we are closing for customers. I exchanged emails and
spoke with three different ladies. None of them had ever spoken with me before and did not know
me. Every one of them had a big smile in their voice and treated me like I was the most important
thing that had crossed their existence all week.

I Keep My Cast Member Badge Handy

When I hung up I was reminded of why I still keep in my desk drawer my Cast Member badge and
my Traditions training booklet. They are constant reminders of how service should be performed
(no pun!).

I personally strive to deliver Disney Service every day. I want all our staff to understand the
importance of and belief in this genuine, service with a smile mind-set. No fluff. No fake. Just the
real deal. Ultimate business success in the hospitality industry always has and always will start
with and end with a hotel's staff, and their customer's perceptions of the one-on-one service

E. Lee Reid is a hospitality, travel and leisure, vacation real estate, and construction industry
expert. He and his companies have successfully managed thousands of vacation resort condos at
multiple resorts in North Carolina and Florida. In recent years he converted several hotels to
condo hotels in the Disney World area of Central Florida. He is a widely quoted author and
speaker. Reid holds a Master of Business Administration degree and will complete Cornell
University's Master of Essential Hospitality Management program in 2008. Reid is also a certified
General Contractor, Realtor, and Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) candidate.
Visit with Lee at http://www.timesharessite.com/ar/disney-timeshares.php or

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